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Cocktail Chemistry

Showcasing unique ways to create and present cocktails using inexpensive equipment. Get the cocktail recipes: Recommended equipment list:
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The Educated Barfly

The best Classic and Modern Cocktail Tutorials. The Educated Barfly features high quality videos featuring the best in Classic, Modern Classic and Craft cocktails brought to you by some of the Industry's top bartenders and hosted by veteran bartender Leandro DiMonriva. If you like our videos, hit that subscribe button and join us on this journey. To see and/or purchase the equipment I use, you can do so here: Or to support the show please consider giving to our Patreon here: And if you want to send us something: The Educated Barfly 2225 E Cesar E Chavez Ave #200 Los Angeles, CA 90033 thanks!
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Cocktail and Crime

🥂 Монголын анхны гэмт хэрэг, болсон явдлын подкаст 🎧 We’re on YouTube, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, M+ &more! Instagram: @cocktailncrime Facebook: Cocktail and Crime Personal Instagram: @duukuuuuu @zavguizugii
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Cocktail Channel

Bem-vindos ao Cocktail Channel. Aqui você encontra tudo sobre o mundo dos coquetéis para fazer no conforto da sua casa igual um profissional. Cocktails, Xaropes, Licores, coquetéis clássicos, coquetéis autorais e tudo sobre o mundo da Coquetelaria. Canal apresentado pelo @PumaRicardoFuenzalida Bartender Profissional com mais de 17 anos de experiência em diversos países do mundo. Beba menos, Beba Melhor. Parcerias e contato: 011971441904
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BlingRunway Jewelry

Our website: Record your story with jewelry, realize your jewelry freedom At Bling Runway, we strive to offer shinny accessories while keeping affordable pricing in mind. If you need custom jewelry, you can contact us via Email/Facebook/IG! We accept custom rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, etc. The material can choose 18K gold, S925 silver, S999 silver, pure gold, platinum, etc. Customize please click Linktree: Email address:
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Anders Erickson

Hi 👋 I'm Anders and I worked professionally behind bars for 20 years. I've decided to combine my passion for making good drinks with my love of teaching, storytelling, and videography by creating this channel! My hopes for this channel is to create an uplifting space for everyone to feel welcome and encouraged to try their own hand at making cocktails. My videos are meant to be light-hearted and fun, but also informative, so I hope you find them useful! If you have questions, drop a comment and I'll do my best to answer :) Also, I have a mild obsession with Angostura bitters. If you are into bitters shots, you and I already have lots in common. Send stuff to: Anders Erickson 4610 N. Clark St #1051 Chicago IL, 60640
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Murari Ki Cocktail

राजस्थानी कॉमेडी जो की आप परिवार के साथ देख सकते है | आजकल का ट्रेंड हो गया डबल मीनिंग और असभ्य भाषा क इस्तेमाल ऐसे मे आप परिवार के साथ देख नहीं सकते | और कई देखते भी है जिससे बचो के संस्कार तो बिगड़ ही जाते है | ऐसे मे एक पारिवारिक कॉमेडी ढूंढ के लाते हैं आपके पास | आप हौशला देंगे तो लगातार आपको शुद्ध पारिवारिक एंटरटेन देते रहेंगे |
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Cocktail de Frissons

Bienvenue sur la chaîne Cocktail de Frissons. Je vous présenterai une sélection de vidéos paranormales, étranges ou justes flippantes. Nouvel épisode un dimanche sur deux. Bons frissons !
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Cooking a great meal or mixing up an irresistible cocktail doesn't have to be complicated. Neither does hosting a memorable party or organizing your pantry. Things that make life delicious can be simple, if you know where to shop, what to buy and how to get inspired. Welcome to Food52 -- for a simply delicious life!
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Vlad SlickBartender

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Shake Stir and Mingle: Cocktails & Spirits Media

Subscribe to Discover & Explore Spirits Brands. Master Cocktails. Meet Pros. Watch Entertaining Videos from across Social Media. "Shake Stir and Mingle is shaking things up in the Cocktails and Spirits Media like never before!" Infusing it with Fun, Energy, & Insight! We are the ultimate Cocktails and Spirits Media Hub for the Spirits Sector merging our podcast with cocktail-culture news & vibrant cultural stories for 21+. Our mission is to illuminate the master's behind the bar—bartenders, mixologists, & their award-winning haunts. For cocktail drink lovers everywhere, whether near or far, we offer a treasure trove of cocktail drink recipes, expert tips, & curated guides to the top drinking destinations, plus advice on sourcing the finest mixology tools. Join us in enhancing the cocktail journey for enthusiasts around the globe & subscribe to our community! **Always Drink Responsibly!"
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MikeMGTV: YouTube Bartender & Reality TV Trash YOUR LOCAL FUNNY GAY BARTENDER! - Reacting To mainstream bar content like Bar Rescue, to weird TikTok cocktail recipes. - Teaching you bartending tips and tricks like how to make easy cocktails, - Taste testing, RANKING and reviewing different popular alcohol brands - Playing Drinking Games & Other Alcohol Activities - Diving Into the lgbt Gay Bar Community - AND MORE! BUSINESS CONTACT:
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Y como siempre nos vemos en las barras!!!
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Club Dirty

21+ content. All things alcohol! Bottle, cocktail and drink suggestion reviews. Positive vibes. Not the place for bashing, political or religious comments. Block game on point.
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Common Man Cocktails

We are simplifying the art of the craft cocktail, making great tasting drinks without pretension and suits, common man style. Our goal isn't to teach you everything there is about cocktails, it's about sparking an interest in cocktails so you will be excited to further your own education and become a great cocktail creator for the next generation of drinkers. Target audience is the average consumer making cocktails at home. I am not a bartender nor claim to be a bartender. This is all about making cocktails for your own enjoyment. For business / sponsorship inquiries please contact us:
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MIX Cocktail Hour

How to make cocktails that are easy, amazing & delicious. Join hosts Tamee Harrison and Scott Cushman live every week for the worlds newest, most favorite cocktail show on YouTube “MIX Cocktail Hour” ! Every episode is themed and features cocktail history, fun facts, tips and tricks, classics & originals and most of all, a whole lot of fun! Be part of the cocktail trend and join in the chat during the weekly live episodes or watch previous episodes right here on YouTube and remember to like and subscribe! Are you ready? Let’s get mixing!
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Cheerscocktail, COCKTAIL band Official channel.
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Facts Digger Official

Ya6UuM मजेदार फैक्ट्स को खोदकर निकालेंगे, बस Subscribe कर लो 😎 Cocktail of all types of facts in one single video - Knowledgeable Facts - Mysterious Facts - Motivation Facts - Space Related Facts - Viral Video Facts Only - IAS Mind teaser Question - Puzzle with Answer - Amazing & Unique Facts - Facts About India - Random Facts and more.... For Business & Copyright related issue mail at : For Voice Over :
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