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Matt Kohrs

Sharing my own finance journey! TO THE MOON! 💎🙌
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Alpha Status Stocks

At Alpha Status we live by a few core pillars. Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness. Alpha Status is about taking control of your own life regardless of circumstance. With our 15 years combined experience running many multi-million-dollar businesses, we seek to bring you the best financial advice and entertainment possible to secure your own financial futures. PATREON and DISCORD Sign up here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=50682647&fan_landing=true SUBSCRIBE GET FREE Stocks worth up to $3,700 when you open a WEBULL account and deposit $100 WITHIN your first 15 days! Litterally 100% guaranteed free money! NO RISK FREE MONEY. You can even withdraw your $100 deposit completely free in just about a week, you don't even have to buy a stock with it. This is litterally free money for all of us right now! https://act.webull.com/k/bhJ9pClG3m85/main Grab your EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED TIME ONLY Alpha Status Gear now https://teespring.com/stores/alpha-status%E2%80%8B​ SHARE
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Cannabis Legalization News

Cannabis Legalization News - We broadcast Wednesdays at 2:00 pm and on Sundays - plus more shows about cannabis laws and the industry so you can learn about how to legalize cannabis and get into the industry. Tom makes informative youtubes on cannabis legalization news. Feel free to ask him about your questions about the confusing cannabis laws, or call his offices at (309) 740-4033.
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Live Trading by TraderTV Live

Live from the DTTW trading floor! TRADERS with 40+ years of combined trading experience trade real money for real profits, and sometimes loss. Our multi-million dollar TV studio broadcasts the first and only professional Trading Show on YouTube Live. Join us on YouTube Live every weekday from 9am to 12pm EST to trade the NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, BOVESPA and the TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE, TMX. Powered by DTTW - Make Money by Opening a Trading Office: https://dttw.com DISCLAIMER Legal Notice: The views and opinions expressed on TraderTV.Live are provided for information purposes only and should NOT be taken as (a) a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell a security, (b) an endorsement or recommendation of any particular security or trading strategy, or (c) investment advice. The trading activity shown on TraderTV.Live are real stock purchases and sales, using real-time market data. Our traders may own the securities they are trading on TraderTV.Live in their personal portfolios.
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Pat O'Brien

Pat O'Brien is the founder & CEO of Learn Sativa University of Orlando, Florida. The #1 Cannabis College in the world. Learn Sativa currently offers both hands-on & online cannabis certifications and training courses at their 3,400 sqft training facility in central Florida. Patrick has switched gears in order to bring some real science to the world of YouTube. You may be wondering why a cannabis advocate tends to wear a suit more often than not... That's because Patrick takes pride in killing the stigma associated with cannabis. What can you expect to learn on this channel? ✓ How to Grow Marijuana ✓ Cannabis Extractions ✓ Cannabis Business ✓ Cannabis Stock info ✓ Cannabis History ✓ Cannabis Laws ✓ & Much More... Want to learn more? Visit: www.learnsativa.org
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Jerry Romine Entrepreneur Abroad

Are you looking to travel the world? Become a digital nomad? Or to make enough money with a side hustle or investments so you can live the lifestyle you have dreamed of? You are in the right place! Hey Guys! My name is Jerry Romine, aka the Entrepreneur Abroad, & In May of 2015 I sold off everything I owned & moved from Phoenix Arizona to Chiang Mai Thailand. With hard work I grew a fledgeling Amazon business to 7 figures, grew my investment portfolio, traveled the world, lived on my motorcycle for 5 months in South America, & even lived for free in a million dollar home with a car provided. The crazy part is I probably spend less money than you because I live this lifestyle on only $2,000 - $3,000 per month, make bank, & I'm a bit of a minimalist because everything I own fits in a suitcase and backpack. If any part of my lifestyle appeals to you then please subscribe & I’ll share with you all of the tips, tricks and how to info that has worked for me. You can totally do this!
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Vicente Luz

Aprenda sobre la Bolsa de Valores y el Mercado Forex. Creemos que hay una escasez de educación gratuita y de calidad disponible, y nos enorgullece brindar esta capacitación a toda América Latina. Nuestros programas educativos buscan ayudar a los inversionistas de todos los niveles, desde todos los ámbitos de la vida, a crear los resultados financieros que esperan. ¡Estamos orgullosos de poder hacer lo mismo por usted! Durante más de tres décadas y con más de 300 años de experiencia combinada, el equipo del Wall Street Trading Institute se ha especializado en apoyar a los inversionistas cotidianos a conocer y navegar el mercado de valores de EE.UU. El contenido educativo que presentamos se ha desarrollado y probado en las condiciones más exigentes del mercado más competitivo del mundo... la Bolsa de Valores de EE.UU. Únase a nuestros seminarios en vivo y aprenda con los profesionales... Visítenos en: https://www.wstrading.com/
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The Session

