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Mountain Bike Rider

Mountain bike reviews, new bike launches, tips, and how-to videos from the UK's leading MTB trail riding magazine. With over 20 years of experience we're here to make sure you get the most from your bike and your riding. Enjoy the content and when you've finished watching, don't forget to Just Get Out and Ride!
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Break from life

Break from Life Snooker we guide players how to play Snooker. Potting technique, aiming system and technical snooker tips. We are a serious Snooker Channel with a comedy element. So don’t just watch Play
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  • 224 videos
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Here is my new vent info (as of 11/17) (Still active 1/18)(V3 still going strong 12/19) Port: 6449 My other channel with JUST audio equipment reviews. My Audio Help Subreddit. ZeosPantera & Z Reviews is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
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Membre de la team TRAC Tactic Recon Airsoft Corp Répliques : tokyo marui sopmod next gen et m4 cqbr next gen et glock 17 marui Tenue : combat shirt G3 crye precision et combat pants AC crye precision / combat shirt tru spec woodland et combat pants TS woodland / combat shirt / pants OPS multicam Black Gillet : Crye Precision JPC coyotte
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4K Train Driver's POV Dutch Railways

WELCOME TO TRAIN DRIVER'S POV! I am a train driver working for NS. Based at Amersfoort, the geographic center of the Netherlands, my territory stretches across a large part of our railway network, which is the third busiest in the world. Since 2014, I have been capturing my work with a headcam to show the world what a fantastic job I have. Unfortunately, due to resistance from NS, I had to stop filming with a head mounted cam in 2018. Fortunately I did not have to remove all uploads, so there are still more than 300 headcam movies to enjoy! A NEW BEGINNING! A year after the ban, I started to make new POV-style movies that fit within the NS-regulations. I cannot show how to operate a train anymore, but there is as much dashboard as possible in this new setup. I hope you will still like these! If you like a clean view more, then subscribe to the mother channel CABVIEW HOLLAND at ENJOY THE JOY OF RAIL! Your driver, Vincent Hartogsveld
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  • 387 videos
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GYK - Grave Yard Kidz! South germany based Roofing crew we like to climb on high things. Almost all climbs we do are filmed with a GoPro- Headcam, Enjoy! We upload stunts performed either by trained athletes or under the supervision of professionals.GYK insists that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity performed in the video. Only for germans! Du bist auf der Suche nach einer Roofing Community? Dann schau bei der größten deutschen Roofing-Community vorbei! Dort findest du alles rund um das Thema Roofing, du bekommst Hilfe, Tipps und Tricks, kannst neue Leute Kennenlernen, dich mit anderen austauschen, deine Abenteuer im Forum teilen und findest dort immer aktuelle News zum Thema Roofing. Schau vorbei und überzeuge dich selbst: – Deine deutsche Roofing-Community.
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  • 37 videos
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Silvio Diego

After a was run over by a car back in 2011 I bought a helmet camera and started recording my bike journeys. I find watching and sharing videos about cycling instructive and useful. Finally I used to get very upset and frustrated dealing with every day traffic and aggressive people, but now I’m a lot calmer and also can always look back on my videos and laugh about even an unpleasant road experience. If you need to contact me please use Twitter: @silviodeejay if needed use email address but do not check that address that often. I'm using HD settings to encode, 1920 x 1080 pixels, Bit rate 24.19Mbps it creates files of about 180MB per minute. I almost always use MovieMaker to save my clips, and do not use the export 'YouTube' settings, to get decent quality I need to use the 'High Definition Display'. Then YouTube will adjust the resolution according to bandwidth. my last few videos are shot with GoPro Hero4 Session, whilst in my earlier videos I used headcam, SJcam and ION Air Pro.
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Remembering Buddy the Outriding Pony

In addition to being a Graphic Designer I am also an Outrider at a struggling west coast Thoroughbred Race Track. My main Outriding pony is Buddy a thirteen year old thoroughbred who refuses to eat cheese.
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Welcome on Monoskis SNOWGUNZ, the world first monoski brand Monoski is just a Ski , an Easy Ski for all skiers and a Weapon for riders Monoskis All mountain, Piste, Freeride and Split Touring with Custom graphism design All our Monoski range on our eshop / Free World Shipping Monoski Popopow We are an association from Chamonix / France producers, cameramen, photographers, mountain guides and ski instructors We propose you our high mountain service for your Chamonix Film Medias Production Guiding and Touring Contact us
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Adam Ujvari

Get a glimpse into the life of a Professional Amateur!
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MTB headcam footage from various trails.XC, DH & Singletrack with a couple of crashes thrown in for entertainment.
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Blade Tajib

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Josh Hartman

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Apache Airsoft

Facebook: Instagram: Made possible by, Review camera's 📹 Camera: SONY HDR-pj410 📹 Second Camera ( Backup ): NIKON FHD B500 Gameplay Camera's 📷 GO PRO Session 5 ( headcam ) 📷 FOXEER LEGEND 2 ( zoomcam ) 📷 DENVER 8030W ( backup cam ) Gear setup 👖 Pants: Invader gear multicam 👕 shirt: invader gear multicam 👞 shoes: Fostex sniper boots Replica's 🔫 Main: Apache Tactical M21 ( full upgrade ) 🔫 Secondary: KWA 1911 co2 🔫 Back-up: KJW G23 glock ( green gas )
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Snooker Pro Club

The Snooker Pro Club channel is for the snooker players who want to reach their potential and become highest standart amateur players or professionals. In this channel we are going to show you snooker highest quality videos with Go PRO Camera about how you can improve your aiming, cue action, cue ball control, strategy, tactics, sports psychology in detail. The Snooker Pro Club mission is to help thousands of snooker players all around the world to reach their goals in easy and fun way which will make their improvement more enjoyable. Content will continue to added regulary. Please subscribe so that you are notified when new videos are added.
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Welcome to the AirsoftNext channel! Our task is to provide #Quality Content! If you like our channel, click the sub button and the notification bell! Witaj na kanale AirsoftNext ! Naszym zadaniem jest dostarczanie #Quality Contentu ! Jeśli podoba ci się nasz kanał to kliknij przycisk suba i dzwoneczek powiadomień!
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Hi Guys Welcome to the channel where you'll find snooker related videos including... Century breaks Headcams Practice routines Compilations Weekly VLOGs LIVE Watch Alongs from the WST If you'd like to help support the channel, any donations are gratefully received by using either of the following links:
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Documenting/vlogging my daily life as a lorry driver moving around the UK earning a living for my family. I occasionally add some advisory content to help get into my mindset whilst driving the lorry in different circumstances, both to try and help newer drivers and show non drivers our perspective. Hope you enjoy my content and always look forward to engaging with any comments added to my vids. Originally my channel was orientated on the game world of tanks where I showcased some of my best battles and memorable moments. cjacey
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Ivan Sirakov

Here you can find many different videos but mainly about Orienteering, Sports in general and Nature. One of the best are the series "Analyze my orienteering" where I ran orienteering with a headcam and then replay it with GPS. Follow me at for more!
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