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N'Oven - Cake & Cookies

Welcome to The N'Oven. I'm here to share with you some fantastic, great, tasteful and easy recipes, excellent flavors, decadent sweets and savory dishes. I want to show you the ways to cook and how you can become a master of the kitchen. I believe you will enjoy my recipes, subscribe for the latest & try them at home and leave a comment to me how they came out for you!
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Cookrate - Cakes

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Hi!!!! Myself Rhea.... I am From BANGLADESH ☺ welcome to my kitchen Yummy. in my kitchen you will learn how to bake cake how cook Yummy Foods at home. Yes..here I will just cook n cook n cook. Cooking is my passion and now it has become my profession even and guess what? I am enjoying it.. I have started this channel to show you all different cuisines. Basically I'm a big foodie and tasting various cuisines is my passion and you can find variety of recipes on my page and YouTube. I'm always on the run in pursuit of giving you the tasty, healthy & restaurant style recipes. Past few days, my kitchen has become my lab and I'm really passionate about chasing international food around the globe. So all the food lovers keep reading n watching new recipe videos uploaded . Cooking tips, ideas and much more!!!!!
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Harshita's Kitchen

Hello, my name is Harshita and welcome to Harshita's Kitchen. Subscribe and join me on my culinary and baking adventures!
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N'Oven Foods

Welcome to N'Oven Foods (Former N'Oven - Non Veg) It's a Sister Concern Channel of N'Oven - Cake & Cookies. I'm here to share with you some fantastic, great, tasteful and easy Non Veg recipes, excellent flavors, decadent sweets and savory dishes. I want to show you the ways to cook and how you can become a master of the kitchen. I believe you will enjoy my recipes, subscribe for the latest & try them at home and leave a comment to me how they came out for you!
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YummY Food Fusion

I would like to share my experience of cooking in easy ways. Hope you enjoy!!! Please subscribe for new videos every week. Subscriber Milestone: 10 sub - 1 June 2018 100 sub - 2 Aug 2018 1000 sub - 16 Oct 2018 10000 sub - 27 Feb 2019 50000 sub - 23 Dec 2019 100,000 sub - 12 April 2020 😘 200,000 sub - 10 Aug 2020😘 300,000 sub - 24 Nov 2020😘 400,000 sub - 25 April 2021😘 500,000 sub - 04 Nov 2021😘 600,000 sub - 05 Jan 2022 700,000 sub - you subscribe❤ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/yummyfoodfusion/
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Sayma Meem

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Kusina chef

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Aparna's Recipes

Namaste Dosto !!! Welcome to 'Aparna's Recipes'. In this channel, I will share the simplest way to cook delicious food! In my videos I have given step by step demonstration of each recipe which is easy to follow. Here you will find all types of recipes like home style recipes, restaurant style recipes, sweet dishesh, bakary items, kids special food, festive special, international cuisine (pizza, chinese food, burger and many more) and endless list. So enjoy cooking with Aparna's Recipes and Like, Share and Subscribe for more upcoming videos. Also click on bell icon in right corner of the page so that you will get notification for each and every new video. Happy Cooking !!! NOTE: All Aparna's Recipes content is copyright protected and must not be used without written permission.
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Hello cooking lover's!!! I'm Seema .... and I'm the host of this channel (DAAWAT).... I'll share easy,basic and tasty, mostly easy and tasty recipes with you... so subscribe to DAAWAT and don't forget to press🔔bell icon. happy cooking to all!!! For business enquiries... E-mail address -amolchepate@gmail.com
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شهيوات ام انس Chhiwat Om Anas

قناة شهيوات ام انس مختصة في تحضير وصفات وأكلات مغربية أصيلة تقليدية وعالمية من حلويات ومملحات تقليدية وعصرية وطورطات وكيكات من شتى ومختلف دول العالم طبخ مغربي تقليدي - الطبخ في الطبيعة - وجبات صحية - طبخ حلويات سهلة وسريعة - تحليات رمضانية باردة - حلويات تقليدية وعصرية - فطائر متنوعة - ديسير - طبخ سهل وسريع التحضير - أكلات وحلويات إقتصادية - حلويات العيد - حلويات سهلة و اقتصادية - وجبات بدون فرن عراضات مناسبات - حلويات رمضان اكلات سريعة التحضير - الوجبات السريعة Easy Food Recipes To Make At Home-easy dinner recipes-easy meals to cook-easy meals to make- recipes-easy quick meals for dinner-Twisted Food-mini kitchen fake food-cookies recipe-sugar cookies,christmas cookies, how to make cookies-cooking,steak,how to cook steak-cooking,steak,chicken recipe, chicken recipes for dinner,spice eats recipes-chocolate cake recipe,cake recipe without oven,easy cake recipe
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Shampa's Kitchen

