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Baking Cherry

Here you can find more than 250 recipes for simple to spectacular desserts like cakes, cupcakes, pies, tarts, cookies, mousses, puddings, custards, ice cream, frostings, cheesecakes, muffins, and more. From traditional recipes to egg-free recipes, gluten-free recipes, and healthier recipes. This channel features dessert recipes and ideas for everyone, every season, and every event like special celebrations, birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion!
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Savor Easy

Wherever you are in the world, food has its magic that connects people. So, join me as I create and re-create amazing recipes, may it be authentic or experiential. Hey, I'm Weng Benigla, Creator of Savor Easy! I'm from the amazing Philippines. I'm a wife to Ervin, a mother of Raine and Red, a baker, cake artist and cooks everything heavenly and delicious. In this channel you'll be able to see easy demonstrations of recipes. I'd love to share everything i make to all of you. It is so lovely to have you here. All the love! All rights and ownership reserved to Savor Easy. Unauthorized use of my videos or 2nd edit and re-upload is prohibited. LIVE.LOVE.BAKE!
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쿠킹씨 Cooking See

안녕하세요, 쿠킹씨(Cooking See)입니다. Hello, everybody. Welcome to my channel. I'm "Cooking See". ▶페이스북 : ▶인스타그램 : ▶블로그 : 베이킹, 디저트, 요리는 항상 즐거운 마음으로 하고있는 유튜브 크리에이터 입니다. 재미있게 봐주셔서 감사합니다. 언제나 행복하고 좋은 날 되세요~♡ 비즈니스 관련 문의 :
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Pastry Living with Aya

Hi, I'm Aya. Welcome to Pastry Living!
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SaltedCaramel ASMR

Hello my sweet beauties!!! Welcome to my channel! Here you can find ASMR videos, no talking and whispering, half face and full face, collaborations, compilations and many other videos that i am sure you will enjoy!! Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE and leave a COMMENT at the sections down below the videos!!! Love you sooooo much!!! Γειά σας ομορφιές μου!!! Καλωσήρθατε στο κανάλι μου! Εδώ μπορείτε να βρείτε βίντεο ASMR με ήχους φαγητού, με ψιθύρους, με το πλάνο στοχευμένο στο μενού ή καμιά φορά και στο προσωπό μου, συνεργασίες με άλλους δημιουργούς, συλλογές και πολλά άλλα που είμαι σίγουρη ότι θα απολαύσετε! Σας παρακαλώ να μην ξεχάσετε να πατήσετε ΕΓΓΡΑΦΗ πριν φύγετε από το κανάλι, κλικάρετε ΜΟΥ ΑΡΕΣΕΙ(αν σας αρέσει!) ΜΟΙΡΑΣΤΕΙΤΕ τα βίντεο με φίλους και αφήστε και ένα ΣΧΟΛΙΟ! Σας αγαπώ τόόόόσο πολύ!!!
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Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ

Cacao! ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*)♪ Welcome to "Chocolate cacao" channel. This channel introduces how to make attractive chocolate sweets. Please, subscribe to my channel. 主にチョコレート、スイーツ、お菓子、料理を作っているだけのチャンネルです。 投稿者名はSEIJINです。カカオさんと呼ぶ人が多いですが、好きに呼んでください♪( ´θ`)ノ チャンネル登録よろしくお願いします! 2016 第1回Meijiチョコレート検定合格 2017.9.2 100K Subs 2018.5.3 チャンネル名変更(旧名:Chocolate House SEIJIN チョコレートハウスSEIJIN) 2019.7.20 1M Subs 2019.12.4 YouTube Fanfest 2019 100万人登録者ステージ 出演 2020.1.10 「チョコレートスイーツ BOOK」書籍出版 KADOKAWA 2021.2.1 2M Subs チャンネル内のテキストや画像等のコンテンツは全て無断使用・転載等厳禁です。 このチャンネル内のコンテンツは製菓・飲食店業者、動画制作者等へレシピを紹介・提供するものではありません。 個人的に観て楽しむものでアート動画作品です。個人的に作る程度にとどめてください。 こちらへの参照無記載・URLリンク無しでの類似内容の動画を出す事、商品として販売する事はおやめください。 違反のものに関してはフェアユース違反及び、何らかの法的処置を併せて取ります。 お問合せに関して 見積相談ご遠慮ください。最終決定した内容と額の提示でお願いします。 数多くご連絡をいただき、企業様でもこちらに対しあまりにも不誠実な対応が多すぎる為、ご相談可能なものにしか返信しません。 契約書にサインが必要な案件はリーガルチェック必須の為、少額なものは受けません。 ご理解よろしくお願いします。 Inquiry only Japanese or Japanese negotiator. 小红书:7410275261 bili : 1380269062
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U- Taste

We are a young brand established in 2016. We believe in good quality and healthy lifestyle.
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大家好,歡迎大家來到《佳寶媽美食》!為了更清楚的表達本美食頻道的宗旨,《佳寶媽日誌》特此更名為《佳寶媽美食》。我平常特別喜歡做菜,熱愛美食。我會經常給子女、給家人做好吃的,比如炸油條、肉夾饃、煎餅果子、各種麵條、餅、丸子、湯、點心呀等等各種涼菜熱菜。美食承載著愛心的傳遞。如今,我把學到的美食烹飪化作涓涓愛心奉獻分享給大家,大家學習試著做一下,希望大家的生活越來越好。喜歡美食的朋友們可以訂閱下噢。 為了方便朋友能夠更加通俗易通,我將在視頻裏面為大家添加各種語言的自動翻譯等。 Hello Everybody, This is Gabaomom, Welcome to my channel! If you like my video, please give me a thumb up👍, subscribe ▶ ️ and share ➡️ to your friends. Turn on the notification🔔 to receive every update. I greatly appreciate your support! I really enjoy sharing fantastic and creative food receipts on "YouTube". All my videos were made by myself. I hope you all enjoy and like them. Let us cook yummy foods together everyday! :) To make easy understanding, various CC languages will be added in my videos. Life is wonderful; Enjoy life starts from enjoying delicious food!
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Sponge Cake Recipes

