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What's up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C! I upload gaming videos covering Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (Call of Duty 2020), Modern Warfare (Call of Duty 2019), Black Ops 4, Chinese Call of Duty (Call of Duty Online), throwback COD games, Battlefield 5 & other Battlefield games, and much more! My channel is centered around funny moments, new dlc content for games, and mostly just having fun and goofing around! Happily engaged to to my favorite goofball Kayrina! You can find her solo videos and videos of us on her channel - Sodapocandy UPLOAD SCHEDULE: New Videos on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, (and possibly Sunday) at 3PM Eastern Time SUBSCRIBE and click the notification bell so you don't miss any new videos! Bung the Booce you Dingi Ging Foog! ༼つ ◕-◕ ༽つ
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Call of Duty

The Official Call of Duty® channel For all the latest Call of Duty news, head to CallofDuty.com © 2016 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION and CALL OF DUTY are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc.
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Hey! Welcome back to my Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare Warzone channel Chuck! On this channel I posted call of duty videos about best class setups, tips & tricks, update videos and more! Hope you enjoy all my call of duty content :D
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Started Making Content August 9. 2017 Member of KARNAGE Clan. KRNG JGOD or JGOD. I make videos based on helping people improve at Call of Duty. I typically focus my content on the newest Call of Duty. The types of videos topics include, but are not limited to: -weapon guides -best class setups -spawn guides -subscriber game play breakdowns -news -updates -weekly live streams Since Modern Warfare is the newest Call of Duty I will be posting tons of content related to Multiplayer and Warzone. Thank you for any support on the channel. RBT9YV
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I just play video games and upload them to this website. Hi :) Follow on twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/dysmo Follow on twitter! https://twitter.com/Dysmo KS96T1
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★ Stay Elite, Join the Empire & Improve Your Game! ★ Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Shawn Osuch or better known as "EliteShot" is a die-hard FPS gamer that focuses on improving your gameplay through tips, tricks and entertainment. With over 1,000,000+ Subscribers / 205,000,000+ views, he grew his gaming audience primarily through Call of Duty in a strategically informative way. From his enthusiastic yet down-to-earth personality and humble attitude, he'll find a way to put a smile on your face. Please sit back, relax and enjoy the gameplay! 😎 Follow on Social Media to stay connected and ask me whatever questions you want! I'm always reading and responding.
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► • xProMvz // Subscribe and JOIN the #PROGANG! ► • Welcome to the best place for Call of Duty Live Streams and Highlights! ► • Check Out My Videos And "Subscribe" To See More Content - Enjoy!
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Bringing you the best Call of Duty & Apex Legends! Lessons In PsyQology. Together we create one of the most powerful teams in online entertainment.
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FaZe Dirty

I love sniping on Call of Duty PROUD MEMBER OF FAZE CLAN!! Use code "DIRTY" for a discount - http://gfuel.com/ https://scuf.co/Dirty
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Hey, hi, how ya doing? This is the place to be to stay up to date with the latest Call of Duty News, Intel, Tips, & More!
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DooM Clan

DooM Clan is one of the best Call of Duty clans. We mostly upload Call of Duty including World War II, Black Ops 3, and Infinite Warfare. We try to focus on bringing top tier gameplay with entertaining videos mixed in. We also try to help our viewers with class setups and the best guns or killstreaks in general. Hopefully you enjoy your stay for the #DooMTakeover Coldsideofpillow does not own, access or possess any part of this channel, so this channel is 100% within the YouTube's Terms of Service.
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Call of Duty professional for the New York Subliners One of the most successful Call of Duty players and twenty+ champion. Management: claysterbusiness@gmail.com
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