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Funny Horror

Привет :) Вы попали на канал со Смешными Моментами по разным играм, таким как Ice Scream, Granny, Evil Nun, и многие другие :) Если при просмотре ролика вы улыбнулись или засмеялись - то буду рад вашей подписке :))
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Horror Cooking

-Hello everyone, Stop Motion Food channel is a content producer stop motion cooking ,If you love stop motion or good cooking topic Please subscribe Stop motion Chanel to update the latest videos ! - Stop motion Chanel always listens and receives all suggestions from you to make the videos more and more complete, thank you very much. #StopMotionFood
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Kings of Horror

Thank you, Kings of Horror community for making us number one! Because of you, we have more than one million subscribers by bringing hundreds of full-length horror flicks to the screens of our favorite souls. If you like our channel, tell your friends… but beware, it might send shivers down their spines well into the night. For all the terror and gore, subscribe and follow us on social media. Scream on horror fans--let the shivers begin. Kings of Horror For the independent directors with a desire to scare, drop us a message at to get your tale from the crypt posted here. _________________________ NOTICE: All of the films uploaded to Kings of Horror are legally licensed, and we have the exclusive YouTube rights for specific territories. Any copyright inquiries should be sent to
  • 1.1M subscribers,
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Relatos de Horror

Relatos De Horror, es un canal de Youtube que se dedica a compartir historias de terror reales, basadas en experiencias de personas de diferentes países, México, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Estados Unidos, y tratando de brindar relatos referentes a lo sobrenatural y misterioso, como Brujas, Fantasmas, Leyendas, Ovnis, Criptozoologia, duendes y mucho más. Apaga las luces de tu cuarto, ponte tus audífonos y tomarte un buen café o té mientras escuchas estas historias de terror escogidas especialmente para ti. Si cuentas con algun relato que quieras compartir para ser adaptado, envialo a nuestro correo: o bien por mensaje privado en nuestras redes sociales. Nos encontramos hacer podcast y pronto entraremos a hacer cortometrajes y uso de audio 3D para las ambientaciones de las historias.
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Funny Horror Animation

Привет! Вы пришли на канал, где есть Смешные Анимации с: Granny, Ice Scream, Mr Meat, Scary teacher, Человек Паук, Дедпул, и другие !!! Подписывайтесь на канал и вам будет всегда весело :))
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កម្មវិធីខ្មោចពិត Ghost - Horror

• Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, close relatives, close relatives, domestic and foreign visitors. • Welcome to My Channel, a place to relax with ghosts every day. • LIKE LIKE If you like or Dislike, do not worry
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Horror Stories

Death, Madness, and the horrifying truths of the world. Some may find the content on this channel disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.
  • 642K subscribers,
  • 155 videos
Last Updated3 months ago

Horror Gameplay

Hi, guys! Thank you for every View, Subcribe, Like and Your Comment. If you have new suggestions, please leave that for me to improve videos's quality. I Love You All and See You Soon My Love! ^^
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Dead Meat

A horror movie channel celebrating everything great and awful about the genre. Home of the Kill Count series by James A. Janisse, tallying up the body count in all your favorite horror movies, as well as the Dead Meat Podcast by Chelsea Rebecca, a weekly in-depth look at a variety of horror topics.
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JoBlo Horror Trailers

JOBLO HORROR aka ARROW IN THE HEAD features all of the latest HORROR movie trailers, clips, interviews and original video creations! The JoBlo Movie Network ( was founded by a major movie nerd in his parent's garage back in 1998. Over the years, it grew into one of the most popular movie fansites in the world focused on all the latest movie news, reviews, trailers and more. In 2011, the JoBlo YouTube Network was created and continued the focus on all things movies, including 8 channels (see links in right side column): our flagship JOBLO MOVIE TRAILERS, JOBLO MOVIE CLIPS, JOBLO TV TRAILERS, JOBLO ANIMATED VIDEOS, JOBLO SUPERHEROES, JOBLO CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS as well as our original video content channel simply called JOBLO VIDEOS. JOBLO was founded by movie fans, operated by movie fans....for movie fans!! If you want your indie horror film trailer featured on our YouTube channel, please email us the info via the email address below.
  • 192K subscribers,
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WhatCulture Horror

Celebrating everything strange, scary, and splendidly spooky. Lists, news, podcasts, more!
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Horror Shorts

  • 872K subscribers,
  • 249 videos
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AsAd khan Horror Vlogs

hello friends welcome to my about my name is Asad Khan and i am paranormal investigator and i am partner of woh kya tha paranormal channel .. My video upload Tuesday 7 p.m. to Saturday 7:00 p.m.
  • 143K subscribers,
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Horror Maniaci

➤ Facebook : ➤ Email : ➤ ISCRIVITI : ➤ Instagram : ➤ Twitter : Horror Maniaci è un canale YouTube dove troverai video dai più svariati tipi di contenuto : Misteri irrisolti, Schede su personaggi famosi dei film Horror, classifiche di vario genere, curiosità. I nostri contenuti non sono basati solo su argomenti prettamente Horror, ma spaziano in molte tematiche su fatti intricati e inquietanti sul mondo che ci circonda. Cerchiamo di regalare allo spettatore il massimo di ciò che sappiamo fare sulla qualità Audio/Video, per rendervi l'esperienza di ottima qualità. Siamo sempre disponibili e aperti a nuove richieste, cerchiamo di essere una community, per noi i Followers sono importanti cercheremo SEMPRE di rispondere ad ogni vostro parere, critica o complimento.
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Horror Skunx

So... Who am I? My name is Winston. I am a professional VFX'er based in the Netherlands. It all started in July when I came with the idea to use my skills to entertain a crowd with short scary horror videos. I studied Visual Effects in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Filmacademy. I make all my videos with a sony a-6300 and after effects and everything is animated and integrated with the motion capture technology. I'm making horror videos to entertain and scare your night ;) - Horror Skunx.
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V Movies

Watch out the best movies and feature films only on V Movies! All movies are licensed to V by the major distribution companies!
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Поучительные мультфильмы страшилки. Не очень страшные, но очень интересные, порой смешные, а иногда печальные. Этот канал не оставит Вас равнодушным. В мультфильмах присутствуют такие персонажи как: тонкий человек Слендер или Слендермен, Сиреноголовый, учитель Балди, злая бабушка Гренни, злая училка Мисс Ти, Мороженщик, Монахиня, Свинка и ее друзья, Папа Свин, Мама Свинка, Бабушка Свинка, клоун Пеннивайз, Джейсон, Ведьма, и другие .
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FilmSelect Trailer

Get hyped with just the best selected Clips + Trailers from the biggest and greatest Movies out there!
  • 3.7M subscribers,
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Comedy gaming commentary! with A LOT of bad words.
  • 5.6M subscribers,
  • 2.7K videos
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The Screamfest Horror Film Festival is an arts organization committed to the support and development of independent filmmakers and screenwriters of the Horror genre. The ten day festival provides a platform for emerging writers and directors to showcase their work to the industry and the horror loving public. Discovering the new blood of horror and honoring the masters. We launch careers! For more info check out our website at Our channel features short films from Screamfest that are uploaded on a weekly basis. We also feature film trailers from many of the films that have premiered at Screamfest over the years. That's not all... we have lively video from our Screamfest event screenings that take place throughout the year including Q&A's with celebrity guest. 🎬 Got a short horror film? Submit it to us for consideration at
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