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Health Maestro

Hello Everyone, This is Health Maestro. We basically love to talk about health and how to make it better through a natural and healthy lifestyle. We focus on natural solutions with nutritional values that protect you from health related problems. Our aim is to make a healthy community where each and every individual stays fit and lives a healthy life. You just need to watch our videos, do follow the instructions and lead a healthy life. Hope to see you on the other side. Stay healthy, Stay fine.
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  • 114 videos
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Healthy Gamer is the mental health platform designed to help the internet generation succeed. Join our Discord here:
  • 957K subscribers,
  • 502 videos
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Healthy Recipes

이것은 우리의 건강한 요리법 및 가이드 라인 채널입니다. 우리는 건강, 건강 팁, 건강한 삶, 체중 감량, 미용 팁, 건강 팁 벵골어 언어, 건강한 조언을 제공합니다. 우리는 항상 귀하의 문제를 해결하기 위해 노력합니다. 우리는 항상 새로운 비디오를 업로드하려고 노력하고 있습니다. 시청자를 위한 방대한 정보가 담긴 동영상을 업로드하려고 합니다. 면책 조항: 이 콘텐츠 또는 비디오는 정보 제공의 목적으로만 사용됩니다. 이 비디오와 관련된 정보는 미용, 다이어트 및 건강 관리 전문가가 제안한 처방을 대신할 수 없습니다. 시청자는 자신의 책임하에 이러한 정보를 사용해야 합니다. 본 채널은 당사 콘텐츠 또는 이와 관련된 모든 사용으로 인해 발생하는 피해, 부작용, 질병 또는 건강 또는 피부 관리 문제에 대해 어떠한 책임도 지지 않습니다. =======모든 친구에게 감사합니다======= 건강한 요리법
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Hey! It's Alex. Modern health monk is all about showing busy professionals how to lose weight and feel amazing with the power of tiny, daily habits. I'm also the author of the #1 amazon bestseller "Master the Day" :
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  • 613 videos
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Chinese everyday cooking recipes, tips and more. Please visit for detailed recipes ***Please support me by subscribing. Many thanks!*** Please make sure to turn on the notification so you know when I post a new video. Welcome to my channel! I'm Ling. When growing up in Sichuan China, I watched my grandma and mom cook home meals. They inspired me to cook and I became very passionate about cooking. In China, enjoying good meals with family and friends is a way to show love, friendship and hospitality. I'd like to share with you the way I cook everyday. If you cook with love and fresh ingredients, it will reflect in your dishes. Enjoy my everyday easy recipes! Thank you and enjoy cooking! 谢谢光临我的频道!民以食为天,我喜欢吃,也喜欢做饭。吃来吃去,家常菜最好, 家最好, 川菜总是家的味道。如果我能改变一些人对中国餐的成见,我的目的就达到了。少油,少盐,不炸,多些绿色,自由发挥,做饭其实就应该简单。简单做饭,健康生活! 请订阅我的频道,谢谢支持! 详细菜谱,请访问 -Ling
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High Intensity Health

It's Mike Mutzel here, thanks for stopping by! This channel features interviews with friends I've met in the Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Fitness industry over the past 11 years. The topic of the videos vary, but we end up talking a lot about low-carb (ketogenic) diets, gut bacteria health, sleep and building muscle. Sometimes we get take a deep dive into the science (sorry)! Drop me a note in the comments if I can help :-) Mike Mutzel, MS Author, Belly Fat Effect Mail: 6513 132nd Ave NE Suite 124 Kirkland, WA 98033 *Disclaimer: - The information, comments, and opinions expressed in this video are those of the speaker based on their own clinical experience and interpretation of the literature and for educational purposes only -These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. The information presented herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure , or prevent any disease.
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Men's Health

Welcome to the official Youtube channel for Men’s Health Magazine. Here you’ll find actionable tips and expert advice on fitness, health, nutrition, and everything in between. Men’s Health strives to provide insight, strategies and practical recommendations to help you reach your goals and ultimately, live a better life. Wait - that’s not all. Ever wonder how your favorite celebrities and sports players eat and train to stay in shape? We’ve got you covered with exciting content every week, with series like: Gym & Fridge, Train Like a Celebrity, Eat Like a Celebrity and many more. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with all the latest:
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The Skinny Health Coaching

