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Living Ichigo

Hey everyone. I'll be posting my game plays on here as well as funny live action stuff featuring content that includes cosplay stuff. Also anything Dragon Ball Z related stuff I love to make videos on.
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Salut les amis c'est Yekais ! Je me présente ! Je suis un grand fan de Dragon Ball/Z/GT/SUPER ! Sur cette chaîne vous y verrez principalement du DBZ DOKKAN BATTLE & DRAGON BALL LEGENDS. (Jeu Mobile) 🐲 Je fais également des Unboxing sur les cartes Dragon Ball Super/Dragon Ball Heroes 🎁 On partagera lors de mes vidéos & lives ma passion et ma bonne humeur 🔥 🎮 VIENS KIFFER : https://twitch.tv/yekais ⭐ MES RÉSEAUX SOCIAUX : https://linktr.ee/yekais 📧 CONTACT PRO : pro.yekais@gmail.com
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Jhkuno 89

Este canal estará dedicado en su mayoría a Dragon Ball, sobretodo al videojuego Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 ALGUNOS DIAS HABRA 2 VIDEOS :D ASI QUE ESTAR PENDIENTES DEL CANAL, SI TE GUSTA DRAGON BALL Z BUDOKAI TENKAICHI 3, YA SEA LA VERSION NORMAL O CON MODS, ESTE CANAL TE GUSTARA O ESO ESPERO!!! Acuérdate de apoyar al canal suscribiéndote, dándole a like y compartiendo los videos con tus amigos. EQUIPO ACTUAL. PC DE SOBREMESA --- Ryzen 7 2700, Gtx 1650, 16 gb de ram a 2666 mhz PORTATIL - LAPTOP --- Ryzen 5 2500u, Vega 8, 8 gb de ram a 2400 mhz Besos y abrazos
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Yaro G

Hey guys, welcome to my channel! This is Yaro G. What does the G stand for? It stands for: Go and subscribe. In this channel, I do Dragon Ball content, mainly mobile games of Dragon Ball Content such as Dokkan Battle and Legends. I branch out creatively on occasion with my Tier List and Cursed Images series, which deals a big blow to my spirit because it takes a good full day of editing to make. But anyway, you probably haven't read this whole thing, so to sum it up, I'm making this to sound like I'm a professional but actually I'm just some lonely namekian who got evicted.
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FitzAdri Youtubeur/streamer Jeux/Anime/Manga / Contenu principal : DRAGON BALL Z/ DragonBallZ DBZ : Dokkan Battle/DokkanBattle / Dragon Ball Legends / Saint Seiya Awakening - Invocation Contact : pro.fitzadri@gmail.com Main jeux mobiles. Je joue à mes jeux mobiles sur PC grâce à l'émulateur LDPlayer : https://fr.ldplayer.net?n=15994251#utm_source=aff&utm_medium=aff&utm_campaign=aff15994251 Code Epic : CCSBSC
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59 Mobile

59 Mobile is a channel where you can get the latest information, gameplay and more on the hottest mobile games! 59 Gaming™ is a team of like-minded individuals with one primary objective in mind: to share our love of gaming with the world!
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Pai Também Joga

Bem vindos ao canal PAI TAMBÉM JOGA! Inscreva-se e ative o sino de notificações para não perder nenhum vídeo! Vídeo diários sobre Fortnite!
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MugenMundo ©

Fala Galera, MugenMundo aqui, e venho apresentar meu canal de jogos Mugen e chars de animes e conteúdo geek! Temos: dbz mugen, mugen dbz, my hero academia, one piece android mugen, jump force mugen v7, jump force dark night, mugen android, Saint seiya, dbz game, hyper dragon ball z, dragon ball z, dragon ball gt, jogos completos, game completo mugen, chars ultra instinct, dbz merus, goku mastered, goku super saiyan, chars dbz, stages mugen, boruto, naruto game android, goku, jogos 2d ,tokyo ghoul mugen, download chars ,cdz mugen, jumpforce, dragon ball heroes mugen, android mugen, stick fighters, z champions. Configurações do PC: AMD RYZEN 3, VEGA 8, 8GB Se inscrevam, ativem o sininho e sejam bem vindos ao nosso mundo, O MUNDO DO MUGEN! Propostas comerciais, divulgações e mais, basta me mandar um E-mail, o link está abaixo! NOVO CANAL DE GAMES NOSSO, SE INSCREVA LÁ https://www.youtube.com/PortadosMundosdosGames/
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Welcome to the ClashX YouTube channel! Here you can find videos on the mobile games DBZ Dokkan Battle & DB Legends!
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Gundam G