Left my depressed life and baggage in Philadelphia, and took a 3,000 mile drive to California for a fresh start. Here I am determined to bring the world and especially people of color and women; great music, enlightenment, and healthy recipes. Follow me on Instagram @TheSessionCA https://www.liinks.co/thesessionca
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Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an American investor and former hedge fund manager. He is the founder of the popular investment newsletter Profits Unlimited, and Banyan Hill Publishing's FREE e-letter, Bold Profits Daily. In this publication, Paul and his team show everyday investors how to get in on the ground floor of the market’s biggest growth opportunities. Sign up here: https://banyanhill.com/bold-profits-daily-newsletter/ Learn more about Paul's flagship service, Profits Unlimited here: https://profitsunlimited.com/ For more information on Paul Mampilly and how he recommends you profit from what he believes to be the greatest bull market of our lifetime, visit https://paulmampillyguru.com.
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Market Wisdom by TraderTV Live

This channel provides professional education for day traders, investors and anyone who's passionate about the Stock Markets.
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Midas Letter RAW

Midas Letter RAW is the irreverent, intelligent show about investing for the little guy. Ed Milewski, former stock broker and reformed accountant brings his cynical and off-beat chart observations into focus while James West - investment writer and macro-focused fundamental scrutinizer - offers plain language critique of the machinations, shennanigans and subterfuge foisted on retail investors by the institutions we call capital markets. In 2020, Ed and James break from publicly traded stocks to focus on the relatively recent Regulation A+ exemption that allows companies to raise capital directly from accredited and non-accredited investors without brokers, bankers or the stock market. Learn how and follow along at midasletter.com. Subscribe today!
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PA Hydroponics

PA Hydroponics is central PA's largest and most well-stocked hydroponics and indoor gardening store, located in York Springs, PA. Gary owns and has been operating PA Hydroponics since 2009. He opened All Good Garden Supply in Finksburg, MD in 2016 to provide the Baltimore area with the same great level of service, quality of inventory, and expertise. He has more than 20 years experience with growing in all forms of media. His goal with the channel is to share his pro tips and tricks on growing plants successfully, no matter what you're growing! The easiest and fastest way to contact Gary directly is through e-mail at info@pahydroponics.com. If you are placing a special order please include your zip code to help calculate shipping costs.
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All Finance Times

All Finance Times provides the latest stock market news today from business, technology, biotech, cannabis and financial sectors.
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Investment information for millennials and madmen. Expert analysis, no punches pulled and no investors left behind. Want to get involved in the public markets, but feel ill-equipped? Already in the markets, but looking for honest source of insight? We can provide the resources that keep you informed, help you build the necessary tools or assist in honing your existing skillset so you can make your investment goals achievable today. Small cap, mid cap, large cap, we cover them all. No the matter the exchange be it, TSX-V, CSE, OTC, NYSE and/or NASDAQ, we have our finger on the pulse. Whether you are a day trader or value investor, we have your back.
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Green Market Report

The Green Market Report is the leading cannabis financial news source. GMR was the first cannabis news site to produce a weekly video report on cannabis stocks called Marijuana Money. In addition to that, GMR publishes interviews with leading cannabis industry insiders. Visit our website at www.greenmarketreport.com
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Bullish Journey

**Bullish Journey** Hello youtubers my name is Jonathan and welcome to my channel “Bullish Journey”. The purpose of my channel is to learn/engage with you all on investing stocks as well as giving my thoughts and insights. In this channel I will be going over the day’s stock market numbers, market/global news, stocks that I currently are invested, stocks that viewers are requesting and also stocks that are a potential ”buy” or on the radar. As time progresses and as I release many videos out during this journey, I hope to make some new friends that share a common interest and reasoning when investing into stocks so that we all can achieve that 1 similar goal which is to “Buy great stocks at a huge discount and make massive gains in the future”. 🔸Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bullishjourney/ 🔸Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BullishJourney 🔸Follow me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-chang-baab041aa/
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Talking Hedge

Host: Josh Kincaid, Capital Markets Analyst and host of your cannabis business podcast. The Talking Hedge: Your cannabis business podcast covering cannabis products, business news, interviews, investments & events. https://www.theTalkingHedgepodcast.com @theTalkingHedge #theTalkingHedge Keywords, Cannabis Data, Marijuana Data, Cannabis Analytics, Marijuana Analytics, Cannabis Sales Data, Marijuana Sales Data, Hemp News, Weed News, Cannabis News, Marijuana News, Cannabis Business, Marijuana Business, Cannabis Industry News, Marijuana Industry News, Weed News 420, Talking Hedge Podcast, Cannabis Podcast, Marijuana Podcast, Business Podcast, CBD podcast, THC podcast, Cannabis Pitch Deck, Marijuana Pitch Deck, Marijuana Investment Deck, Cannabis Investment Deck, marijuana business plan, cannabis business plan, Due Diligence, Cannabis Compliance, Cannabis Data, Cannabis Banking, Cannabis Investment, Pot Stocks, Cannabis Stocks, Weed Stocks, Marijuana Stocks
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Finance After 40

- stock market investing for beginners - options trading for beginners - dividend investing for beginners - money management for beginners - how to pick stocks for beginners - how to buy your first stock - SPAC investing - cannabis investing - electric cars investing - online betting investing - forex investing - day trading investing - value investing
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doginvest is the channel that share about dogecoin, bitcoin, cryptos, stocks, investment please like, subscribe and share
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