TODO para BAJAR DE PESO y MEDIDAS de manera Express con Herbolaria y Sin Reobte!! Ademas encontraras recetas y productos para el TRATAMIENTO NATURAL para enfermedades Cronicas y Degenerativas como medio alternativo y natural para quienes buscan opciones naturales para no dañar al cuerpo. Para ver y comprar nuestros productos Visita nuestra tienda online en Buscanos en facebook: Buscanos en Instagram: @The_skinny_health
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Dr. Eric Berg DC

Dr. Eric Berg DC, age 55, discusses the truth about getting healthy and losing weight. Dr. Berg specializes in Healthy Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting. He is the director of Dr. Berg's Nutritionals, and a best-selling author. His book, The Healthy Keto Plan describes specific strategies on doing the healthy version of the ketogenic diet as well as intermittent fasting. He has conducted over 4800 seminars on health-related topics and trained over 2500 doctors world-wide in his methods. Dr. Berg breaks down confusing complex health topics into easy to understand, usable knowledge. For more information, go to our website at or call customer service at 703-354-7336. Much of the details of Dr. Berg's program is in his exclusive membership site at: By: Dr. Eric Berg 4501 Ford Avenue Alexandria, VA, 22302 703-354-7336
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Healthy Feet Podiatry

We are a group of six Podiatrists in Tampa, Wesley Chapel and Brooksville, Florida working out of four office locations. Dr. Leo Krawetz is the President of Healthy Feet Podiatry and his partner is Dr. Todd Brennan. The other Podiatrists in the group are Dr. Binh Nguyen, Dr. Bret Brennan, Dr. Anh Nguyen and Dr. Britni Sklencar.
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The Healthy Life

A self help romantic natural healing remedies channel to inspire you to heal yourself naturally, learn entrepreneur secrets for success, money, personal freedom, raw food, raw vegan recipes, beauty tips, preparing healthy food, vegan gluten free non dairy plant based recipes, natural cures, intermittent fasting, vegetarian recipes, weight loss tips and how to heal diabetes, cancer, candida, IBS, crohn's, heart disease, burn fat and weight loss naturally in a way that is sexy fun and blond with a Hollywood twist and animation humor for the best workouts and flat abs. Our Raw Vegan Health Cookbook: Facebook: Instagram: Markus Rothkranz website: Online Health Store: German website:
  • 312K subscribers,
  • 785 videos
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Be Healthy & Live Healthy

Stay tuned..... for latest health and Tips & Tricks updates by Subscribing our Channel Your All in One health care channel for your overall health solutions.... Our Channel moto is to make India Healthy and to live a healthy Lifestyle We upload daily videos for health related topics... So don't forget to Subscribe for regular updates.... Regular videos will be uploaded soon....So stay tuned हमारे चैनल पर हमारे साथ बने रहे और अपनी सेहत से जुडी समस्या का समाधान अासानी से पा सके | और हमारे साथ बने रहने के लिये हमें Subscribe करना ना भुले | धन्यवाद | जय हिंद |
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Sky Life

My name is Sky and I share stories about wellness, spirituality, and alternative lifestyle with the intention to inspire personal wellbeing, curiosity, adventure, and unity.
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HealthNormal is one of the fastest-growing Health brands and is dedicated to making health and wellness information accessible, understandable, and actionable so that readers/viewers can make the best possible decisions about their health. Our content is created, fact-checked, and medically reviewed by our team of qualified experts. Your Wellness is our Mission! Visit our website: Instagram: @HealthNormal TikTok: @HealthNormal Facebook: @HealthNormal Twitter: @Health_Normal Pinterest: @HealthNormal LinkedIn: @HealthNormal FlipBoard: @HealthNormal
  • 151K subscribers,
  • 46 videos
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7ReMix Healthy Tips TV

