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G Bear

Semi-Pro Professional Stunt Riding Adventure Athlete 2019 Honda Grom 2020 Segway X260 / Sur Ron Life's a ride. Enjoy it!
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TwP popcorn

Team dwc... deep water cultivating presents twp popcorn how to indoor garden.where we also cover mmj and cultivation n Kansas City Missouri since in 2018 our medical law passed. Gives local Missouri hydroponic growers no need to press dispensaries for wax gummies rosin flower or solvent less extracts. Indoor hydroponic deep water system can provide massive yields With the indoor environment being controlled.the right daily use can lead to health and wellness using Delta 8 thc.our growmie garden uses 2 gallon pots the entire grow indoors so we also cover how Missouri law governs our farm and gives a simple way 2 run a indoor garden. So if grabbing an edible or pressing a dab in the lab sounds 420 friendly then meditate with us as we focus on wellness.hustle through pH checks and garden pictures n dwc with twp popcorn post grow or medical or legal video on a infused schedule.
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My Name is Luke, it's a pleasure. Gaming was fun for me playing arcade and racing-style games at birthday parties. I started this channel playing Titanfall/ CoD. Unfortunately, I got frustrated with bad servers so now I search for new games to experience/ upload some of my favorite titles from when I was a kid. Gaming goes back to the mid-2000s for me, got introduced to lots of Japanese games, standouts for me would be Raiden series, Sonic, and Pokemon. There are a lot more I enjoy too!
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Teacher GROMIE

It is an outside the classroom pedagogical channel where learning can be unlimited. My Facebook Page link:
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Wąsaty Janusz Bushcraftu

Wąsaty Janusz Bushcraftu zrodził się z potrzeby wyleczenia kompleksów własnych i cudzych z powodu tego, że chciało się kiedyś być komandosem, paratrooperem, nurkiem w Formozie lub GROMie, ale .... nie wyszło. Dobiegając do czterdziestki zacząłem robić to wszystko w lesie co zawsze chciałem, ale nie robiłem, bo studia, bo praca, bo dzieci. Teraz razem z Babą i Małą Babą odkrywamy na nowo uroki łażenia po lesie i robienia w nim różnych fajnych rzeczy.
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