I'm from Hong Kong and I make stop motion 本人來自香港,喜歡製作定格動畫,請多多支持!!!
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Bonjour à tous , Si tu cherches des vidéos sur les mangas et plus particulièrement sur l'univers de DRAGON BALL , tu es ici chez toi ! ( DB LEGENDS , DOKKAN BATTLE , DBZ , DBS , NARUTO , ONE PIECE ... )
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Je veux juste faire passer des bons moments aux gens. Contact pro : Sohoven.pro@gmail.com
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If you like Dragon Ball, you'll probably like this channel. No promises though. Business offers and enquires: madmakerbusiness@gmail.com
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Casual Content Creator, who likes Anime, Movies, TV, and Sports... This channel is designed for viewers over the age of 13, rated for Teens + Dragonball Z: Dokkan Battle Global and JP Versions (Global Main) Love all things Dragonball, along with movies, music, sports, and food! - Come Hang Out and Dokkan! Other games include: Dragonball Legends, SDS: Grand Cross, Lost Ark, Diablo, Genshin Impact Also come see me live: https://www.twitch.tv/havohei #DokkanBattle #DragonBallZ Started Uploading Dec 25, 2016 🎄
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Welcome to the channel! Here at Dayashathirsts, Julieroxhard and I work to entertain you! We take your recommendations and react to them. Whether it be something one of us has seen (never both) or something totally new past or present! We are here to entertain! We hope you enjoy the videos! Why am I here? I used to do this for fun. Then I lost my passion. My conversations with Etika and his passing had an effect on me and my goals. Now I'm here. Im back to make something more of myself. I want to entertain. RIP Bro. We try our hardest to entertain even when talking about serious topics. Whether be laughter or just having you glued to the computer or mobile device. I hope you enjoy your stay here. And if you do, subscribe maybe check out my twitch and follow our social media. Don't forget to hit the bell for notifications. You can be anywhere in the world, but you're here with me. ~Dayasha
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i Febag

ALCUNE TIPOLOGIE DI GIOCHI PORTATI NEL CANALE: Minecraft ITA , Pixelmon GX , What The Hen , Cats The Game , The Battle Cats , Dragon Ball Legends , Jurassic World Evolution ITA , Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle , Bloons TD Battles , SUPER CATS. DESCRIZIONE: Siamo 5 ragazzi con molti hobby, passioni e passatempi diversi. Ma una cosa che ci accomuna è la passione per i giochi e videogiochi di ogni genere! E vorremmo condividere con voi le nostre esperienze, per farvi vivere un po della vita quotidiana di un piccolo gruppo di nabbi. CONTATTI: FebagTeam@gmail.com PAGINA Facebook UFFICIALE: iFebag PROGRAMMI CON CUI REGISTRIAMO & RENDERIZZIAMO: Registrazione : OBS Studio Rendering : Adobe Premiere
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Mobile games.
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Spartanic ArtzDxD

Business Email: spartanicartzdxd@gmail.com ++++++++++++++++ My Favorite game is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!! ++++++++++++++++ My Favorite Anime Is Highschool DxD im hoping its gonna get a season 5 right now! ++++++++++++++++ On This channel i will make Highschool DxD, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z videos hopefully you will enjoy. ++++++++++++++++ Here’s My Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/DxArtz
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Yosh, c'est Daimao! Bienvenue sur ma chaîne youtube consacrée au gaming et à l'univers de Dragon Ball en particulier mais pas que! Tu trouveras beaucoup de gameplay sur Dokkan Battle et Dragon Ball Legends, des invocations, des guides et bien plus encore. Aussi, des review sur Dragon Ball Super et sur l'actualité DBZ. Si tu aimes Dragon Ball, les mangas et le gaming, rejoins la famille! daimao.pro@gmail.com
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