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Patrick Cc:

Do whatever the F you want in this life. This is a sign to chase your dream. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't do. The reason you are reading this is because I ignored everyone who told me no and just chased my passion of creating. I love my job, I love making videos, and I will continue to dictate my own life because you support me. I thank you for that, now its your turn. All social medias: @patrickcctv
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Pat Cc:

Drinking water and talking about music. @patrickcctv
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CC Designer

New Video Every Friday 10pm (Bangladesh Time)
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CC Heavy Equipment

The purpose of the CC Heavy Equipment Channel, which Uploads videos to YouTube is 1-Share to know the development of Cambodia, including roads, flyovers, condominiums and other infrastructures using technology, machinery and small and large machinery. 2-Share with the Cambodian people to see the progress of machinery and technology. 3-Share experience and ability, benefits, working knowledge of how to use to control machinery and equipment 4-Share all activities to develop bridges, roads, buildings with machinery and machinery in operation. Note: CC Heavy Equipment Channel records videos of all activities of machinery or machinery at construction sites, condominiums, construction, roads, bridges, flyovers, digging canals, digging ponds or other public places in rural areas made by machinery. Or the machine is not malicious or take the video to write criticism of any institution. And also thank the owners of the builders for agreeing to share knowledge.
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CC Music Ball

Home of the singing balls!
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CC Toys TV

Welcome to the world of CC Toys TV! CC Toys TV is an interactive educational and entertaining car toy channel for children. Our content includes construction vehicles and city vehicles, videos to encourage children's curiosity, creativity and problem-solving skills. CC Toys TV is committed to producing safe, innovative and high-quality toy video content that promotes children's learning and development.
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Terima kasih untuk teman2 yang sudah support channel ini ya channel ini masih pemula dan masih belajar. Mudah2n bisa menghibur teman2 semua dimana pun berada. kritik, saran dan masukan boleh di tinggalkan dengan kata yang baik ya teman2 semoga kita semua sehat dan sukses selalu dimana pun berada Aammiinn
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CC Karaoke

I started going to Karaoke nights at my local bar back around 2008-ish. It was awesome, but I began to realize that that the audio was often awful. Well, I suppose sometimes the only way to fix something is to fix it yourself ... so I started up CC Karaoke with the objective of making better Karaoke. I never imagined it would grow this far, but I'm very grateful it has, and for everyone who has benefitted from it. It's a long process, but this project will continue for as long as I'm able.
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Wini CC

Entra y descubre lo genial que es este espacio
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Ravan CC

For any sponsorship and Buisness email me -:
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Hello everyone, welcome. Here are all the videos about the skills of people around the world and their amazing activities.
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CC Suarez

Just a lady with a bulldog and camera and too many opinions. Here to remind you to Be Assertive + Stay Spicy. C O N N E C T W I T H M E: Follow me on social media: Merch- Join The Community on Reddit PO Box: 3690 W Gandy BLVD #150 Tampa FL 33611 YOUTUBE CONTENT SUBMISSIONS: PR/MANAGEMENT ONLY :
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Nene CC

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Daniel CC Movie&TV Series

Hey guys, welcome to Daniel CC Movie Channel, which's intended to help you better understand the movies or save your time from the lengthy or even boring ones. Don't forget to check it out regularly. Stay for more funs!
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Pretty good at playing csgo/cs2 Contact me on twitter or email for business. Email: Twitter: My twitch stream: My discord server: Rank: I don't play mm FPL on Faceit Rank S on ESEA You can find my most updated cfg on my twitch channel above.
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Cc Entertainment LTD

Entertainment channel 'Cc Entertainment LTD' is a media company that producing fiction, nonfiction programs, Short films, Music Videos, feature films etc. Ensure of Quality Entertainment All rights reserved by Cc Entertainment LTD This production of the audio and visual elements is 100% Copyrighted Content of Cc Entertainment LTD ANTI-PIRACY WARNING This audiovisual content is Copyright to Cc Entertainment LTD. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution or re-upload is strictly prohibited of this material. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material present94
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Sarah Baska

get some jonas brothers tickets here !!!
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The Voice of Uzbekistan

Yandex Plus obunasi bilan «Ovoz» loyihasini: 🔴 faqat Kinopoisk-da toʻliq versiyasini tomosha qiling 📺 Havola: 🟠 va Dasturdagi barcha qo‘shiqlarni Yandex Music-da tinglang Havola: 🎧
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Akkas Editing

Edit all everything picture Adobe Photoshop cs 8.0/Photoshop cs 6 / Photoshop cc and Adobe After Effect & Video editing class. Adobe Illustrator CC Create Logo design. Illustrator beginners to advance level class. If you are new, the video will guide you too much.
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  • 552 videos
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Luxury 💼 Fashion 👠 TRAVEL 🧳 SHOPPING 🛍 Makeup 💄 OOTD 👗 Korean Food 🥘 MOM LIFE with 👦🏻 👧🏻 👶🏻 3 precious children 🙏🏼 My name is Charis❤️ My initial is CC and yes I do love LV (Louis Vuitton) so I made my channel name LVloverCC 👌 Always love 💗 love 💗 love 💗 LV but other brands like Chanel and Hermes etc you can expect to see! Subscribe today to join CC family🙏🏼 Welcome 🤗 xoxo cc
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