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Disney ¡Fan!

Welcome to Disney ¡Fan! Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on the notification bell to be the first person ever to watch the newest videos we post on our page! DISCLAIMER: Disney ¡Fan! and Its members are in no way assosicated with Disney. All multi-media, images, and other related content are copyright to the rightful owners. This page is made by supportive fans to share all of the latest from one fan to another. - Disney ¡Fan!
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Music promotion | Lyrics edits~ You might also know me as a 'clips' uploader but decided not to risk it. p͟r͟o͟g͟r͟a͟m͟s͟ u͟s͟e͟d͟: Sony Vegas Pro 14, Adobe After Effects 2019, & Audacity. ☆ pfp (fan-made) by suzukii Twitter: @suzursus ☆ banner (fan-made) by Yume Twitter: @Katsuri15 I do NOT make any money! All of my videos is fully demonetized and always will be! I only edit as a hobby! This channel is run by Kai-kun
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Last Updated5 months ago

Beluga Jr.

hello. im belugas son. I love you :') *Beluga does not have any official channels on YouTube besides this one. All other accounts are fan-made.
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  • 6 videos
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All New Bricks

The Lego world is a constant creative inspiration to everyone. It's Lego that allows us to innovate, create, and inspire. As an adult fan of Lego, I have made it my mission to let people know what they are investing in before they choose to invest in the most popular brick in the world.
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YUNG GARV fan page

Subscribe my channel Subscribe Gavin Magnus channel Go follow me on tik tok at gavinrockstar Go follow Gavin Magnus on tik tok at GavinMagnus Go follow Gavin Magnus on Instagram at gavinmagnus I love you guys so much Make sure you like my like my video I love you guys Gavin Magnus he subscribe to my channel I love gavin so much gavin comment on my video 5 time I been a gavin fan December 20 2019 I love cobra kai My favorite TV show I love stranger things is My favorite Tv show Oc 12 grade 2023 I love Dance 17 year old gavin following me on Instagram Go follow me on Instagram account at gavin.Rockstar I love gavin piper I support them so much Pavin forever I will be graduation high school next May 2023 Class of 2023 senior Year ❤️💜💙💝❣️💞❤️‍🔥💕💗🐐 ❤️❣️💙💗💕💕💞💝🐐
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Magic Boxx

* None of these images, music & video clips were created/owned by us. * This video is purely fan-made, if you (owners) want to remove this video, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY before doing anything. We will respectfully remove it
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  • 165 videos
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Zurik 23M

Hello. My name is Zurab (or Zurik, as you please) and I'm a Video Editor. I make fan-videos on tv shows/anime/movies and I hope that you will enjoy being here. I don't monetize my videos. All profits from the videos go to the copyright holders. The videos are made exclusively for creative purposes. I do not claim ownership of the content used on my channel.
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Siam Alam

Hello and welcome to my channel! The majority of this channel's content is about malware and cyber-security. I cover malware ranging from real-world to custom-made. In addition, you may have noticed a major series on my channel called "FMV," which stands for "Fan-Made Virus," which I began a long time ago and have grown over time. In that series, I primarily showcase the custom trojans created by viewers and friends. At the moment, I no longer accept any submissions from outsiders. Aside from that, I'm making anti-virus testing videos to determine the performance of different AVs in various situations and levels, which may help people decide which AV solution to use. I also do software reviews on occasion, because why not? Malware is classified into many types, such as trojan horses, worms, RATs, botnets, rootkits, ransomware, and many others. So I cover pretty much all of them and try to keep you guys up to date on current malware attacks and cyber-security incidents.
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Macam TV

Do you love movies and tv shows? Do you dream what it would be like if ROCKY VII was a thing? Or what if IRON MAN 4 trailer came out? If you are a fan of "realistic" fan made trailers, and you think they are more than just random clips put together, but a form of art to show a unique story, then you are in the right place! I am 24 years old guy, just like you who grew up loving movies/tv shows. My goal is to share with you my concept and hopes to inspire you too. I put passion into my videos, making sure they are as realistic as possible, whether I'm a fan of the franchise or not, so that when you view it, your not just watching, you are experiencing it. I try my best to make content for every movie franchise as possible so that everyone is welcome to join the community of dreamers! Subscribe if this is you!!
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  • 399 videos
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Welcome to MyFroggyStuff! Home of Dolls, Art , Miniature Crafting and the Doll Drama Sommer and Cali. This channel and most of its videos are made for a General Audience and not “directed to children” within the meaning of Title 16 C.F.R. §312.2, and are not intended specifically for children under 13 years of age. MyFroggyStuff and its owner(s), agents, representatives and employees (collectively referred to as “Channel”) does not collect any information from children under 13 years of age and expressly denies permission to any third-party seeking to collect information from children under 13 years of age on behalf of Channel. Further, Channel denies any and all liability or responsibility for the practices and policies of Youtube and its agents and subsidiaries, or any other affiliated third-party, regarding data collection. SEND US YOUR FABSOME FAN MAIL: My Froggy Stuff Digital Media LLC, PO BOX 34, Powder Springs GA 30127
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Sr. Jester

