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Funny Horror Animation

Привет! Вы пришли на канал, где есть Смешные Анимации с: Granny, Ice Scream, Mr Meat, Scary teacher, Человек Паук, Дедпул, и другие !!! Подписывайтесь на канал и вам будет всегда весело :))
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  • 227 videos
Last Updated5 days ago

V Horror

Welcome to V Horror.. V Horror is the fastest growing Youtube Channel for Full Horror Movies! We post every day new and exciting movies! Just click Subscribe and hit the Bell Button! We post EVERY DAY! All movies on our channel have been legally licensed to V Horror from distributors, filmmaker and content owners. If you have any copyright concerns please write us at ! V Horror is part of the V Channels Media Group! Are you a filmmaker and want your movie to be featured on V Movies and earn movie too? Drop us an email today! V Horror is powered on Youtube by Greater Fool Network
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  • 430 videos
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Horror Gameplay

  • 325K subscribers,
  • 3K videos
Last Updated14 days ago

Horror Gameplay

Hi, guys! Thank you for every View, Subcribe, Like and Your Comment. If you have new suggestions, please leave that for me to improve videos's quality. I Love You All and See You Soon My Love! ^^
  • 2.1K videos
Last Updated2 months ago

Funny Horror

Привет :) Вы попали на канал со Смешными Моментами по разным играм, таким как Ice Scream, Granny, Evil Nun, и многие другие :) Если при просмотре ролика вы улыбнулись или засмеялись - то буду рад вашей подписке :))
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Мультфильмы страшилки, не очень страшные, но очень интересные, порой смешные, а иногда печальные. Этот канал не оставит Вас равнодушным. В мультфильмах присутствуют такие персонажи как: мальчик Балди, его злая бабушка Гренни, ее сестра Добрая бабушка, тонкий человек Слендер или Слендермен, Сиреноголовый, учитель Балди, злая училка Мисс Ти, Мороженщик, Монахиня, Свинка и ее друзья, Салли Кромсали, клоун Пеннивайз, Джейсон, Ведьма, и другие .
  • 517K subscribers,
  • 88 videos
Last Updated6 months ago

Relatos de Horror

Relatos De Horror, es un canal de Youtube que se dedica a compartir historias de terror reales, basadas en experiencias de personas de diferentes países, México, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Estados Unidos, y tratando de brindar relatos referentes a lo sobrenatural y misterioso, como Brujas, Fantasmas, Leyendas, Ovnis, Criptozoologia, duendes y mucho más. Apaga las luces de tu cuarto, ponte tus audífonos y tomarte un buen café o té mientras escuchas estas historias de terror escogidas especialmente para ti. Si cuentas con algun relato que quieras compartir para ser adaptado, envialo a nuestro correo: o bien por mensaje privado en nuestras redes sociales. Nos encontramos hacer podcast y pronto entraremos a hacer cortometrajes y uso de audio 3D para las ambientaciones de las historias.
  • 1.2M subscribers,
  • 1.5K videos
Last Updated8 days ago

Lighthouse Horror

Welcome to the channel! I'm a storyteller with a passion for helping bring to life well-written scary stories. If you're a fan of great horror stories, you've come to the right place! If you'd like to support me further, there is a link to my patreon below ⬇ Please submit creepypasta stories and scary stories to be narrated at my subreddit below ⬇
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Kings of Horror

