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Danny Gonzalez

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The entertainer of the people. Sorry, people. Heyo, Vinny (Melvin) Hix here!! I'm a creative mind trying to entertain, inspire, tell stories, and overall leave a good impact on all who encounter me. Hopefully, my content of anything, everything, and absolutely nothing will put a smile on your face and make your day a little bit better. I'm just trying to be the best me I can be, and I hope you can do the same for yourself! Let's chase our dreams together! Consider subscribing with the notification bell on to get FREE content from this channel, it’s free to subscribe and it really helps me out!... or don't. Life is yours to choose after all. :D Have A Day, Vinny M. Hix
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Good Bad or Bad Bad

"Good Bad or Bad Bad" is a movie review show where we watch the most godawful movies we can find and laugh about them. Then we decide if they are Good Bad or just plain Bad Bad.
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I started a reaction YouTube channel in the hopes of being exposed to new music. I have been stuck in the bubble of popular rap, hip-hop, r&b, and trap music, and I am looking to expand my music library. Please join me through this journey!
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You can call me mel<3 She/her Hard-core earthling crybaby<3 Green brown nature colors>>>> Music>> commentary>>> both me and brother t1d!<3 Youtube channels I love- @penguinz0 <3 @debsmikle <3 @Kallemekris<3 @oompaville <3 @jarvisjohnson <3 @dannygonzalez <3 @aphrexy<3 @chadchad<3 @filmcooper Music artists I love<3- Melanie martinez- Billie eilish- Baby bugs- Laufey- Kailee mourge- Things I love to do: Roller skating- Making mac & cheese Being a aunt to my adorable little nephews<33 Hanging out with my friends Crocheting Drawing /painting Taking photos Pets- Bob- 3 yr oldrabbit Yoshi - 8 mo old kitten Friends channels<3 @Pancake the dog @aphrexy Ignore my old cringe videos..esp fidget ones. Pet peeves- Loud chewing- Talking over others- Making fun of people's looks- Favorite songs- Tunnel vision. -Melanie martinez Listen before I go. -Billie eilish Siren. -Kailee mourge Nymphology-Melanie martinez hope u like my channel<3 ♡ thanks!<3
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A psychology enthusiast with a questionable sense of humor making ̶M̶y̶S̶p̶a̶c̶e̶ YouTube videos DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert on psychology. My videos are for entertainment purposes. I will never claim to be a professional and I do not want anyone to think of me as such.
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