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Highlight Heaven

Sports highlights. Road to 1 million subscribers.\n\nThe best ways to contact me are on Twitter (@highlghtheaven) or Discord (alexthegreat#0001)\n\nInfo about my channel:\n\nEditing Software: Camtasia 2019/Adobe Premiere Pro\nRecording Software: OBS\nHow I find old games: NFL Game Pass, Facebook Groups, YouTube, etc.\nHow I record live games: I use YouTube TV\nHow I get game clips out so fast: Gigabit speed internet and I edit during the game\nFavorite NFL team: Pittsburgh Steelers
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High Times

High Times has been the world's No. 1 resource for cannabis information, culture and reports from the War on Drugs for over 43 years.
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High Carb Hannah

I have lost over 70 pounds following a whole foods plant based diet and I have shared that entire journey here on my YouTube channel. My main focus is helping people achieve their best health through both mind and body. I focus on eating whole foods, mainly potatoes, rice, beans, and other starches in their least processed state. I make recipe videos, what I eat videos, and talk about the many other aspects of living a healthy life including positive thoughts, self love, the law of attraction, healthy relationships, motivating yourself, living minimally and doing the best for not only our selves but the environment, animals and people on this planet as well. Thanks for watching! For more information, free recipes, blog posts, and ebooks - go to www.rawtillwhenever.com P.O Box 770 St David, AZ, 85630
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High Intensity Health

It's Mike Mutzel here, thanks for stopping by! This channel features interviews with friends I've met in the Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Fitness industry over the past 11 years. The topic of the videos vary, but we end up talking a lot about low-carb (ketogenic) diets, gut bacteria health, sleep and building muscle. Sometimes we get take a deep dive into the science (sorry)! Drop me a note in the comments if I can help :-) Mike Mutzel, MS Author, Belly Fat Effect Mail: 6513 132nd Ave NE Suite 124 Kirkland, WA 98033 *Disclaimer: - The information, comments, and opinions expressed in this video are those of the speaker based on their own clinical experience and interpretation of the literature and for educational purposes only -These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. The information presented herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure , or prevent any disease.
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Monster High

Welcome ghouls and mansters to the official Monster High YouTube Channel! Every week you will find new webisodes, songs, product how to’s, and more about Monster High! Monster High is unlike any high school out there and the students come from all walks of life. From ghosts and werewolves to vampires and sea monsters (and more!), everyone is welcome at Monster High. Monster High is a place where students embrace and celebrate what makes them different. Our students also accept their friends and all their unique qualities because that’s what real friendship is all about. For more games, videos, shopping, and inspiration head to http://www.monsterhigh.com!
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High Vibrations

Hey Guys! I'm Lissette! Thank you so much for visiting my channel! Tarot Reading is a passion of mine that I tapped into in 2017. For me, tarot was a highly effective and powerful guiding force for my life and I instantly felt the impact that a reading could have on a person. I incorporate my readings with whatever messages I feel compelled to verbalize, and take a motivational approach to navigating through any of life's hurdles. I feel blessed to be able to give light to others and appreciate each and every light being i encounter! Love and light!\n \nig: highvibrations
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House of Highlights

Subscribe to watch HoH Originals, highlights, and more! 🏀 SHOP OUR LAKERS CHAMPIONS DROP!!🏀 https://hoh.world/nemp8
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Highlight Reel

Your #1 Source For Sports Highlights// Posting Videos daily!! Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and Courageous, Don't be Fearful because God is with you were ever you go"
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Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is a professional Battle Royale Player and Streamer. He currently is playing Fortnite, Valorant, and Warzone\n*Accomplishments*\n- 1st Place Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament E3 2018\n- 1st Place PUBG Squads Gamescom Invitational 2017\n- 2nd Place H1Z1 5s Dreamhack 2017\n- 1st Place H1Z1 Invitational 2015\n- 1st Place Halo 4 Dallas 2012\n- 1st Place AGL 8 Knoxville\n\nHe is known for his goofy energetic personality and his incredible impressions.\n\nBe sure to check out the official #TeamNinja brand: www.teamninja.com
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Victoria's Secret

Welcome to the official Victoria's Secret YouTube page. Go behind the scenes with our Supermodels, watch the world's sexiest TV spots, catch highlights from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show & more!
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High Stereo Love ♥ Best Reggae Music

High Stereo Love is an independent record label/distributor. We create professional lyric videos to support independent reggae music. We work with labels across the world and premiere new releases. Started as a hobby in a small college dorm, High Stereo Love has grown out to be the leader in its genre with over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and 70 million streams worldwide. If you would like to know more about us, please visit our website or email highstereolove@gmail.com with 'Inquiry' in the subject line. Your number one source for great reggae music (Roots Reggae / Dubs & Riddims / Cali-Reggae / Island Reggae) Official Website: www.highstereolove.com
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El inicio del Hi-NRG (High-Energy) es un género de música electrónica de baile que apareció en Reino Unido directamente influido por la música disco y el pop de finales de los años 70's. El género tiene un tempo rápido (algo poco habitual en el disco) sonidos electrónicos marcados y simplificados con reminiscencias del primer synth rock. Al mismo tiempo, comparte con otros subgéneros de música electrónica de baile la composición con patrones four to the floor y escasas vocales. Hacia mediados de los años 80's. los productores de Hi-NRG cuyos éxitos llegaban al Top de las listas en el # 1. La revista musical estadounidense Dance Music Report publicó charts de Hi-NRG y noticias de esta industria musical desde mediados hasta finales de los 80's. cuando el género comenzó su decaída. En los 90's. la música house y el eurodance habían superado al Hi-NRG en popularidad en la mayor parte de las discotecas. A pesar de esto, el Hi-NRG no ha dejado de producirse desde entonces.
  • 209K subscribers,
  • 228 videos
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High Elo TV

We have created this channel with the goal of educating League of Legends players how to increase and improve their skills for better playing in some segments of the game. ✉ Contact for business opportunities: Rivenunstoppable@gmail.com
  • 195K subscribers,
  • 367 videos
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A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it’s the network’s distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality or groundbreaking documentary, A&E makes entertainment an art form. Visit us at aetv.com for more info.
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Sharpe Sports

Welcome to Sharpe Life, where you can find all of the best football players highlights with my added reaction. Subscribe if you like the content! Also if anyone wants to get in contact with me you can reach me through my social media (Twitter/Instagram: @sharpesports) or my email (SharpeLife8@gmail.com)
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Jerma's second channel dedicated to stream highlights, and other random videos.
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Emphasizing high-quality instructional video production, Howcast brings you leading experts and accurate, reliable information on topics ranging from makeup tutorials, cute hairstyles, and nail art designs to soccer tricks, parkour, and skateboarding, plus how to dougie, how to kiss, and much, much more. Howcast empowers people with engaging, useful how-to information wherever, whenever they need to know how.
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