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Injil Haba Get

Kabar baik memang harus diteruskan, diberitakan, dibagikan. Berlawanan dengan kabar buruk yang mendatangkan ketakutan dan kegalauan, kabar baik memberi kelegaan, menyegarkan pikiran, membangun semangat, membangkitkan harapan dan meneguhkan iman. Siapapun bisa menjadi rekan sekerja Elohim untuk menyampaikan Kabar Baik. Tuhan dapat memakai siapapun menjadi alat menyebarkan berita sukacita. Karena setiap manusia pada dasarnya diciptakan TUHAN untuk membawa kabar baik, yaitu berita damai sejahtera, berita keselamatan. Mari saudara saudariku kita menjadi pemberita kabar baik di akhir jaman ini HaleluYah amen amen
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Spirit Gaming

Hey guys this is my spirit gaming channel! I really like games , for playstation an pc and mac too! hope you like my content, follow my channel and put some likes on the videos!
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King Game

Hi guys welcome on KING Game channel My setup is Acer Nitro N50 N50-620 Desktop Gaming, Intel Core i5-11400F, Ram 16 GB DDR4, SSD 512 GB M.2 PCIE, GTX 1650 4 GB GDDR5
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Marble ASMR Therapy

Marble ASMR Channel #marble #marbles #asmr #marblerace #satisfying
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Marble Mayhem

Welcome to Marble Mayhem. Your youtube one stop for marble fun and madness. We regulary show off sets, new marbles and create othe fun exciting stuff. We pride ourselves in the great love and effert our family puts into our videos. Have fun with the Mayhem!
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Еее бо боойй)) Всем привет друзья!! Меня зовут Самир, а лучше называй меня САМИРУМБА!! Здесь я буду играть в разные популярные игры вместе с Вами друзья! Подписывайтесь на канал, и не забывайте ставить лайки, писать свои комментарии и нажимать на колокольчик.
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Marble pops out of the HABA slope. Marble are stored in dump truck and garbage truck. When viewed in slow motion, ASMR becomes a more interesting experiment. #ASMR #MarbleRunRace #HABA #DumpTruck #SatisfyingVideo
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Chris Hansen

Official Channel of journalist Chris Hansen I'm Chris Hansen. Have a seat and enjoy the show! I have been a reporter and Author for more than 37 years. I have tackled some of the toughest topics in some of the most difficult places. From Local News in Detroit Michigan, to Dateline NBC, to Investigation discovery, to Crime Watch Daily. Thank you everyone for your continued support! Official Website (coming soon!) Follow me on social media: Twitter : Facebook : Instagram :
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Marble Station ASMR

創造とアイデアで皆様に安らぎと楽しみを与える動画を制作していきます。 マーブルが走る音はASMRの効果があると思います。 木製什器を中心にDIYでたくさんのコースを作っていきます。 We will create videos that give you peace and fun with creativity and ideas. I think the sound of Marble running has the effect of ASMR. We will make many courses with DIY centering on wooden furniture.
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Hello everyone and welcome to DPG MARBLES - ASMR ! DPG are the initials of my name, can you guess it ? In this channel I do short movies with toys and more ! Don't forget to subscribe and activate the bell 🔔 Come enjoy our MARBLE COMMUNITY, We post daily so come back!
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Rwanda updates

ICYAMBERE N’AMAKURU KANDI YIZEWE AZIRA IBIHUHA, KORA SUBSCRIBE UBUNDI USURE, Aho Usanga Amakuru Menshi Y'izewe Kandi Utasanga Ahandi Murwanda, Mukarere No Kw'isi Yose.  Wifuza kutwandikira, ubufasha,kwamamaza cyangwa gukora natwe  INTEGO YACU Kukugezaho amakuru meza y’ihuse kandi yizewe azira ibihuha hano murwanda, haba muri 1. Politike 2. Showbizz 3. Ubumenyi 4. Sports 5. Nandi menshi abatandukanye kandi utasanga ahandi. TUBASHIMIYE URUKUNDO N’UBUSHAKE MUTWEREKA BIDUTERA IMBARAGA ZOGUKOMEZA GUKORA CYANE NOKURUSHAHO GUKOMEZA GUKORA IBYIZA KANDI BIDUFASHA TWESE, TUBIJEJE UBUFATANYE N’UBUFASHA MWIFUZA BWOSE, MWAHISEMO NEZA CYANE MURAKOZE! MUZAMFASHE TUBIGEREHO!
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하바의 기록
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The Mesmerizing Collective

