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Karolyns Kakes

Welcome to Karolyn's Kakes! I've been making KAKES since 2002. On this channel, I share what I've learned along the way to help you on your cake decorating journey!
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Hi 🌹mera name hai Chef. Moinul Ansari Pakur Jharkhand india Mai aap sabhi bhai aur doston ko most welcome ❤️ karta hun doston agar aap cake decorating cake recipe and baking bakery ke bare me Janna chahte hai to 👉 Aap aapna bhai ke channel ko subscribe Karke Bell icon ko dabaye 1 All cake decoration 2 Fondant cake 3 Fondent animals tutorials 4 Anniversary cake 5 Engagements cake 6 Birthday cake 7 Step cake 8 Step fancy cake 9 Pineapple pastry 10 Butter scotch pestry 11 Black forest pestry 12 Chocolate pestry 13 Fruit pestry 14 Fancy pestry decoration 15 Fancy cake decorations 16 Car cake recipe 17 Doll cake recipe 18 Pineapple cake 20 Butter scotch cake 21 Black forest cake 22 Chocolate cake 23 Fruit cake recipe 24 Mango cake 25 Orange cake recipe 26 Red velvet cake 27 Dark chocolate cake 28 recipe Any cake decoration 29 3D CAKE 30 NEW 3D CAKE For Sponsorship & Businees Emquiries............ name : Chef Md Moinul Ansari email:ayaancakemaster@gmail.com
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Custom Cakes and Cupcakes by Erin

Bake and decorate along with me! Hello, everyone! My name is Erin, and I am a home baker and digital content creator. My recipes, tutorials, shop, DIY kits, and all my links are on my website: customcakesandcupcakes.com I enjoy coming up with exciting new designs, and love sharing them through videos. Escape into my (sometimes messy) kitchen, where we will cover cake assembly, basic buttercream frosting and decorating techniques, piping flowers, fondant fun, and isomalt details. Make sure to subscribe and click the alarm bell to ensure you're seeing each of the 1-2 videos I upload each week. My shop, Custom Cutters and Embossers, makes alphabet embossing stamp sets, cutters, the Flower Nail Buddy, and many more products I use in my videos. I'll see you on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook too! Thank you for watching!
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Hi, my name is Lynsey Jackson, and I am a cake artist from the UK. I love to bake and decorate custom celebration cakes, wedding cakes and cupcakes. I created this YouTube channel to share some of the tips and cake decorating techniques that I have picked up along the way of my own cake journey! The Cake by Lynz YouTube channel features step by step video tutorials for all levels of cake decorating. Find cake recipes, how to make gumpaste flowers, showstopper cakes, cupcake piping techniques, cake toppers, fun baking projects and so much more for you to try! You can also see examples of my cakes or read more about all the cakes and just general cake ramblings on my blog at www.cakesbylynz.co.uk I hope you enjoy the tutorials and thank you for watching x x You can also FOLLOW ME HERE: ▫ Blog: http://www.cakesbylynz.co.uk ▫ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cakesbylynz ▫ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cakesbylynz/ ▫ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/cakesbylynz/
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Patricia Santoro

Hi to all, my name is Patricia Santoro . I'm a self taught artist based in Taiwan . I love to create all kinds of figurines for different purposes as well as sharing "how to" tutorials, tips and tricks. I hope you find my videos useful and get inspired by my work. I also arrange international courses upon request. Welcome!
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Sweet Boutique by Aditi

Hi! My name is Aditi Garware, a lawyer turned cake artist, and my Youtube channel focuses on creating the best yet easy dessert recipes for you all. From cake decoration to simple tips, simple tricks related to whipped cream and fondant, piping techniques, to festive recipes, I aspire to bring out the best of desserts in my videos. I have been awarded as one of India's top 10 cake artists by Cakemasters UK. I was a winner in the show Chef vs Fridge on Zeecafe India. After being featured on various media portals like Femina India, TOI, and Maharashtra Times, my aim is to share my cake knowledge with all of you :) So sit back, relax, and watch your cakes turn into something amazing!
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Edna De la Cruz

