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Hello! My names Ross O'Donovan, I'm an animator, voice actor and artist. You might know me from my time on the channel 'Game Grumps'. Here I'm creating animated content, tutorials and my series 'Social Monsters'.

  • 588K Subs.,
  • 33 videos

The Grumps

Welcome friends and lovelies to a live action comedy channel starring a pair of friends for life: Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan! Together, this duo is... THE GRUMPS. (Disclaimer: Arin is grumpier. Dan? Not so grump.) These guys are mostly used to goofing off in a dark room while playing video games, so we're putting them on camera and going outside more to help with the Vitamin D deficiency. If you enjoy their jokes and bits, subscribe!

  • 926K Subs.,
  • 74 videos


Game Grumps: Dan and Arin playin' games. Episodes now LONGER and GIRTHIER. We've changed the format up a bit and increased the length of gameplay episodes!! Gameplay episodes will be 30-60 mins now! THAT'S REAL LONG AND REAL GOOD!! Here's the NEWEST Upload Schedule (times are Pacific): Mon: 2PM 10 Minute Power Hour on The Grumps Tues: 10AM Let's Play Weds: 10AM Let's Play / 2PM GG Animated Thurs: 12PM Good Content on The Grumps Fri: 2PM Compilation Sat: 10AM Let's Play Sun: 10AM Let's Play Send us stuff! Our NEW P.O. Box: Game Grumps PO Box 1271 Glendale, CA 91209 For business inquiries: grumpbiz@gmail.com LIVE CHAT RULES: 1) No spamming, excessive caps/emotes, spoilers, sexism, racism, homophobia, or harassment 2) No revealing personal information 3) No links, advertising, promotion of other channels 4) Keep conversation relevant to the stream or premiere

  • 5.2M Subs.,
  • 3.3K videos

The Completionist

Jirard Khalil is not just another social media influencer. He's The Completionist. Jirard doesn't simply beat a game, but completes it, and has been doing so every week for the last 8 years. Through his cultivated skills as both a theater and film major, Jirard produces premium content using cherished classics or brand-new games. Join Jirard as he shares his journey of completing and celebrating hundreds of video games. Want to send us something slick? The Completionist® PO BOX 3249 Torrance, CA 90510 The Team: Executive Producer- Jacque Khalil Executive Producer- Frazier Perez-Yadon Creative Director- Michael Barryte Lead Editor - Patrick Stenglein Editor - Bradley Shapiro SVKK95

  • 1.3M Subs.,
  • 451 videos

Game Grumps Compilations

GGC is dedicated to my favorite LP of all time: Game Grumps! This is the UNOFFICIAL compilation channel for Game Grumps. We also have a Sunday night stream where we watch old compilations together, live at https://www.twitch.tv/gamegrumpscompilations. GGC Discord: https://discord.gg/NhbaKwx Twitter - @masterpeanutz Instagram - @peter_bierma ***This is an UNOFFICIAL compilation fan channel featuring best moments from two of my fave people on the planet: Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson. About me: I'm just another fellow Lovely like yourself, and I created this channel because between my autism and depression, life can feel a little heavy sometimes... but Game Grumps is a bright spot every single day. Hope they do the same for you too! =)

  • 190K Subs.,
  • 118 videos

El Cid

Other places to find Rodrigo: http://www.facebook.com/StingingFoam https://twitter.com/#!/ElCid_Tweets http://www.patreon.com/El_Cid

  • 214K Subs.,
  • 80 videos


Welcome to the Grumps: The Movie channel. A Game Grumps and JonTron fanmade channel, that means I'm an unofficial channel like GameGrumpsMoments, lol. Call me Klassicman or just GTM. I make Game Grumps and JonTronShow compilations and clips for the Lovelies and JonTron Grommets. Right now I also have 2 other channels that I started running: Klassicmode, where I do Smash Bros. related posts, like me acting out as the characters and mostly compilations of course, until I get myself Smash Ultimate. And Patter/ConnerWaffle Compilations, where I compile vids and make clips of Peter Knetter and ConnerTheWaffle, just like this channel heh. So head over the Burgie Theater Box Office and get yourself a ticket (subscribe) to enjoy some Grumps: The Movie....movies? The compilations I guess. You can follow me on Twitter: KlassicManS and on my Reddit u/GrumpsTheMovie (wait who follows people on Reddit these days?)

  • 25K Subs.,
  • 264 videos

One Dream Studios

Inspired by Disney and Pixar ONE DREAM STUDIOS is the hottest new animation and film studio to come out of Sacramento California! THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US TO 2 MILLION VIEWS! Here are some related topics you will find on this page! Angry Birds, Disney, Pokemon, Animation, Cartoons, Smosh, FreddieW Smodcast, Maker Studio Pokemon X and Y AND MORE!

  • 8.1K Subs.,
  • 141 videos


►MY ONLY BUISNESS EMAIL IS LISTED BELOW, ANY OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS USED IS NOT ME. ►Join KittyKatGaming! - http://bit.ly/1KNWCSO ►Join Mortem3r! - http://bit.ly/1iN8d2C ►SEND ME MAIL! --------------------------------- MORTEM3R P O BOX 1271 Glendale Ca 91209 USA ►My Instagram - http://instagram.com/mortemer ►My Etsy (Where I sell my Taxidermy bugs and such) - https://www.etsy.com/shop/PsychicCircle ►Other youtube channel- http://bit.ly/1iN8d2C ►Channel art by starpyrate - https://twitter.com/starpyrate ►Edited by Super Mega

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  • 1.1K videos


One nerd, with one dream, and no life, changes YouTube forever with his epic Video Game Music Videos! Now all he has to do is get a life!

  • 26K Subs.,
  • 309 videos