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Elton John

Elton’s career achievements to date are unsurpassed in their breadth and longevity. Elton is one of the top-selling solo artists of all time, with 1 diamond, 40 platinum or multi-platinum, and 23 gold albums, over 50 Top 40 hits, and he has sold more than 300 million records worldwide. Elton announced the ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ tour in January 2018. Encompassing 5 continents, and over 350 dates, this 3-year-long tour started in September 2018 and marks his retirement from touring after more than 50 years on the road. 2019 also saw the release of ‘Rocketman’ and global bestselling autobiography, ‘ME’. An epic fantasy musical motion picture of Elton’s life, 'Rocketman' has been a commercial and critical hit. It has won an Oscar, two Golden Globe Awards and a Critics’ Choice Award and garnered BAFTA nominations.
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Elton's Stuff Productions

Hey! Hey! Hey! This is my youtube channel where I will be uploading my animations and stuff that I do for fun, feel free to subscribe you may never know when you find something you like
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OVERNIGHT is the newest channel from your friends at TFIL! After 5 years of creating content in the paranormal realm at some of the most well known locations around the world, we've created this channel to fully dedicate it to all things that live in the night. We promise to make every video the absolute best quality it can be, paired with information resources, experts and amazing locations. New videos every Thursday & Sunday! =)
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Baby Lamb Creations

Salutations and welcome to my universe of randomness, filled with many different kinds of crazy, creative, surreal, and random videos made with lots of love and inspiration. Here you can find: Random remakes Minecraft videos Musical mashups Dank memes Shitposts Piano covers Singing videos, and so much more! Check out my many different animated videos as well as the YouTube web series "Baby Lamb & Friends" (which has a 2019 film, "Baby Lamb & Friends: The Movie", also available to watch). All my videos are made with iMovie, and they're all made with time, effort, passion, and dedication. Enjoy, and don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and become part of The Lamb Fam for more random content that has yet to come! Have fun! =) NOTE: Any harassing or bullying comments will be deleted and trolls or toxic people will be permanently blocked.
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TFIL is a group of friends traveling the world in search of once in a lifetime experiences & doing their best to help those in need along the way. We've gone on to accomplish 237 of 1,000 things on our list while visiting 6 continents & 15 countries. TFIL is now a 11x Guinness World Record title holding channel that has helped raised over $500,000 for various charities.
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band based out of texas made up of colin padalecki, forrest frank, and alexa padalecki.
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Jonathan Sugarfoot Moffett

Jonathan Moffett, who goes by the stage name, “Sugarfoot”, is a legendary drummer, songwriter and producer from New Orleans, Louisiana. Since 1979, he has collaborated with the Jackson family, particularly Michael Jackson, over the course of 30 years. He has worked with other notable artists and producers such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, George Michael, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Cameo, Quincy Jones & countless others! ►Please SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL! :) 👉Bitcoin: 3PEJfQ25EbAofqCK88kHMtbRv764M3N8RY 👉Eth: 0x0e9fafe93c7b7319e2926962f5b281f35d984e06 👉Cash App: $JMsugarfoot
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Demi Lovato

Dancing With The Devil The Art Of Starting Over 🦋 Album out now Listen & Subscribe to my new podcast, 4D With Demi Lovato:
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Heath Hussar

Welcome to my channel!! I film my life with my girlfriend Mariah and my best friends! For business inquiries contact
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Elton Jhon, 21, São Paulo - SP | Influenciador e Streamer da @loudgg | ✉️
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Elton Ferrer - Point Dance

Te Ajudo a Sair do Zero e Adquirir a Confiança de Convidar Qualquer Pessoa Para Uma Dança ________________________ 🚀 Empreendedor da Dança 🚶 Dançarino 📹 YouTuber 💻 Blogueiro Auto de 2 Ebooks Neste canal você encontra diversos tipos de conteúdos relacionados a como dançar sertanejo, como dançar forró, como dançar vanera, pagode etc. Não importa se você nunca dançou ou se considera ser alguém super desengonçado, quero te mostrar como dançar e como se transformar através da dança, evoluindo fisicamente e emocionalmente. Conheça mais sobre nossos treinamentos presenciais e online⬇️
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J7 Music

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  • 245 videos
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Future Motos

Escola de Mecânica de Motos.
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Lil Nas X

ayeee lmao
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O Corpo Explica

O Corpo Explica é um método que se fundamenta na combinação de vários conhecimentos científicos, expandindo-os, com uma grande parcela de reconhecimento para as descobertas de Reich. Aqui nós falamos sobre comportamento humano e esclarecemos tudo sobre como o formato do seu corpo explica que tipo de mente você tem e revela as verdades por trás de qualquer problema que você esteja enfrentando. E isso através da análise corporal - uma vez que o corpo é o reflexo visível da mente (invisível). Para tanto, nós desenvolvemos ferramentas eficazes para medir a quantidade de cada traço de caráter na mente e no corpo de uma pessoa, e dar a ela o controle sobre cada um deles: o Mapa dos Caracteres e A Chave Mestra. Um método científico poderoso que, de maneira simples e direta, veio para transformar a vida das pessoas e tornar as relações mais leves, fluidas, alegres e respeitosas.
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  • 215 videos
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Ihr findet mich auch bei tiktok...@elton200561 oder bei instagram bastikhst..heiss ich da
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Avett Ray

My name is Avett! I'm a musician and I singer. For inquiries contact Playing music is my favorite thing to do! I hope you love my videos.
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  • 100 videos
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Grato a Deus por ter transformado minha vida s2 Canal free fire notícias Vídeo insanos de 4x4 Aqui tem diversão e muita bala 😂🗡🔫⚔ (FREEFIRE)
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Somos Paisanos!
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Elton Rey Cantautor Católico

Elton Rey cantautor catolico peruano , alabando al señor con toditita el alma , con ritmos latinos
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