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Hey, I love doing VR (Virtual Reality) movies and meme skits. I will either act myself or get help with friends, whether that is with FBT (full body tracking) motion acting, or just voice acting. I ported the Neco-Arc and ASYNC Hazmat models to VRChat and made them Quest compatible as well. I hope to see you in the comments sometime! Cheers.
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Hello! Welcome to my channel. Here you will find animations based of off popular indie titles such as Five Nights at Freddy's and Poppy Playtime! I have been animating for over seven years! Much of this experience is in SFM, however I have recently transitioned to using Blender. Reaction videos of my content are more than welcome! My only requirement is that you give proper credit and leave a link back to whichever video you reacted to. If you need to get in contact with me, then please use the email below :)
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★Official 2nd Channel★ I make FNaF Mods Showcase :) - FNaF 1 Mods Showcase - FNaF 2 Mods Showcase - FNaF 3 Mods Showcase - FNaF 4 Mods Showcase - FNaF Sister Location Mods Showcase - FNaF World Mods Showcase - FNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Mods Showcase and more! - Why two ZBonnieXD on Youtube? R: you must be wondering, why have two ZBonnieXD on YouTube, the reason is that I had some problems on my main channel with Youtube, but now my main channel came back by a miracle, I'll be posting videos on two channels Thank you for all your support, helping in my videos and leaving a comment! God bless you! ;)
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BersGamer ❤

Hola!, soy un youtuber español que sube de todo! :3 quedate por aqui ❤ DIRECTOS TODOS LOS DÍAS : https://www.twitch.tv/bersgamer :x
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LoL Mobile Gaming

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DL electronics & mechanics

On this channel we upload videos of our robots and animatronic characters! DL Electronics & Mechs - is an unofficial closed joint group of individual mechanics, programmers and small technical enterprises.
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Sans Comic TV

Hey Buddy. Just A Professional Team who loves voice acting, acting, gaming and makes awesome videos. We're approaching the YouTube comic dub with an ear for professionalism to take the medium higher than before. COMMENT RULES: 1) No spamming, excessive caps/emotes, spoilers, sexism, racism, homophobia, or harassment 2) No revealing personal information 3) No links, advertising, promotion of other channels Avatar and Banner by EightTheKat #Undertale #Comic #Dub #Comic Dub #Undertale Comic Dub #Animation #Comic Dubs #comic dub
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🌌Golden Freddy 🌏

Bean mis videos porfa
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Hey you! Are you looking for some fresh Five Nights at Freddy's content to satisfy your Five Nights at Freddy's cravings? We've got you covered with a wide, selective range of Five Nights at Freddy's content. Feel free to go ahead and tick that like button, smash that subscribe button and comment that bell icon. Thank you for your help in getting this far. See you there.
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The official EthGoesBOOM YouTube. A gaming YouTuber guy who makes silly voices. This is my FNAF-themed channel where I make voice acting videos such as Let's Plays, reaction videos, skits and other Five Nights at Freddy's style content! Subscribe to my second channel, Aussie King, for my non-voice acting content.
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Aqui Você Encontra Vídeos de Five Nights At Freddy's, Poppy Playtime, Roblox e Todos os Tipos de Conteúdos e Jogos! Com um foco maior em FNAF. Tento Sempre Responder Todos na Medida do Possível :) Se Inscreva Agora e Não Perca Nada: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9snMF8t-A5X62YI0BZr1rA?sub_confirmation=1 Contatos: Twitter: https://twitter.com/pedorythefox Instagram: PedoryOficial Discord: Pedory#0680 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pedory/ (me mande presentes :3) Servidor No Discord: https://discord.com/invite/QyuWQN4bRa Todas Minhas Outras Redes Sociais: https://linktr.ee/pedory Informações: -O Mascote do canal se chama Pedory, o meu nome verdadeiro é Pedro -Tenho 21 Anos -Sou Cristão, Guiado Por Deus 🙏🙌 -Estou na minha Jornada no YouTube desde 2011 -Estou a cada dia mais aprendendo e melhorando meu conteúdo :D -Divirta-se Com O Meu Canal com todo tipo de conteúdo que vocês quiserem! E... Não Olhe Para Trás. HAHAHAHA!
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Pixel Captain

Creator of The Masked Resurgence & The Masked Devotion series'. Hello! My name is Pixel Captain, or Nate, and I make Five Nights at Freddy's animations with the program Blender! My commissions are open, so if you would like to contact me, please visit my portfolio site for information. Support-A-Creator: PixelCaptain Portfolio/Contact Info: https://sites.google.com/view/pixelcaptain132/home Join this channel to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CX-xI7aSLZktYSe_ixAkg/join
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J STEVO 23 2002

i do Animations about some of the best games in the world which is five nights at freddys, Life is strange and more.
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Craftix Gaming

Cosplayer that is into making a variety of cosplays mainly from games! Expect to see costumes from FNAF, Resident Evil, BATIM, Dark Deception, Stranger Things, anime, and much more! I also occasionally play games or Live-Stream cosplay progress on my channel!
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Canal focado em FNAF e outros jogos de vez em quando :D Sou : Roteirista Fan-Dublador Editor Animador Iniciante Fanático por Five Nights At Freddy's :D E-mail pra contato : contatoralseizin@gmail.com AVISO : ESSE CANAL NÃO É PARA PÚBLICO INFANTIL! (to falando sério, se tu é criança sai daqui e volta quando for mais velho🤓☝)
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FNaF Flix

🔴 SUBSCRIBE TODAY and i'll give freddy a taco! AWWWW IT'S FROM YOU!! hey dudes! call this FNaF Flix! i'm one of the fnaf plushtubers.. which.. ok. basically we're youtubers who record our five nights at freddy's collectible plushies talking to each other. like play time when you were younger? i literally just do that but.. record it! (but fr this channel is for me to experiment with my voice acting/creativity) anyways welcome! i like to describe FNaF Flix as "netflix but with plushy actors." here you'll see parodies of movies, shows, even music videos. with, y'know, fnaf plushies. i make originals too! i also specialize in bringing my plushies on my vacations. and i like the whole "horror" genre, so videos with creepy themes per se are posted often. if you enjoy a 18-year-old girl playing with literal stuffed animals to make kids smile (and to make a few bucks,) join the party!! instagram: @fnaf.flix
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I am back with long videos
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Golden Freddy Gamer

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Golden Freddy videos

Faço vídeos de fnaf poppy playtime e outros vídeos.
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