Hola me llamo Tunde, Bienvenido a mi canal! Aquí encontrarás una gran variedad de recetas para hacer bizcochos de todos los sabores y colores. Ya sea que estés buscando un bizcocho tradicional o algo más innovador, aquí encontrarás una receta perfecta para tus creaciones. Aprenderás a hacer desde bizcochos tradicionales hasta los más innovadores, con todo tipo de sabores y texturas. Además, te compartiré mis trucos y técnicas que he ido perfeccionando durante años para que puedas hacer bizcochos de calidad en casa. ¡Suscríbete a mi canal y comienza a crear tus propios bizcochos deliciosos!
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mama Ezy

hi dear,, I just to say thank you for the constant love,support,subscribe and share,without you guys this wouldn't be possible. KISS AND BIG HUG KONTAK BISNIS : PRODUCT PLACEMENT,SPONSOR,FULL ENDORESMENT,BARTER PROMO,PRODUCT ENDORSEMENT,PAID PROMOTE IG : ezysweethome Wa : 085386448700 (cp. Fathan)
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Welcome to the channel "thecakebakeryhomemade" Delicious cake/bakery recipes There is no need to reduce or add any other ingredients due to the recipe provided. Well selected, easy to make at your home The recipe for a cake is a little sweet recipe. The texture of the cake is very soft. It's delicious in every clip that is brought down for sure. If you've watched the video and have questions or problems doing it. You can leave a question under the video. I'll try to find some good advice for you. Please press subscribe, click like, press share. Will not miss new videos. Thank you... 👉 page facebook :
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Foodie Shares

This channel is all about food, unboxing new things , traveling ,pets and much more. we share different cuisines and places where we eat , cafes, restaurants and much more. We also cook easy and simple food and share it. Healthy and unhealthy yummy and boring. Old and new foods, spices and non spicy foods , foods , foods and more foods. Please subscribe and like. Much love for all cultures and traditions.
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TARA's Recipes

Hello, my name is Tara! I'm a self-taught baker with a passion for making delicious sweet treats. I began baking as a hobby a few years ago and quickly fell in love with the process of combining, measuring, and experimenting with flavors and textures. Now, I like sharing my creations with others and introducing them to the joys of baking. Whether you're a seasoned baker or just starting out, I'm here to supply you with simple recipes, baking advice, and innovative ideas for making your desserts look and taste amazing. So, join me on this sweet adventure and let's get baking! ♡ ♡ ♡
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מפלצת העוגיות-טוני משיח - TONI MASHIAH

ערוץ היוטיוב של הבלוג מפלצת העוגיות- טוני משיח
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All We Knead 올 위 니드

안녕하세요, 제 채널은 창의적이고 쉬운 홈베이킹과 감성 브이로그 영상을 소개하는 베이킹 브이로그 채널입니다. 베이킹뿐 아니라 요리에도 관심이 있으시면 세계 각국의 맛을 소개하는 '요리하우스' 채널도 방문해 주세요. 감사합니다^^. 요하
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SoundaryaVeeru's World

Welcome to SoundaryaVeeru's World(Earlier" My Zindagi My Passion")Channel. Iam Soundarya A . Iam passionate in delivering the little talent we have on DIY crafts , being inspired will get back to you regularly with crafts, cooking which makes you fell awesome and ourselves happy. All your extended support helps in making this channel successful to reach large audience.
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지중해 요리

지중해 요리와 베이킹. 만들기 쉽고 맛있는 레시피. 사랑하는 사람의 삶에 새로운 맛있는 요리를 추가하세요. 만들기가 간단하고 비용도 많이 들지 않습니다. 가족과 친구들을 매우 행복하게 만들어 줄 지중해식 요리법이 많이 있습니다. 우리는 매주 새로운 영상을 업로드합니다. 모두와 함께 여행을 즐겨보세요.
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Flavour Town

FLAVOUR TOWN, We aim to bring you new recipes every week straight out of our kitchen. Stay tuned for more...! Don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe
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Home Baking23

HALLO SEMUANYA…(Hi Everyone)… *Selamat Datang* ~Nama Saya LISA,Saya Creator Channel Home Baking23 ~Saya Dari Indonesia,Saya Ibu Dari 1 Anak,Suami Saya Orang Taiwan&Kita Menetap DiTAIWAN Sekarang. ~Saya Suka Belajar Membuat Aneka Kue&Saya Upload DiChannel Saya ~Jangan Lupa Like,Komen,Share& Subscribe Supaya Tidak Ketinggalan Video-Video Terbaru Dari Kami TERIMAKASIH ~I’m LISA,Creator of Home Baking23 ~I come From Indonesian I’m a mom of 1 kid Myhusband is Taiwanese We living in Taiwan now ~I love To learn About How to make any Cake,Cookies& Dessert& I will share the video on mychannel ~Please subscribe mychannel to support me. Thank you!
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prova cake and pastry

plz amar channel subscriber korben #cakedesign #provacakeandpastry #chocolatecakedecoration #cakehouse #cakerecipe #cake #cakestyle #subscribe #cakemaking #viral #cakestagram #video #vlog #views #viralshorts #foryou #fortnite
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