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Emily Arrow

Emily Arrow is an award-winning children's songwriter and producer on a mission to inspire a young generation of artists, learners, and change-makers through the joy of music. Visit www.EmilyArrow.com to learn more & enroll in learning opportunities for all ages! Emily’s books include Studio: A Place for Art to Start (March 2020, Tundra Books) celebrates spaces for creativity to grow and Kids' Guide To Learning The Ukulele (January 2020, Happy Fox Books). Emily tours bookstores, festivals, and venues around the country sharing the ukulele magic. When she’s not on the road, Emily splits her time between Nashville, Los Angeles, and Portland, OR where she hikes with her dog, reads, and eats vegan donuts.
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Hippy Hoppy Show - Nursery Rhymes & Children Songs

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Hippy Hoppy Show. The Hippy Hoppy Show is designed to encourage children to engage into the world of learning through a series of cheerful songs and colorful animations. Our friendly characters Hippy the hippo and Hoppy the rabbit perform classic nursery rhymes and songs for learning that will entertain and educate children all over the world. The Hippy Hoppy Show is your one-stop destination for non-stop nursery rhymes and children's songs. SUBSCRIBE to stay up to date regarding our latest content.
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GOKidz Asia

Every home, Every children will know and praise Jesus of what He has done. Let us teach the next generation to worship Jesus and the world will be a better place. Knowing God Online for Kids Praising God Online for Kids Serving God Online for Kids
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Lucy's Angels

Would you like to be able to soothe, calm and relieve your baby or child from pain and other common issues and ailments? Empower yourself to confidently treat your children with massage, reflexology and yoga inspired stretching and movement. For new episodes subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/lucysbab... Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lucysangelst... Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lucysangels/ Follow us on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.co.uk/lucysbaby... Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/lucysbabyangels Bookings and info https://www.lucysangels.co.uk
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McKee Music Therapy

Music therapy based strategies to use at home. Playlists help you find the goal (speech, motor skills, breathing, music lessons, etc.) you are looking for. If you have any questions or requests for certain goals, please contact us and we would be happy to take a look. For more info on music therapy, visit our website http://www.mckeemusictherapy.com Some videos have suggested instruments/books/props. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.
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Welcome to TVNUTS01 One of You Tubes best TV History Channel with the best material from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and some of the 2010s From Regional and Metropolitan TV Stations from all over Australia, Happy Viewing from TVNUTS01. I will be putting on a new range of videos over the months to come from the show Kitu and Woofl. Kitu and Woofl: Tim Adlide designed and directed the 26 x 5 min.series of "Kitu and Woofl" for ABC childrens television. Still screened and very popular in Australia. Kitu and Woofl is a Model 3D Stop Motion Animation series from the creators of Lizzie's Library. Kitu is a youngster who lives on a planet at the end of the Milky Way. Woofl is Kitu's best friend. With unconditional love and understanding, this funny furball is always there to help Kitu. Kitu spends a lot of his time at home or at Day Care. Kitu's Daddoo is away for long periods, because he pilots a big space vehicle. Mum-Mum works from home, and Grandpa lives with them too. Kimmi is Kitu's not always considerate big sister and Kidogo is a good friend. Each of the programs illustrates an experience of Kitu's and the positive lesson he learns from it. Henderson Bowman production. If anyone has the Humphrey B. Bear or Flapper the Elephant Goodnight's Please E-mail me at autisticsavantsam@gmail.com.
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Ria Rabbit

Welcome to the official Ria Rabbit channel, a family oriented channel for young children, ages 0 to 8 years. Ria is a cute, lovable little rabbit who lives in beautiful Pashu Nagri, India, with her younger brothers, Romi Rabbit and Baby Rabbit, and parents, Mummy Rabbit and Daddy Rabbit. She loves having fun with her family and friends. Ria Rabbit's home on YouTube is a bright and colourful world with episodes, songs, information, and activities that will keep kids happy and engaged. They can watch Ria Rabbit cartoons where she learns new things, sings nursery rhymes and songs, listens to stories, celebrates festivals, plays games with her friends, and travels the world with her family. These videos are not only fun for children, but also impart useful knowledge and teach them good manners, important values, healthy habits, and safety tips. So come on over and spend some time with all your friends from Ria's world! And don't forget to subscribe!
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Mrs Kasha Davis

WELCYUM to my youtube channel! Mr Davis and I have been filming videos for YEARS and maintaining this channel for YOU so get ready for some new and fresh looks and vintage videos from my earliest days in drag. It's our pleasure to share our life and dreams with you because for us and so many people coming up there were no examples of happy, hard working LGBTQ couples making a go of it in the world. Spend some time with us and I'm sure you'll find something you like and watch out for Workhorse Queen the Documentary and our most current project with partners Blackfriars Theatre and Fish and Crown Creative Imagination Station with Mrs Kasha Davis a children's TV program searching for a Network to call home. That's all for now! Lot's of LOVE from our home to yours. FOLLOW US....SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!!!! LOL Mr and Mrs Kasha Davis
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Kid Made Modern is your kiddo's destination for creating without limits and developing invaluable skills that empower their future selves. Join our host Laurie, as we celebrate your littles imagination through the best arts and crafts videos for kids. She will also bring in her friends who are art teachers, graphic designers, and illustrators to inspire littles to create cool DIY art right at home through our Kid Made Modern Events. Hit the play button for inspired art tutorials for kids that include jewelry, nature crafts, holiday DIYs, and even whimsical unicorn art. Just call it a place where DIY crafts and your kiddos imagination come to play. We're happy to have you join our community of the next generation of creative thinkers! Don't have what you need to make a craft? Our collection of KMM arts and crafts kits and art products are available at kidmademodern.com and retailers worldwide.
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