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Dungeons & Dragons

The World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game. Official Dungeons & Dragons channel, created by Wizards of the Coast.
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Taking20 is a channel dedicated to role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder and more. Here you will find dungeon master advice, player advice, roll20 tutorials and more. I love role-playing games, and enjoy sharing what I've learned with others to help them become better game masters and roleplayers. Whether you just are starting to learn how to play D&D, or you've been running tabletop games for years-- I hope to share my love for RPGs with you. I'll even have some of my friends pop by from time to time like DawnforgedCast, Nerdarchy, Black Magic Craft & DMG from TheDMGInfo / 7dSystem. So if you love role-playing games as much as I do-- subscribe. Thanks, Cody Taking20
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I do videos about Dungeons and Dragons! That's basically it. Business Only Email ► MrRhexxGames@gmail.com
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Hello, I am CritCrab. On this channel I retell the best TRPG and Dungeons and Dragons stories the internet has to offer. SUBMIT STORIES AT CritCrabSubmissions@gmail.com BUSINESS INQUIRIES AT CritCrab@gmail.com Please do not reach out for sponsorship or MCN offers.
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Dragon City Fan

Dragon City Fan is a channel provides information of the facebook & mobile game ... !! Dragon City: Game news & update, Monster skills & stats, Breeding calculator & breeding guide for legendary and other monsters, Guides of adventure map, dungeons challenge, habitats, temples, food, gold farming, ... (Check them in the menu bar on the top) Website to Play the Game: https://apps.facebook.com/dragoncity Enjoy the game & become the advanced Dragon City player in here! :)
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BuzzFeed Multiplayer

Home for all things gaming, cosplay, real-life recreations, real professionals playing games, challenges, and more! If this sounds like the stuff you’re into then please subscribe today! Love BuzzFeed Multiplayer? Get the merch! BUY NOW: https://bzfd.it/shopmultiplayeryoutube Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/multiplayerBF Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buzzfeedmultiplayer/
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The Cantrip Cast

Welcome to The Cantrip Cast! Join us on our shenanigans full of nerd culture, Dungeons and Dragons and much more!
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Ginny Di

I'm Ginny Di: Singer, YouTuber, cosplayer, tabletop gaming nerd! On this channel, you'll find advice for D&D players and DMs, character-building tools for creatives, music videos, comedy shorts, and more. For sponsorship inquiries, contact GinnyDi@ellify.com.
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My name is Andy, and I make music about video games, cartoons, and other stuff! I also do original songs, covers, and let's plays! DAW: Cubase Artist 8 by Steinberg Gear: Martin acoustic guitars, Gibson electric guitars, Fender electric basses, Elvenwood mandolin, Addictive Drums 2 by XLN Audio, LASS by AudioBro, FM8 & MASSIVE, Kontakt 5, Line6 POD HD, Yamaha Audiogram6 audio interface, Marshall MXL 4000 microphone
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All Things DnD

This is the official YouTube channel of All Things DnD which is dedicated towards entertaining you by sharing content related to Dungeons & Dragons on a regular basis. We will try our best to cover as many tutorials as we can alongside sharing some funny animated stories to ensure your amazing smile never fades away. Thanks for subscribing to our channel. We promise to forever entertain you with our amazing content.
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Critical Role

What started as a home roleplaying game in 2012 has evolved into a bit of a phenomenon. In October 2021, Critical Role began its third campaign, crafted by Game Master Matthew Mercer and fellow accomplished voice actors Taleisin Jaffe, Laura Bailey, Sam Riegel, Marisha Ray, Ashley Johnson, Travis Willingham, and Liam O’Brien. On our YouTube channel, you will find new content created with love by the Critical Role team, including the ongoing Campaign 3 adventures of Bells Hells. If you’re looking for the tales of Vox Machina (Campaign 1), the Mighty Nein (Campaign 2), and our other adventures through Exandria (Exandria Unlimited) you can find them all on our YouTube homepage playlists. Catch Critical Role live on Thursdays at 7pm Pacific at twitch.tv/criticalrole and youtube.com/criticalrole. Check out our weekly programming schedule Mondays at 10am Pacific on critrole.com.
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D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond is the official digital toolset and game companion for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Here on YouTube you will find exclusive interviews with the creators of Dungeons and Dragons about new and upcoming books, conversations with beloved D&D players, dungeon masters and storytellers, as well as VOD content directly from our livestreams!
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What's up guys? It's Cami-Cat! I am an independent content creator, primarily known for my Dungeons and Dragons Inspired original songs and parodies. I've been inspired by the stories I create with the Dungeon Masters of campaigns I am a part of as well as stories of other characters I've been inspired by. Unless I state in the video otherwise I also create most of the art for my videos. Check out my Patreon to see more exclusive content including early releases of my videos and songs!
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Seth Skorkowsky

Author. Game Master. Lover of nerdly things. 2019 Gold ENnie Award winner for Best Online Content. I mostly talk about Tabletop RPGs. My sidekick is Jack the NPC. REVIEW POLICY: I don't review a game until I've personally played it. I won't play it unless I believe it'll be a good fit for my players and I. In short - I review what we play, and we play what we enjoy. I do not do "sponsored reviews" (i.e. paid infomercials pretending to be reviews). Sending me a free product in no way guarantees a positive review, or even a review at all. If I read it and don't think it's a good fit for my players and I, I'm not going to waste our time playing something we won't enjoy. Or it might not fit into our play schedule or current campaign. Sending me an unsolicited item through DriveThru RPG is 100% guaranteed that I won't download it. If you wish to request a review, pitch it. Sell me on why I want to play it. 90% of Review Requests I receive fail to say what the game/adventure even is.
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Dungeons and Dragons Lore! Forgotten Realms History! D&D Mythology and more! Come explore the world of D&D! Using my homemade Fantasy degree I delve into the fantasy history and lore of various Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Settings. Exploring major events, cities, and mythology. From the Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Dark Sun, Planescape, Mystara, and more~ Major Villains, Monsters, and Heroes! Be inspired to run a game in these amazing worlds. DnD 5e, Tabletop RPG Worlds, D&D Monsters, Campaign Settings for Dungeons & Dragons, Older D&D, AD&D
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Chilluminati Podcast and video games here baby. #Chilluminati #Chilluminatpodcast #Mathas E-mail: mathasgames[at]gmail.com Twitters - http://www.twitter.com/mathasgames http://www.twitter.com/DeanCutsforth If you are a viewer who has a question, please don't e-mail me! Follow me and Dean on twitter, it makes life much easier for all of us! @mathasgames @deancutsforth.
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Greetings friends! Welcome to my side of the internet, where is post whatever I feel like at the time! Currently posting Binding of Isaac daily videos and more.
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XP to Level 3

Here be dumb videos about TTRPG's (mostly D&D)
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Lost Pause 2

This is my secondary channel in case anything happens to my main. I'll post some videos on here occasionally if it's something fun but not fitting for my main channel. My main: www.youtube.com/user/LostPause
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Matthew Colville

MCDM presents: Running The Game. My name's Matt Colville, I'm a writer and designer in video games and this is my channel where we talk about nerd stuff! Mostly learning how to be a Dungeon Master, my weekly game (stream archive) and occasionally movies. Twitter: @mattcolville Twitch: www.twitch.tv/mcdm Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/mattcolville/
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