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Builders Blueprint

A master at building things that sort of already exist.
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Mobile Dwellings

Stories and Tours from those who live on the road Inquiries: Mobile Dwellings, formerly known as Gilligan Phantom started as a family chasing their dreams of living nomadically. Justin, Val and newborn baby Nova set off to convert a 40 foot rare school bus known as a "Gillig Phantom" into a luxurious home on wheels in late 2017. After 2 years of building they set off on an epic 3 year adventure traveling both coasts of the USA while pausing first to complete a bus conversion for their friends Katy and Sam and then again to have their second daughter, River. During their travels Val, Justin, Nova and River were inspired by the stories of their fellow nomads and have now set out to share their stories with you. If you believe that your dreams are possible as a result of seeing others walk alternative paths unique solely to them, well then our mission is accomplished. Get one on one help with you bus conversion:
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mister pearl

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Logan Duranto

Tattoo Artist On a Journey Fixing Up a Short Bus! Inquiry: Dm on Instagram to schedule a tattoo in the Short Bus :)
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Heather McLarry

reader & sometimes traveler Contact:
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Raya and Louis

Conscious & Alternative Living, Family Travel, Van/Bus Life Welcome to our channel! We're so excited to share our family life, travels and adventures as we explore alternative and conscious living. From full-time van/bus life, to family travel with our baby Neo, to building our house and learning to grow our own food in an eco-community in Costa Rica, we share it all. Subscribe to follow along and make sure to turn notifications on to never miss a video! Our Business Email:
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Where Is Brittany

Hey world, my name is Brittany & I'm a optimistic, Air Force veteran that converted a 4 window Short Bus, (Domino is her name 🥰). My buslife journey started after my second year at SFSU. I was paying $1300 a month, to rent a room in a house with 4 other people 🥴. After doing that for one year, I decided there has to be another way. I fell in love with vanlife/buslife after watching countless videos on YouTube & I decided this was for ME!! Buslife has helped me rediscover what makes me, Brittany, happy. I loss so much of my self being in the Air Force because I conformed into the person THEY needed/wanted me to be. 11 years, 2 months, and 23 days later...I now have the freedom to just be ME & bada ba ba baaaaa I'm Loving It 💛 (Currently remodeling entire bus, time to throw more colors & glitter into the mix)
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The Hive Drive

Sharing the best places to stay, eat, and things to do along our travels in our self-converted school bus home!
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Hello People

Çocukluğumuzdan gelen karavan tutkumuzu gerçeğe dönüştürme hikayemizi buradan sizlerle paylaşıyoruz! Kısıtlı imkanlarla bu hayalin gerçekleştirilebilir yollarını arıyor ve bu deneyimi tatmanın tadını çıkarıyoruz. İlk karavanımız Atlas ile bu yolculuğa çıktık. Sonra ikinci karavanımız Uzay’da 2 yıl tam zamanlı yaşadık. Şimdi ise Ustalık eserimizi inşaa ediyoruz. Çiftkatlı otobüsü evimize dönüştürüyoruz. Bu maceramıza ve deneyimlerimize tanık olmak istersen hadi bize katıl 😍 Unutma insan gördükleri üzerine hayal kurarmış ♥️
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Bus Life 4 Me

converting a school bus into our home on wheels so we can travel the country! 🚌 ↓ LINKS & CONTACT ↓
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Enigmatic Nomadics

Welcome to my channel. My name is Jamie and I have been living as a nomad for over 10 years now and love it. I now live full-time in a school bus that I bought at a public auction and made into a camper. My channel has traveling lifestyle content as well as van build festivals, interviews of other nomads, and some how-to content on solar systems and building out your rig for full-time off-grid living. I've been filming for over 7 years and here are my 10 best.
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Bus Conversion ( Skoolie ), Travel, Dashcam I am going to show everyone it is amazing to travel to other countries and explore and that is also not as scary as they were taught growing up.
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Red's Custom Design

I am a small startup company located in Taswell Indiana (southern) . My goal is to do quality work at a affordable rate on everything from a homemade teardrop trailer, van, bus, camper, whatever. If you have something that you want help with you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, or my website. Or email me at
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The Lofti

Family of 4 in the Loftbus - our 40' skoolie we built ourselves. Traveling the Southeast USA We are what we believe we are - C. S. Lewis -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me us on Instagram! --------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Our Way To Roam

We’re Savannah & Drew and we live in a 1987 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 1300L 4x4 Ex Military Ambulance we DIY converted into our full time truck camper home! We've been living nomadically since 2016 and love sharing our builds and travels. Thanks for following along on our overlanding adventures! If you like what you find here, please consider supporting us on Patreon: Downloadable resources, informational blog articles, and more on: Thanks for being here with us at Our Way to Roam while we navigate life on the road and how to make it home. Please know that we DO NOT accept client builds or build for hire! All of the vehicles that we’ve built are currently SOLD and are not available for purchase.
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Stoked N Steezy

Fear of heights and a love of fear. I travel the country with my best friends living outside our comfort zone. You only have one life so might as well live the one you love.
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Dillon Rathan

Im Dillon Rathan Operations manager at a school bus company. I also drive buses had my CDL since i was 19 years old I'm 34 now... Love school buses and the smell of i start my mornings with a cup of coffee and diesel smoke from the buses lol. Follow my instagram @Bklyn_busguy
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Art We There Yet?

Two artists on an epic adventure. Alaska to Argentina in a bus turned art and recording studio on wheels. All in the name of ART. Art We There Yet is a project to create art that highlights the challenges, diversity, and shared humanity of peoples across the Americas. Aboard a bus converted into an art and recording studio, we are traveling Alaska to Argentina, creating a vast portfolio of art. Photography, film, paintings, and music, all inspired by the peoples and landscapes of the Americas. We also connect with communities, facilitating community murals and songwriting workshops. Why? Because art is powerful. We use the arts to illustrate that diversity is our greatest strength, emphasizing our shared humanity. We also believe everyone deserves access to arts education, so we work to provide programming in communities that need it the most.
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Di dalam video-video yang kami unggah ini akan menceritakan tentang Keluarga Cekidot Berkeliling Indonesia dengan menggunakan Campervan dari Bus Medium yang Kami buat sendiri.. Selamat menyaksikan yaa Teman KECE
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