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Comic Book Girl 19

Must like Beyonce leaving Destiny's Child, DanikaXIX has broken away from The Comicbookgirl19 Show to found their solo venture, XIX Academy, a live-streaming school on Twitch; teaching classes, hosting book clubs, and continuing to offer their unique perspective and give in-depth reviews on movies, comics, shows, etc. that are archived here on YT. Since YouTube sucks as a platform for independent creators, all content on this channel has been demonetized. You will never be harassed by commercials and third party ads. Support for this channel now comes from viewers like you via Patreon, Twitch, and from merch sales. Past episodes of The Comic Book Girl 19 Show are still here, where CBG19, Robot, and Space Brain have humorous in-depth discussions about about movies, comics, and pop culture. Current XIX Academy Content Produced, Directed, and Edited by Danika XIX All Episodes of the Comicbookgirl19 Show: Produced and Hosted by Danika XIX Directed and Edited by Tyson Wheeler
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Comics Explained

What's up? I'm Rob aka Comics Explained and I've been reading comic books for over 25 years. So whether you're looking to get back into comics, brush up on your knowledge or wanting to get into comics for the first time, look no further. Between my knowledge and my fans, we can make you an expert on comic books, comic book movies and comic book tv shows. Check out my schedule below: Sunday ► Geoff John's Green Lantern (This will change to a new series once we're done) Monday ► Transformers Comics Tuesday ► Marvel Character Explained Wednesday ► Marvel Story & DC Story Thursday ► Beyond Omega Level Friday ► A History of The Marvel Cinematic Universe Saturday ► We make up our own stories
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Comic Books vs The World

Welcome to the official Youtube channel for Comic Books vs The World! Are you interested in video game walkthroughs? Comic book facts and figures? How about the movies and TV shows? Then look no further, because I've got you covered. Want to keep up with all the latest updates? Then head over to the website, comicsvsworld.wordpress.com, or follow me on Twitter at @comicsvsworld. Or you could use the links at the bottom, that works too.
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The Comic Book Cast is an online geek culture community. Our mission is to deliver content that helps you embrace Marvel & DC Films that we all love in a unique way and having a few good laughs in-between. We are dedicated to giving you honest opinions, analytical discussions, and various entertainment. BECOME A MEMBER for Exclusive Content ▶▶ https://bit.ly/2ZrtL3v Check the Description and Comment Below! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ SUBSCRIBE NOW | https://www.youtube.com/ComicBookCast2?sub_confirmation=1 Connect with CBC: Twitter | https://twitter.com/thecbcyt Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/thecbcyt SoundCloud | https://soundcloud.com/comicbookcast © The Comic Book Cast LLC
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COMICS PLUS! by Akasan

Your personal niche hub for everything comics related, interviews, skits, reactions, gameplay j-vlogging and MORE! COMICS PLUS!!
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Welcome to TrevsChan2! TrevsChan2 is a Youtube fan channel dedicated to The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Gotham, TMNT, Comic Books, Comic Book Movies, Action Figures, and lots of other cool stuff! We hope you enjoy your visit and if you like our content, please Subscribe! Thanks for watching! - Trev Disclaimer: The Views and Expressions made by TrevsChan2 as a character do NOT necessarily reflect that of Trevor Harris the actual person. None of the content of these videos may be used in litigation and are created for entertainment purposes only, without prejudice.
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Hey, you wonderful nerd! I'm Scott, and here's my story... I was a terrible student in school and eventually failed out of college, but I discovered that I actually love learning! History, philosophy, science, culture — you name it! I just needed to learn through a topic I was already passionate about. So I turned to superheroes! I LOVE SUPERHEROES! The powers, the costumes, what they can represent, all of it! Now I make videos that analyze comics & superheroes to teach about bigger, broader topics in the real world! The goal is twofold: • Show that superhero stories can be deep and complex • Show that learning can be exciting when done so through a fun subject matter This year, I'm expanding the channel to make video essays about other topics like cartoons, Bob Ross, and Dungeons & Dragons! SUBSCRIBE to read between the panels and grow smarter through comics (and other nerdy topics)! NerdSync PO Box 4339 Roanoke, VA 24015
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80s Comics

1980s Comics comic book reviews and more. www.80sComics.com Lighthearted comic book reviews with a focus on the 1970s and 80s comic books about toys, science fiction, giant robots and other weirdness. Writer of history books, Robot Kitten Factory and Magnum Skywolf. Former producer of Classic Game Room. From CGRpublishing.com Copyright © 2020 Inecom, LLC.
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Variant Comics

