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Joshua Vergara

At the intersection of tech and life.
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Michael Josh is a New York-based technology journalist, analyst, and entrepreneur. Built for audiences around the globe, our goal is to make technology easier to understand. GadgetMatch is the everyday consumer’s source for technology news, reviews, and videos a guide to finding the right devices to match their needs.
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Shane Symonds

Changing the standard of tech content creation one video at a time.
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Hi, My Name is Zaryab Khan, and welcome to my technology channel where you'll find the latest tech updates, news, leaks, reviews, comparisons & much more so click that subscribe button. 😄 ►for business inquiries - follow my life on these social networks! ►TIKTOK: ►INSTAGRAM: ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK:
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BooredAtWork brings you the latest Tech, gadget, and gaming reviews,
  • 478K subscribers,
  • 3.3K videos
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Danny Winget

Welcome! Here you will find videos on that combine the things that I love including Tech, Sneakers and Family. Just want to share with the world what I am into. For comprehensive smartphone camera test comparisons and smart home videos consider subscribing. If you like smartphones, tech, tablets, laptops and desk setups you found the right place. Thank you for watching!
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  • 931 videos
Last Updated4 days ago


It's not official until it's done #phonebuffstyle! Home of the best smartphone speed tests, drop tests, and battery tests.
  • 1.4M subscribers,
  • 707 videos
Last Updated4 days ago

Dom Esposito

Taking a look at the best epic tech from smartphones reviews to Mac/PCs and so much more. Wondering if you should buy the latest gadget? Check out my unboxing and review videos on the best tech to find out. Subscribe for awesome tech videos every week!
  • 439K subscribers,
  • 1.6K videos
Last Updated13 days ago

Nick Ackerman

Hi, my name is Nick Ackerman and I make comparisons, smartphone speed tests, unboxings, and review videos! I help you master the smartphone technology you use every day through quality tech videos filled with knowledge and guidance. Businesses, collaborations, and sponsors who want to work with me email me here:
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  • 2.4K videos
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The YouTube Tech Guy

The YouTube Tech Guy is a technology-focused YouTube channel dedicated to bringing you the latest news, reviews, comparisons, and tutorials on consumer electronics. My name is Ricky, a tech enthusiast and expert, and I cover a wide range of topics, including smartphones, laptops, gaming devices, and more. I take a in-depth look at the latest technology trends, help you make informed decisions about your tech purchases, then show you how to use them. Subscribe now for all things tech! Have a product you'd like me to review? email:
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Hi! My name is Wade, and I make videos about all kinds of tech stuff. Looking for a new smartphone? Comparing some earbuds? Check out my videos - I'm sure there's something here for you 😊
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  • 778 videos
Last Updated2 days ago

Techisode TV

Welcome to TechisodeTV, where I dive deep to find the coolest unknown/hidden features on all the latest tech products! Consider subscribing and hitting the notification bell so you don't miss out on all the awesome things your tech products can do! Got a question? Hit me up on twitter @techisodetv! Got a business inquiry? Email at the address below!
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Last Updated5 days ago

Isa does tech

Lifestyle tech videos catered to the lifestyle users✨ We do tech in your real life, in style 😎 The main goal for my tech channel is to reach people that are not traditionally tech audiences, to make being a “techie” a less daunting thing to casual users. The bottomline: My/our priorities & use cases for gadgets are different and that’s okay. ⭐️ @isadoes_ on IG, TW & TikTok 😎 for other fun stuff
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Samsung Thailand

Welcome to the official Thailand channel of Samsung Mobile, where you can find the latest videos about our company and products including Commercial Ad, Campaign, Review, and Other
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  • 2.5K videos
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Quality videos of technology, gaming, vlogs, and more. Just a simple guy trying to make it big. My goal is to inform, entertain, and inspire viewers around the world and make a difference in people's lives. Manager Email: Business Inquiry Email: Channel Milestones Subscribers 10K ✔ 12/18/2017 20K ✔ 9/2/2018 30K ✔ 5/23/2019 40k ✔ 9/31/2019 50k ✔ 3/11/2020 60k ✔ 5/21/2020 70k ✔ 9/22/2020 100K ✔ 1/4/2021 200K ✔ 9/13/2022 Views 1 Million ✔ November 22, 2016 10 Million ✔ February 24, 2019 11 Million ✔ April 30, 2019 20 Million ✔ April 25, 2020 30 Million ✔ December 28, 2020 50 Million ✔ Jan 15, 2022 60 Million ✔ Aug 14, 2022 70 Million ✔ Jan 4, 2023 NYC
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In-Depth tips, tricks, and tutorials geared towards the latest in TECH WORLD ... from Android Smartphones to iPhone's, iPad's to Android Tablets, and hundreds of other technology gadgets and topics etc. For all business inquiries email me at Companies can send product to the following address: Attn: SAKITECH 135 S Springfield Rd. Unit #681 Clifton Heights, PA 19018 --------------- SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ----------------- Follow me on twitter : Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on facebook: Follow me on Google+ My Website:
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El Presente Tech

Hello, I want to let you know that if, you want to publish your brand in my YouTube channel, my business contact email is : Hola, Publica tu Marca en este canal ,,Contacto
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This channel is a great resources for anyone looking for video tutorials on tablets, smartphones, iPhones, apple tv, and Apps. I currently focus on the latest smartphones, tablets, must have mobile accessories, and smart home accessories. ***SUBSCRIBE* to stay informed! Thank you for checking out our channel, Enjoy!
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Phandroid is the FIRST independent website dedicated to delivering Android news. On our channel we cover all the latest tech that enhances the mobile lifestyle. Subscribe to the channel and get in contact with us if you're interested in collaborating to promote the latest tech.
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Jonathan Casey

Techflix and Chill...
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  • 865 videos
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