Welcome to "Sr. Jester" Channel! Basically this is a fan channel (not air conditioner) (jk) I'm making fan made edits, animations, music, and any sort of entertainment/info about your favorite shows/movies/youtube videos and etc. my main fan content used to be about "among us logic" series by gametoons channel. now it's about "the cuphead show" series. but sometimes i make fan made content about other stuff. my main goal is to transform my channel from fan made content to original animation and music videos. I love to connect to my viewers by playing with them in livestreams, showing my work while streaming, making fan collaborations. Sometimes I make useful videos like tutorials, green screens, sound effects. Q: What I use to make my videos? A: Premiere pro, adobe animate, photoshop, after effects, fl studio 12, ms paint (for faster and simpler results) Here is my explanation of how I managed to gain my success on yt -
  • 117K subscribers,
  • 370 videos
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Mustard Plays

Welcome to Mustard Plays! If you love Fortnite, then this is the place for you! If you love Fortntie Creative mode, then you'll be even happier! You'll see a lot of Fortnite, I created and play the best fan made maps around. You'll have fun, feel good, and love the content you see here. Subscribe to the channel and follow me on twitter, that's where I'm most active. (See links below)
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Leo Koutakis

Hey! my name is Leo and I'm creating cartoon parodies for six years now! I just want to make people laugh, enjoy! Big Hero 6 , Frozen and Other fan-made Animation Parodies software used in this channel: i'm using Gimp for my Drawings, Vegas Pro for editing and Animation, Blender for 3D animation sound effects & Youtube Music Library there is a lot of Sponge-bob, American dad, Robot Chicken and Family guy references here ^_^ have fun ^_^
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Toy Pals TV

Educational entertainment focusing on LEARNING ABOUT Dinosaurs, Sharks, Godzilla, Kaiju, Jurassic World and other cool COLLECTIBLE stuff. Many of our videos are made for ages 13+ and include rare and expensive collectible figures that are not toys. We strive to deliver good messages to children and adults in our videos and believe in treating people as we would like to be treated. Therefore, we've been preaching for YEARS - DON'T BE A BULLY - Because Nobody likes a Bully. Be a good person. Ask your parents permission to help send Fan Art Mail if you are under 18. NEW FAN ART MAIL ADDRESS: Toy Pals TV 101 Marketside Ave Suite 404-284 Ponte Vedra FL 32081 Thank you!! Mr. Rich
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  • 620 videos
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Hey!!! Movie Lovers...FilMonger provides you funny movie bloopers, behind the scenes, cast funny moments, interview, fan-made trailers, movie predictions, Marvel and DC funny moments and new movie updates. If you like movies a lot, then FilMonger is the right place for you. What are you waiting for? Hit the SUBSCRIBE button to access unlimited fun. FilMonger is one place on the YouTube you won't regret to SUBSCRIBE. Thank you. Visit: to know more information.
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Welcome to AD_Edits and the AD_Empire!! I am a 25 year old Professional Film Editor! Currently working on features, documentaries, and even some Fan Made projects such as Bucketheads! - This Channel will feature Fan-Made Trailers, Tributes, and maybe even some Trailer Breakdowns and Livestreams! Any suggestions or requests feel free to leave a comment in any of my videos! CLICK JOIN button for me to make an edit you want to see as well as to see MEMBER-ONLY content!
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Random Encounters

☢ WARNING! ☢ Video Game Musicals are not for everyone. But they should be. ♫ Interested in animating or covering one of our songs? Read this first! ★RANDOM ENCOUNTERS MERCH.& MORE★ ♡♡ Chat on the official RE DISCORD at ♡♡ ✉ SEND US MAIL! ✉ Random Encounters PO Box 900003 Palmdale, CA 93590 UPCOMING CONVENTIONS: ✈ VIDCON - June 22nd-25th (Anaheim, CA) OTHER QUESTIONS? ➥ Don't worry, we've got 'em, too. Check out this awesome FAQ, created by and for RE fans:
  • 4.1M subscribers,
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LIONECK ALL - Top 10 Most

Hey guys, We just want briefly introduce ourself and tell you all what this channel is about and what is our goal. So obviously our goal is to make this channel as entertaining as we can. we love animation and everything related to it so it's kinda our passion to make this type of video. And by saying this type of video we meant providing content About Top 10 comparison of animation, also, Animation Topic like Pokemon, Superheroes and adding interesting facts about them. Or create something new about these animations that we think would be fun for hardcore anime fans like us. we don't reuse any content of original animation without fair use, we try to do commentary or sketches. ALL CONTENT IN THIS CHANNEL IS MADE AND EDITED BY US USING ADOBE AFTER EFFECT AND THERE IS (NO REUSED CONTENT) TOOL FOR MAKING OUR VIDEOS Google Chrome For Research Photoshop for making Templates Adobe After Effect 2020 For Editing the videos Wondershare Filmora For Implement The audio And Export It
  • 323 videos
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A fan-made reboot of The Filthy Frank Show. Simply paying homage to and continuing the lore in a way I think would be interesting or funny, enjoy. All original characters created by Joji.
  • 345K subscribers,
  • 46 videos
Last Updated2 months ago

D-Block & S-te-Fan (DBSTF)

Official D-Block & S-te-Fan YouTube Channel.
  • 257K subscribers,
  • 197 videos
Last Updateda month ago