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Nas Daily

My name is Nuseir Yassin. Nas means people in Arabic. My mission? To show you the most incredible humans on planet Earth. My company? It's called Nas Academy - it's a website that turns Creators into Educators. I wear the same T-shirt design because it reminds me to treasure life. And I always scream when I make videos. Hope that's cool. That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow! ;)
  • 4.9M subscribers,
  • 683 videos
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Daily Bumps

The Lanning family has been making videos on YouTube for over 8 years. Vlogging their family, travels, and fun along the way. Business Inquries:
  • 5M subscribers,
  • 2.4K videos
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True Crime Daily

True Crime Daily delivers in-depth true crime sagas showcasing the very best of crime journalism. From unsolved murders to compelling mysteries, undercover investigations and shocking crimes caught on camera, TCD brings stories from across America to national attention. “True Crime Daily The Podcast” host Ana Garcia goes in-depth on some of the week’s biggest true crime stories, as well as the cases you might have missed. Ana is joined by crime experts, police officers, defense attorneys, and other leading authorities in their fields.
  • 4.6M subscribers,
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Daily Dose Of Internet

Welcome to your Daily Dose of Internet where I search for the best trending videos, or videos people have forgotten about, and put them all in one video. I upload 2-3 times a week to keep video quality high. I always ask for permission to share videos that I find! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If YOU film a video and think it is good enough to be featured on Daily Dose Of Internet, you can submit videos to me using the link below. Only send in videos that you personally filmed. If you are not 18, you can have a parent or guardian sign for you. ------------------------------------ Business Inquires: Hit me up on my social media. I can't give out email due to spam. ------------------------------------
  • 12.6M subscribers,
  • 304 videos
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Daily Caller is a news website that cuts through the liberal bias of the mainstream media and brings you the unadulterated truth. If you want to hear the scoop that they're afraid to utter on the over censored, corporatized cable news, tune into
  • 206K subscribers,
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Machine Daily

Tks For Watching
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  • 371 videos
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Daily Stoic | Stoicism for everyday life. Visit us today and sign up for our free 7-Day Course on Stoicism, packed with the best Stoic exercises, best books on Stoicism, and much much more! Sign up now:
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  • 245 videos
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Daily Life49

Welcome channel Daily life49.. It is an Art and craft channel. hear you learn all types Art and crafting.. Science video and more. ) : Enjoy video with me please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE My channel if you like my videos..........Thank you joined 4/6/2017
  • 221K subscribers,
  • 551 videos
Last Updated12 days ago

Daily Dhaka

Welcome To The Our Official YouTube Channel "Daily Dhaka". This Channel Brings You Everyday Survival Vlog Update. To Get Our Every Survival Vlog Update Please Subscribe Our Channel & Press The Bell Icon To Never Miss Any Update.
  • 612K subscribers,
  • 438 videos
Last Updated10 days ago

Daily Tv

Welcome to Daily Tv ! We will show you about real life, daily life in countryside, new thing, amazing Creative idea . Please subscribe for new video more . we will try to find new video for upload everyday ........ Thank for your watching and support our channel !
  • 981K subscribers,
  • 97 videos
Last Updated21 days ago

Altcoin Daily

Follow Altcoin Daily for DAILY videos on news, market analysis, education, perspective, and opinion. We are HUGE Bitcoin fundamentalists and take a "free market" approach to the greater cryptocurrency space. Our personal goal is to use altcoins to stack more Bitcoin. Altcoin Daily is run by brothers Aaron & Austin Arnold. We are not internet gurus. We are everymen and our channel is for the everyman! Videos are NOT offers to buy or sell securities. Videos are not 'buy' or 'sell' signals of any kind. ALL videos are for informational and entertainment purposes only. Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies is VERY RISKY, as anything can happen at any time. At Altcoin Daily, we are NOT financial advisors and are strictly operating off of opinion and information found publicly online. Again: Our videos are NOT buy or sell signals. All investments you make are on you. Use our channel as a starting off point. Make your own decisions. DYOR!
  • 1M subscribers,
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Feta Daily

Welcome to Feta Daily Feta Daily is Ethiopian Entertainment Media. update our channel on a daily basis. We have the desire to work with you. let's Work together contact, business Feta Daily →
  • 748K subscribers,
  • 2.9K videos
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RAP DAILY is dedicated to showcase upcoming Album & Mixtape . Contact : All songs uploaded to this channel on YOUTUBE are made with the permission of legal rights holders.
  • 225K subscribers,
  • 727 videos
Last Updated2 months ago

Crafty Daily

We recommend crafting art ideas!
  • 347 videos
Last Updated4 months ago

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning program that looks at the day's top headlines through a sharp, reality-based lens. Along with the help of The Daily Show correspondents, Trevor Noah covers the biggest news stories in politics, pop culture and more. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.
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Android Gameplay Daily

Hii Everyone, Welcome to Android Gameplay Daily YouTube Channel, In This Channel You'll Get Games SHORTS. All of you Please SUBSCRIBE To My Channel. 🌺🌺..ओम साई राम..🌺🌺 🌺🌺..श्री स्वामी समर्थ..🌺🌺
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Starsnipe - Daily Videos

Just a college kid that loves playing games for the best people in the world. (: I try to upload 2-3 times a day, usually afternoon Central Time since I'm from Chicago. ---------------------- For business inquiries ONLY:
  • 736K subscribers,
  • 3.6K videos
Super Chat$307
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Amazing KK Daily

Hello everyone! This is a YouTube channel about blacksmithS who specialize in making essential materials for the villagers as well as the people in the country. They can make many kinds of things using only a few modern tools and traditional techniques. They can produce agricultural materials, fishing materials, construction materials, gardening materials and many other materials that are useful to the people. They also share the techniques of making those materials in those videos. FACEBOOK PAGE: AMAZING KK DAILY If you like their work, please watch and subscribe ! Thank you for your support. Love from Amazing KK Daily
  • 504K subscribers,
  • 343 videos
Last Updated4 hours ago

Daily Village Life

Welcome To Daily Village Life Official Channel, This channel is about Fishing, #Daily Village Fishing, #Daily Village Life Fishing, Best Fishing! Stay up-to-date with Unique Fish Trapping System, New fishing idea, new fish Catching idea by clicking Subscribe button and press bell icon to get a notification every time I upload video... Thank you so much for 1million Subscribers! Special Note" we never use fake thumbnails in our channel all videos For business inquiries: I hope you guys enjoy the channel!
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Last Updated2 days ago