Thank you, KOH Community, for keeping us on top. You’ve earned it, you deserve it. Your loyalty and love of independent horror is undeniable. You are gonna love what we got planned for you in November. Hold on to your shit, because we are celebrating our 7th birthday. It’s time to give YOU, our community of filmmakers and fans, a big beautiful present. Stay tuned. Always in focus. Sinisterly, Bob, the Unicorn (for those of you who remember) Hey, don’t follow us on our social media. We don’t trust that shit. Filmmaker or fan, contact us at _________________________ NOTICE: All of the films uploaded to Kings of Horror are legally licensed, and we have the exclusive YouTube rights for specific territories. Any copyright inquiries should be sent to
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  • 929 videos
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Hi, I'm Markiplier. I make videos. From quality content to meme-able garbage, from scary games to full-on interactive movies you'll find it all. You will, actually. I have over 5000 videos so I'm sure there's something you'd like. Maybe you like horror games, or funny games, or comedy sketches, or animations, or compilations, or reactions, or reviews, or challenges, or cryptic lore, or mind-crippling ennui, or stuff-that-is-guaranteed-to-probably-make-you-cry? Whatever you're into I'm sure there's something for you down in the briny deep of my video page. So why not dive in? Or don't. Life is yours to choose after all.
  • 33M subscribers,
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Last Updated4 days ago

Horror Tales

This channel is all about real life horror stories and events. You will get educated about them trough our videos that will be uploaded 2 times per week. Welcome to the Horror Tales, the best horror channel on YouTube!
  • 251K subscribers,
  • 1.3K videos
Last Updated5 days ago


Hello! Friends Like And Subscribe My Channel For More Funny And Horror Animated Videos. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
  • 4.9M subscribers,
  • 77 videos
Last Updated3 months ago

Dead Meat

A horror movie channel celebrating everything great and awful about the genre. Home of the Kill Count series by James A. Janisse, tallying up the body count in all your favorite horror movies, as well as the Dead Meat Podcast by Chelsea Rebecca, a weekly in-depth look at a variety of horror topics.
  • 5.6M subscribers,
  • 737 videos
Super Chat$33,725
Last Updated3 days ago

Horror Stories

Death, Madness, and the horrifying truths of the world. Some may find the content on this channel disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.
  • 802K subscribers,
  • 160 videos
Last Updated5 months ago

BD Horror Channel

Subscribe for all the latest horror trailers and clips. Brought to you by the #1 source for horror on the web, Bloody Disgusting
  • 345K subscribers,
  • 2.2K videos
Last Updated9 days ago

Horror Family Show

Funny horror animations, trolling and secrets. Characters: Grandpa, Granny, Scary Teacher, Baldi, Piggy, Ice Scream, Charlie, Siren Head, Slendrina, Evil Nun and more.
  • 131 videos
Last Updated4 days ago


Welcome to my channel! :D I play the latest games such as Five Nights at Freddys, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and all things horror! FusionZGamer is a channel for all ages, so have fun!
  • 3.4M subscribers,
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Super Chat$738
Last Updated8 days ago

Annoying Orange Gaming

FAN MAIL: 80 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. #431 Sierra Madre, CA 91024 Thanks to Midget Apple who graciously allowed us to convert his channel into THE place for Annoying Orange gaming. New videos EVERY DAY. WOOO!!! Don't be an apple. SUBSCRIBE!!! BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: Please NO MCN requests. We are not interested.
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Last Updated7 days ago

Horror Central

Welcome to Horror Central! All of the content on this channel is under legal license from various copyright holders and distributors including Sonar Entertainment, Vision Films Inc, The Asylum, ITN Distribution, Multicom Entertainment, Beyond International, Bruder Releasing Inc, Bounty Entertainment and KDMG. We ask you to please contact us if you believe there are any copyright issues via - Movie Central and Horror Central are owned and operated by Valleyarm Digital Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Last Updated7 days ago


HORROR DOCUMENT สารานุกรมสำหรับคนรักหนังสยองขวัญ ติดต่อ : ร่วมพูดคุย และติดตามข่าวสารของพวกเราได้ที่นี่เลยครับ FB : _______________________ ถ้าชอบคลิปและเรื่องราวสยองขวัญจากหนัง ก็อย่าลืมกด Share กด Like และกดปุ่ม Subscribe และร่วมกัน Comment พูดคุยเป็นกำลังใจกันได้นะครับ ^^
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  • 108 videos
Last Updated9 days ago