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Triệu Thị Hiền

Hello guys my name is Hiền em this year i am 14 years old i come from vietnam I got my first pocket knife when I was 10 years old and since then my burning passion in life has always revolved around the outdoors. My focus is not on having the latest and greatest equipment. Most of the gear I use has been around for years, and I try to bring as little gear as possible. Bushcraft is about using what nature has to offer to live comfortably in the wilderness. Many essentials and amenities can be crafted from natural materials using the right tools and knowledge. Join me on my wild adventure where frills are left behind and the outdoors is simply enjoyed. #solobushcraftindonesia #bushcraft #bushcraftkit #bushcraftskills #bushcraftsurrvival #survival #skills #alone #solocamping #camping
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Forrester Bushcraft

Bushcraft, Camping & Outdoors Welcome to the Forrester Bushcraft youtube page. This channel is dedicated to teaching all manner of wilderness lore, whether it be primitive skills, traditional methods or modern adaptations. Here you will find all manner of information pertaining to the great outdoors. Based in the United Kingdom I explore all of the terrains and landscapes available to me. Here you will find full HD videos filmed and edited by my self showing bushcraft skills, plant ID wildlife experiences Journeys & adventures, and last but not least the odd bit of philosophy. My aim with this channel is to help people get outdoors and experience the great wild world that we live in showing mutual understanding and respect for all of nature. #bushcraft #outdoors #Camping #survival
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Pennsylvania Bushcraft

I’m a backwoods camper, woodcrafter and bushcrafter with a few things to teach and a lot more to learn. Let’s go on an adventure and share a campfire together. Follow me on all the various social media platforms for giveaway and contest opportunities. Twitter BillCox_ Instagram @AmericanWoodcraft_ Facebook @Pabushcraft BushcraftUSA @BillCox Thank you to everyone for all the years of continued support it really does mean a lot to me. #bushcraft #survival #bushcraftkit #bushcrafters #camping #axe #buschcraft #bushcrafter #knife #woodcraft #wintercamping #survivalskills #survivalknife #survivalkit #wintersurvival #americanwoodcraft
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