Hi my name is Edna.. I am a cake designer and I teach cake decorating. I own the website Design Me a Cake http://www.designmeacake.com/index.html A lot of people ask me constantly how do I work on my cakes. So I decided to do a few videos on how I decorate. In here you will find basics of cake decorating and recipes. I love to decorate cakes.. Is one of my biggest passions in life. Creating and seeing how a cake goes from nothing to a piece of art is always something that makes my blood flow. Seeing how people react and how I can make a person happy on what is supposed to be the happiest day of their live, that's something that keeps me doing what I do. I strive on trying to do my best and I love to keep learning since there is so much out there to be learned. I love to teach and see how my students grow every week from what they learn. I hope you enjoy the videos. They are not professionaly done. They are simple Demos on basics..Thanks for watching and stay tuned! Edna
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Rae's Day To Day Vlogs

If I could describe my channel, I would Describe it as ADHD. I take life day by day (hence the name) I dance to the beat of own drum, things change all the time around here because well I do in fact have ADHD. I am a mom, so I share my struggle of what to make for dinner and staying low carb, because of gastric bypass surgery. Weight loss is still a struggle me, watch to find out why!! I am also in a Triad Polyamours relationship so I share my struggles with that. Gorl World is my guilty pleasure so I comment on that a lot. So stick around and join the fun!!!
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Hey, my name is Francesca and welcome to my channel! I always have been working in the Tourist Industry, in fact, I used to work in a Tour Operator in the UK, but now I'm working as a Receptionist in a B&B for the summer season in Sicily, which is where I come from. I love to meet people from around the world, but I always missed a bit of manual work and being creative too. I didn't know what I could be doing until I found the magical world of fondant. I really find it amazing how from scratch I can make millions of different things. This makes me feel like I have a superpower 💪🏻 Be Creative and Have Fun 😊
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Baking Savvy

Hey Everyone and Welcome to "Baking Savvy Channel". My name is Chrysty, and I will be your virtual Pastry Chef. It is here where you will find all my recipes, tips n' tricks, and step by step tutorials that I have compiled through out my years in baking. All my recipes are better known as the 3T's. Tested, Tasted, and True! Here I will teach you all the tips and tricks on professional baking as well as some not so professional baking hacks. With my step by step tutorials, you will see that even the home baker can achieve all yummy goodness you will see here. I try to answer all my comments and emails, so let me know if there is anything in particular you would like for me to do and I will be happy to help. Requests are also Welcomed :) So What are you waiting for? Subscribe Today and Let's Get Started! Don't forget to check out my website,www.bakingsavvy.com for more recipes and information.
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akhilesh bakery products 🧁

my name Akhiesh kumar sahni. City Bihar.district vashali.vilege dulaur . my work, bakery chef Swagat hai #decoration. #Fondant cake #Pineapple cake #Fondent animals tutorials #Anniversary cake #Engagements cake #Birthday cake #Step cake #Step fancy cake #Pineapple pastry #Butter scotch pestry #Black forest pestry #Chocolate pestry #Fruit pestry #Fancy pestry decoration #Fancy cake decorations #Car cake recipe #Doll cake recipe #Butter scotch cake #Black forest cake #Chocolate cake #Fruit cake recipe #Mango cake #Orange cake recipe #Red velvet cake #Dark chocolate cake #recipe Any cake decoration
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Moumita's Flavorful moment

Hi my name is moumita. I am a baker and also try new recipes and I am here to share them with you. Stay tuned ,because every cake has a story to tell. 💛💛
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Love Meets Cake