Each week Variant explores all things in the world of Comics and Geekdom! From individual characters and stories to Movies, TV, Video Games and even Comic Cons - Variant has you covered! **NEW EPISODES Every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday** Produced by - Tim Connolly Written by - Arris Quinones & Tim Connolly Hosted by - Arris Quinones BN0BC
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ComicBook.com is a division of ViacomCBS focused on all things pop culture, influenced by the robust comic book industry, whose iconic creations have become the driving force of mainstream entertainment behind today's blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, best selling video games, and more.\n\nComicBook.com provides fans with the latest news, reviews, tv \u0026 movie database, vibrant communities, social platforms, events and industry scoop through innovative technology products and mobile platforms.
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Hey, My name is Anthony or Big B statz and i play a variety of video games and produce family friendly content for games such as Minecraft, Minecraft Xbox, Roblox, Pixel Gun 3D and much more. I'm very interactive with my fan base and i also Upload daily content. Feel free to subscribe and become part of the channel, I hope you enjoy the content here :)\n\nWebsite: https://bigbstatz.com/\nTwitter: @Bigbst4tz2\nInstagram: Bigbst4tz\nMy Comic Book: https://bigbstatz.com/comics\n\nHave a great day! and Remember to have a cookie :)
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Marvel HQ

Pow! Thwip! Snikt! Marvel HQ is fun for every Marvel fan! Subscribe to Marvel HQ to experience INCREDIBLE characters, AMAZING adventures and MIGHTY Marvel videos! Check out original shorts, clips, behind-the-scenes content and more exciting videos featuring your favorite Marvel heroes. Check back every month to experience our channel takeovers with select animated full episodes and themed playlists. Marvel Rising episodes & shorts! LEGO Marvel Super Heroes- Including “Avengers Reassembled” & “Maximum Overload” Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Marvel’s Spider-Man- Origin Shorts Marvel Super Hero Adventures Marvel Funko Presents- Seasons 1 & 2 of Animated Shorts Marvel’s (Emmy-Nominated) Rocket & Groot Shorts Marvel’s Ant-Man Shorts And many more!! For more information visit MarvelHQ.com & Marvel.com.  © 2020 MARVEL
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Clayton Thomas

I'm Clayton Thomas, call me "CT". MY PAGE IS A COMIC BOOK, you’ll see what I mean after a few videos. I'm from Detroit, living in Hollywood. The number one goal for this channel is to connect with the loving and positive members of #TeamCT through laughter and support. If you're interested in wearing #TeamCT merchandise, go to www.iamClaytonThomas.com we have apparel for men and women, up to large sizes as well. All positivity, no negative vibes. If you're negative, you're #BLOCKT! SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN #TeamCT
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Couch T.

Click Subscribe! You can't love a movie for the same reason you hate another... Check back weekly for new episodes! Like us on Facebook: /couchtfilms Follow me on Twitter: @couchtfilms Welcome to Couch TV!
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Eventual Best of All Worlds. \n\nContent-\nDragon Ball, SCP Foundation, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Godzilla, and much more!
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The Infinite Source

Rap Battles, Original Songs, Video Game and Anime Rap Songs, Music Video Parodies & More! Business Inquiries/Booking: Infinitesource360@gmail.com Donate Bitcoin to the Source! BTC address: 1GubU4WBrJTTTSQjRaqJVppQ8uP6ks1RpL Sign up for updates & Exclusive content at www.SourceRap.com Entertainment. Elevated. Want to be featured on the channel? Submit a video by sending us an email to InfiniteSource360@gmail.com with a link to your video. By submitting videos to TheInfiniteSource, you hereby acknowledge that you grant www.youtube.com/TheInfiniteSource a perpetual non-exclusive world-wide license (not ownership) to display, promote, or modify your video for commercial use. Channel Milestones: 1000 Subs XXXX 2000 Subs XXXXX 5000 Subs XXXXXX 10,000 SUBS XXXXXXX 20,000 SUBS XXXXXXXX 50,000 SUBS XXXXXXXXX 100,000 SUBS XXXXXXXXXX - 3/15/2015 200,000 SUBS XXXXXXXXXXX - 9/10/2016 300,000 SUBS XXXXXXXXXXXX - 11/19/20 500,000 SUBS! 1 MILLION SUBS!
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Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack

“This is the gift of your species and this is the danger, because you do not choose to control your imaginings. You imagine wonderful things and you imagine terrible things, and you take no responsibility for the choice. You say you have inside you both the power of good and the power of evil, the angel and the devil, but in truth you have just one thing inside you - the ability to imagine.” ― Michael Crichton, Sphere Contact me at: diversityandcomics@gmail.com
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Comic Book Movie

The official YouTube channel for ComicBookMovie.com! YOUR source for comic book movie and entertainment related news, rumors, trailers and more!
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Husband and Husband

New web series based on the weekly comic strip Husband & Husband Just a couple of geeky, gamer dudes who happen to be married to one another. :) Aaron is a comic artist, and Jonathan a writer, living together in sunny Los Angeles since '07. Always love! xoxo We love mail: PO Box 61411 Vancouver, WA 98666 Support us on Patreon for more vids, comics and more: https://patreon.com/husbandandhusband Shop H&H merchandise: http://www.husbandandhusband.myshopify.com http://www.instagram.com/husbandandhusband
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David Near

Bringing legitimacy to Creepypasta in "THE MORGUE FILES"! I'm a Michigan metal vocalist, voice actor, music composer, artist, and animator. I do a variety of head canon voices, impressions, and narrations for horror and comic book characters. Welcome one and all, to the madhouse! I hope you enjoy your stay.
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