Shampa's Kitchen is an Indian food channel / Indian Cooking Channel that showcases the best Indian recipes hosted by Shampa Debnath. Hi all Food Lovers, I am Shampa from Kolkata. Here you can find out 1000+ quick healthy simple easy Bengali Recipe. In this #shampaskitchen Bengali Cooking Channel you can learn most of Bengali Recipes, Indian Recipes, Bangladeshi Recipes, Continental Recipe in Bengali with step by step explanation, presentation and can be cooked with the ingredients which are easily available at home. Also requested you to drop your comment on my videos which is more important for me. #cooking #recipes #food #howtocook #easyrecipe #bengali #kolkata #bengalirecipe For business queries contact : shampaskitchenofficial@gmail.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ShampasKitchen Twitter : https://twitter.com/ShampasKitchen Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/shampaskitchen Shampa's Kitchen Vlog : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9wBzgRbwasV0tYQHtt5sGA Happy Cooking
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Mydapur Panas

MyDapur Panas is a word from the Malay language which means "My Hot Kitchen". Our objective is to share good recipes, easy and palatable. It gives us the passion to deliver better recipes with high-quality video and presentation. Our focus is to share recipes in the form of a short and compact video with a catchy music. Please dance while learning the recipe. hehe. If you like our work Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share our videos. Thank you for your support.
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Simple Saral Kitchen

Hello Friends, welcome to My Channel "Simple Saral Kitchen". I am Priyanka Singh and my channel objective is to present you simple and easy Baking Videos, Baking Tips and Tricks, creative cooking recipes, DIY Kitchen Organization,simple and tips & tricks for kitchen & Home organization I love to hear your valuable feedback and suggestions. Based on your feedback and suggestions I will try to improve quality of videos and making them more understandable for everyone. You can follow my facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/simplesaralkitchen/ You can also follow me on Instagram : Priyanka_Singh_SSK For Business Enquiries you can reach out to me sunilvineet@gmail.com
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Welcome to our Desi Style Cooking Channel! [ Recooking ] Get ready to spice up your kitchen with our easy and simple recipes straight from the heart of India. From mouthwatering curries to delectable snacks, we bring you traditional flavors with a modern twist. Join us on this flavorful journey and become a master of Desi cuisine! Any Business enquirys:- pdshiyal25@gmail.com (SUBSCRIBE NOW)
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Flavour Studio

Hi Everyone, This is zaara😊 "I love photography, I love food, and I love traveling, and to put those three things together would just be the ultimate dream" -Jamie Chung  This channel is like a dream come true for me. I  Love Cooking so Much! . Not only our traditional everyday cooking but I love to try all kinds of new varieties of recipes and enjoy the process of the shoot and edit to present a video to you guys as well. Cooking is a great stress buster for me. If you love my videos don't forget to like and subscribe 😊 Subscribe and keep supporting the Flavour Studio Channel! Stay safe❣️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Digital Partner - Divo Divo is one of the leading digital media companies in South India working with brands and content creators across genres.
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Village Fun Cooking

Hi Friends, Welcome to Village Fun Cooking Channel where you can see Village style recipes and Traditional healthy dishes cooking by beautiful Kids. Please subscribe our channel for more videos! We need your support so kindly request you please share our videos with your friends! Thank you! For Business Inquiries : villagefoods90@gmail.com
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Recipe with Anukriti

This channel is all about simple and tasty recipe that you can make easily at your home hello friends my name is Anukriti and I am here to share easy and simple recipes with you that you can make it at your home without any one help. cooking is my passion so i always try to find new and easy recipes for you I always believe in hard work for success so never give up, I always care of my viewers so i try to make simple and testy recipes for you that every one can make it easily. thank you. I appreciate your visiting to my channel so don't forget to SUBSCRIBE
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Melodia Della Torta

Hi friends! Welcome to the Official YouTube Channel of Melodia della Torta! ▽ My channel is all about my passion for cakes. With this channel, you will find many ideas about interesting cake ideas, cake decorations and more. We believe that cooking at home is fun and easy to do! ▽ Follow and subscribe to Melodia della Torta for not missing any new video. New videos will be available every 3 days! ===================================================== Ciao amici! Benvenuti nel Canale YouTube Ufficiale di Melodia della Torta! Canale Il mio canale parla della mia passione per i dolci. Con questo canale troverai molte idee su idee interessanti per torte, decorazioni per torte e altro ancora. Crediamo che cucinare a casa sia divertente e facile da fare! ▽ Segui e iscriviti a Melodia della Torta per non perderti nessun nuovo video. Nuovi video saranno disponibili ogni 3 giorni!
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Aliza Bakery

Welcome To Aliza Bakery! This channel is all about delicious, flavourful, appetizing, mouth watering baking and other unique style recipes that can be made easily at home. So you can cook amazing style recipes without any difficulty step by step and you become a master of the kitchen and i am also share some tips to make your cooking more easy. So Don't Forget To Subscribe My Channel And Share With Your Friends. Thank You NOTE: Don't Use Our Video Without Our Written Permission.
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