My name is Shanna (pronounced Shawna) and I am a socially awkward, quirky, goofy, cake artist! IG @love_meets_cake Tik Tok: @awkwardblackgirlbaker I've made a couple of short appearances on Food Network as an assistant, been on Spectrum News, Good Day Columbus, and ABC 6 News! On this channel, I want to share my love for baking, cake decorating, so will be providing a ton of tutorials and tips! Thank you for being a new subscriber! Email: lovemeetscake@gmail.com
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Cake Nation

Hi my name is Stephanie from Cake Nation. I specialise in figures and I frequently get asked how I create some of my cakes and figures and it was this that lead me to create my own channel. My channel will be a part of my learning progress, I will share the new things I learn with you on a regular basis. If there is anything you would like to see a tutorial on please feel free to contact me! Hopefully you will enjoy my tutorials and together we can make some lovely creations =) The world is better with cake! s x Feel free to check out more of my work at www.facebook.com/cakenationyorkshire.
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Hallo ihr Lieben und herzlich Willkommen bei Himmlisch! ❤️ Ich möchte gerne meine Rezepte mit euch teilen und habe deshalb diesen YouTube-Kanal ins Leben gerufen. Mein Name ist Claudia und ich wohne in der Nähe von Wien. Seit Ende 2018 versorge ich euch mit tollen Back- und Kochrezepten aus meinem Repertoire und hoffe, dass ihr viel Spaß beim Nachmachen habt. Wenn ihr mich unterstützen wollt, lasst mir doch ein kostenloses Abonnement oder ein Like da und schreibt mir in die Kommentare. Ich würde mich sehr freuen! 😘 Und jetzt viel Spaß mit meinen Rezepten!
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My name is Samijo 👋🏼 I make creations from home & share the journey with you! From Cakes to Canvases, Art in all its forms is my passion, even down to editing these videos. I hope you enjoy the channel !
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Dulcia Bakery

Hello! My name is Dulcia, and I’m the owner and Head-Cake-Artist of Dulcia Bakery. After graduating from college in 2008, I discovered a love of baking and cake decorating. I started spending hours researching recipes and reading books on baking and decorating techniques. In 2010, I decided to pursue my dream of being a full time Cake Artist and Baker. I continued my education by taking courses at various schools; including the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park and the French Culinary Institute. During the ensuing years, I realized that my passion for baking and decorating was a gift I wanted to share, so I became a Certified Wilton Instructor and started teaching. I finally decided to teach my preferred techniques at my own local kitchen in Montgomery NY Orange County and decided to create this channel. My video tutorials will teach you how to use decorating techniques to make beautiful cookies and cupcakes Learn more about me here: http://www.dulciabakery.com/
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Creative Cakes by Sharon

Hi There, my name is Sharon! Join me as I teach you with step by step instructions how to create amazing cakes that will impress everyone, including yourself! Being self taught, I know just what a difference it can make to your repertoire when you discover the little tricks of the trade that can take your cake decorating skills from ordinary to extraordinary - you'll have never dreamed of what you could be capable of! Hope you enjoy! xx
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Dilshad Rahmani art 2.0

Hello everyone 🤗 Welcome to my YouTube channel Mera Name; (Md Dilshad Rahmani) Main ek Cake master art's hun 😍 ( Alhamdulillah ) Main Cake Related Video Banata Hun🎂🥳 Jaise ki, 👇 Birthday cake Anniversary cake Angagedment cake Marriage Cake Festival cake Valentine'sday special cake Mother's day celebration cake Christmas cake New year's Cake New design launching Cake Stape Cake Decoration Alfabet latter's Cake All shape cake making Fondant cake Semi fondant cake Model Cake All flavours Cake recipe Decoration Please Hamen support Karen 🥺🙏 Aur hamare channel ko pyar mohabbat de 💞 Like karen subscribe Karen 👍 Aur Cake kaisa laga comment me jarur bataye 🤗 Aap sabhi ko bahut bahut dhanyawad 🙏🤲 🙏 Thanks for watching 🤤🎂😋 💫Allah Hafiz 💫 @Dilshad Rahmani art 2.0
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