Welcome to, The Mesmerzing Collective. Love crazy marble runs and races? The sounds of kinetic sand being smashed and cut, or do you just want to relax and watch some time-lapse videos? We have you covered. So, WATCH. RELAX and ENJOY!
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Marble Movie Makers

私達は、マーブルランに夢中です。 野外、室内、様々な場所で楽しむことができるマーブルランの魅力をお送りします。 We are crazy about Marble Run. We will send you the charm of Marble Run that you can enjoy outdoors, indoors, and in various places.
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Last Updated3일 전


하바무비 이 채널에는 영화 줄거리 비디오가 포함되어 있습니다. 한국 영화, 한국 드라마 및 기타 흥미진진한 영화 줄거리부터 시작합니다. 이 채널의 영화 줄거리 비디오가 마음에 든다면 구독 버튼과 알림 벨을 누르는 것을 잊지 마세요. 놓치지 말고 이 영화 채널 채널에서 최신 알림을 받으세요.
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Marble POPs ASMR

HABA 슬로프에 구슬 굴리기 마블런 레이스와 함께 덤프트럭, 쓰레기차 ASMR #마블런 #하바슬로프 #MarbleRun #Haba #DumpTruck
  • 15 videos
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Nacim HADDAD | نسيم حداد

La Chaine Officielle du Dr. Nacim HADDAD • Doctorat d'état en Physique Nucléaire (CERN). • Musicien Chercheur en patrimoine populaire marocain. • Président de l'association marocaine du Patrimoine et de la culture populaire. Considéré comme le disciple de la voix archéologique du feu Larbi Batma, le jeune Musicien s'est intéressé a la musique populaire dés son bas âge tout en apprenant les poésies et les chants traditionnels du grand Maroc, ce qui lui a constitué une base solide pour s'intégrer au monde de la recherche. Initié aux subtilités de l'art de L'Ayta par les grandes figures de ce chant, un long voyage a travers la musique traditionnelle marocaine qui sera par la suite gravé dans le film documentaire "العيطة..رحلة نغم" a été diffusé sur l'antenne d'AlJazeera Documentaire.
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💀💀 Salut tout le monde ! 💀💀 🛑Bienvenue sur ma chaine youtube ! Ici je vous fait découvrir des experiences de fouuu !! Les videos les plus OUF !!! 🛑 Abonne-toi à ma chaine et active la cloche pour ne pas louper des jeu de dingue Voici comment sont réalisées mes videos : - Dans mes videos experience et crush je n'utilise que des objets qui sont périmés - Dans les videos Marble run j'utilise des jouets de la marque HABA - Mes videos sont ensuite intégralement montées sous Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas ou Final Cut - Si c'est necessaire je rajoute une voix OFF pendant le montage - Ensuite je compile la video puis je l'upload sur ma chaine Youtube XORNEL SKULL TV - Les miniatures sont réalisées grâce a des photos prises pendant le tournage - Toutes les vidéos présentes sur ma chaine sont 100% réalisées par moi, elles m'appartiennent intégralement. Je n'utilise aucun contenu qui ne m'appartient, et je vous remercie de ne pas réutiliser mes videos. A bientôt :) ❤️❤️
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Marble ASMR Movie Maker

【Marble ASMR Movie Maker】 I will do my best to deliver a very nice and moving video If you subscribe to the channel, you will be motivated to make the next video. By all means thankyou
  • 506K subscribers,
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