Welcome to 7 Remix Healthy Tips, here you will find Daily Latest Nutritionist Healthy Tips, Home Remedies and Nutrition Facts Channel. With this, I'm so passion to share the collection of Healthiness to all my subscribers EVERYDAY. I hope that this channels can elevate people around the world to learning fresh, latest, and healthy lifestyle contents. We appreciate all your support & will keep uploading great videos also hope Everybuddy to stay tune DAILY. The videos just for your information and tips to healthy approach. Some ideas about healthy lifestyle were published in these videos and might not be suitable for every person out there. We hope you to consult your nearest doctor before trying out the ways and foods to healthy approach. If you would want to keep trying, just remember to Take SMALL DOSE or SMALL APPROACH for trying out with common sense. I hope I helps a lot with future coming videos, THANK YOU and STAY TUNE~~~
  • 580K subscribers,
  • 355 videos
Last Updated3 days ago

A Healthy Alternative

Due to the increase of humans contracting deadly and debilitating diseases each year I decided to change my life. I didn't want to be a part of the near 40 percent of Americans who will be faced with cancer in their lifetime. I was tired of watching friends and close family members die. I started reading, experimenting and learning. It has paid off big time! In addition to ridding myself of a few small issues I had personally, in less than two months I was able to help my brother beat diabetes. After that experience I realized that this information needed to be spread world wide and what better platform than Youtube! I've always had a passion for helping people. Because of this passion I will do my best to be honest and upfront in every aspect of my channel. My goal is to bring you informative, helpful and riveting content. We will be talking about diseases we know about and ones we don’t commonly recognize. So stay plugged in :)
  • 122K subscribers,
  • 370 videos
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Last Updated6 days ago

Healthy Syrus

"Being average is the worst thing we can be" This quotation changed my life. My my aim is to spread awareness about Health Nutrition & Fitness, to make people aware that being fit is not a destination, It's the only way of life. I know I'm just a single seed but I have the power to make the whole Earth green. Let's join & grow together and spread this love everywhere. ABOUT ME: I'm a Post Graduate Student (English Literature) from Panjab University Chandigarh. And later I turned into a Certified Nutritionist & a Personal Trainer. I'm a Punjabi Blood who resides in New Delhi, India. Thanks!
  • 990K subscribers,
  • 1K videos
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Last Updated3 days ago

Healthy Hamesha

Welcome to Healthy Hamesha. . Your source of TRUSTWORTHY, RELIABLE and FACTUAL MEDICAL INFORMATION, HEALTH TIPS AND TRICKS. All the videos are made in simple language so you can easily understand the topic and gain maximum benefit. YouTube is full of FAKE INFORMATION, and MISGUIDING VIDEOS that provide baseless health information. My aim is to provide you with TRUTHFUL HEALTH INFORMATION that is BACKED BY SCIENCE because false and misleading medical information can cause you more harm than good. Hi, my name is Dr Saleem Zaidi. I am a PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR with a dgree in Medicine from the University of Delhi. I am an avid explorer in life. Love exploring new places. An adventure addict, fun-loving person who takes pride in his values. My aim is to spread the trusted, factual and evidence-based medical knowledge to the masses in an easy to understand, fun and relatable manner. Instagram: @drsaleem4u Twitter: @drsaleem4u
  • 477K subscribers,
  • 144 videos
Last Updated3 days ago

B Healthy

This channel provide Health & Beauty Related Videos in Hindi like Beauty Cream & Facewash Review, Skin Whitening, Side-effects Recovery, Hair problems, Skincare products reviews, Hair Care Products Review, Food Supplement Review, Weight gain Supplement, Weight Loose Supplements, Bodybuilding tips, Diet Plans videos, Lifestyle Videos, DIY and others informative videos. For Business Inquiry:-
  • 756K subscribers,
  • 975 videos
Last Updated3 days ago

Healthy Kadai

Healthy Kadai is an Indian Food Channel. All about cooking healthy food, simple yet interesting recipes, appliance-based cooking with a goal to move towards a healthier lifestyle. It is purely food recipes based YouTube channel where recipes are spread across various domains like Indian Delicacies, Pickles Recipes, Innovation in cooking, Healthy Airfryer recipes, Baking recipes, Punjabi recipes, & many more. We make the common, not so common & innovative recipes which motivate most of you to move towards your kitchen.
  • 241K subscribers,
  • 826 videos
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