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Camodo Gaming

Hello, I'm Camodo Gaming. Look for let's plays, first Impressions, and other random things about video-games to be added to the channel! Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Camodo_Gaming KGZMUM
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CRASH driven

Welcome to CRASHdriven! My mission is to entertain you guys with an awesome channel that celebrates the fun in crash physics, with a whole host of different themed videos. I spend 70-80 hours per week making these videos. It takes about 12 hours on average to make a video - every single scenes is set up by hand by me, the camera angles, focus depth, focus length, simulation speed and lighting all adjusted by me, then it's recorded, 35GB of footage is edited, painstakingly synchronized to music and sound effects added by hand. Videos about: - Endurance testing of vehicles - Will they still drive after a whole host of different kinds of endurance and crash tests? - How far will they go? - Seeing how far vehicles will travel over / under / through obstacles at max speed. - Police chases videos - Action packed videos with planes, tanks, jets, rockets and even exploding robot chickens featured. - And many, many other series' featured on this channel I hope you enjoy the wild ride!!
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BeamNG with Ryan

Hi, It's Ryan and CJ. We strive to delivery unique and interesting videos that you all will love. All of the videos you find on our channel are recorded and edited by us. We both work full-time jobs but strive to make this channel better each day. How we work: We alternate between creating videos in BeamNG.Drive and Brick Rigs. This is our step by step process. - Record the game clips using Action recording software - Editing and aligning the clips with music and sound effects using Premiere Pro - Thumbnails, descriptions and other items We try to upload everyday but sometimes life just gets in the way. Please take a moment to subscribe so that you can stay update on all of new videos. Thank you
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Hello, I'm Andy. My goal is to create entertaining videos mostly, but not only, for people who love cars & crashes. All the videos you'll find in this channel are recorded & edited by me and my sidekick, George, who helps with parts of the editing. This channel is our full-time job. We're devoting a minimum of 100 hours per week to bring you the best BeamNG drive videos. How we work: Creating these videos is a lot harder & time consuming than you might think but it is what makes us and, hopefully, you happy! We are playing BeamNG.drive, a PC Game featuring the ultimate soft-body physics and realism. The process, step by step: - Recording the clips with Action! (10-15 hours, sometimes 15+) - Editing & synchronizing the clips with music & addition of captions / sound effects - Premiere Pro (5-10 hours) - Descriptions, Thumbnails etc. (2 hours) We’re uploading 4 Videos per week on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. Stay up to date by Subscribing! Thank you :)
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Hello everyone, my name is Jakub and I create videos from game Beamng Drive and I am studying on university. Making my own videos is my lovely job. I always try to do my best, so you can watch unique high quality videos with an educational message for everyone. I have many types of videos, you can find more info in playlist section and also you will find out how hard it is to make my videos. All videos you see on my channel are my own production. I'm using recording program GeForce Experience and editing program Sony Vegas Pro 14. I need to spend many hours to make one video and it consists of: - preparing scene with cars, give them commands and control them (hardest part) - record my clips - edit my clips, render video make a relevant thumbnail - upload it and give you important info in the description Average time spent on a video - 15 to 20 hours. PC Setup: GTX 1660 Ti 6GB i5 6600K 3,50 GHz 16 GB DDR3 SSD Samsung 860 EVO 250 GB HDD 1 TB Join to my community now! :)
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Hey, welcome to BeamNG.TV! My name is Richard and I work for this channel as my full-time job. I always loved car physics and I also felt something inside me that I wanna make videos for Youtube ... After I found BeamNG.Drive I wanted to create videos from this game because I loved how you can make car crashes and other epic stuff with cars.. I work on one video for around 12 hours mostly. I upload 3 videos a week - Wednesday, Friday and Sunday :) I record my videos with Nvidia´s software Shadow Play that is avaible on Nvidia GTX and RTX graphics cards mostly. Then I edit my videos on Sony Vegas 17 Edit Steam Version. Why I do my videos for so long? I always simulate cars manually and then every crash is not recorded at first take.. I have to repeat it, because it doesn´t turn out as I wanted in most of the time. I will be happy when you will come over here and subscribe :) SCHEDULE: WEDNESDAY FRIDAY SUNDAY My Website https://beamngtv.com/ Thanks for coming and have fun!
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Hello everyone, I'm Wheelbump and I am creating the videos with game mods. My favorite games is "Beamng drive" and Brick Rigs" All videos on this channel are recorded and edited by myself. I spend many hours (6-7), to make a good video.
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Hello and welcome to the BeamNG-FUN YouTube channel! As you'll see, I have a passion for storytelling and experimenting using the BeamNG.drive physics simulation sandbox. This channel exists as a platform for me to share my stories, experiments and other mayhem created in BeamNG.drive. I create my videos by first recording many hours of my own unique and custom scenarios within BeamNG.drive using OBS Studio. I then spend a significant amount of time editing these clips in Davinci Resolve to create a story before finally uploading the completed video to YouTube. This is a long process and while I strive to upload videos on a consistent basis, I typically average a few uploads per week. Please note that the creators of BeamNG.drive allows for game owners to create, upload, and monetize gameplay videos on YouTube. More info on this can be found here: https://wiki.beamng.com/BeamNG_FAQ#Can_I_upload_and_monetize_my_BeamNG.drive_videos_on_Youtube.3F
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I play boring video games, and try to pretend I care. Want to insult me? Call me a BeamNG.drive YouTuber and say all I do is crash cars. I will probably cry.
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BeamNG hub

this Channel is all about uploading any kind of BeamNG drive content with lots of custom ideas and sometimes GTA V enjoy
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Hi! Welcome to Beamng Madness. On this channel, you will see weekly uploaded videos. If you like fast cars and crashing, please consider subscribing :) How I make the videos: Making the videos is a lot harder and time-consuming than most people imagine. In fact, each video takes up to five days to complete. Here's a step by step process of the video production: 1. Creating/setting up one or more maps for the video (7-15 hours) 2. Recording the video (5-8 hours) 3. Editing the video (5-7 hours) 4. Uploading, making the thumbnail, etc. (1-3 hours) I rarely have time to relax in the weekends because I'm too busy making a new video for you guys, but when I see your positive feedback it's totally worth it! :)
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Hi guys! On this channel you can see a variety of implementations of ideas/mods in the game Beamng drive BeamNG.drive — a computer game in the genre of car simulator, which is developed and published by BeamNG for the Windows platform. Uses the unique physics of soft bodies. Is an ideological continuation of the previous project developers — Rigs of Rods. All videos are recorded by me and belong to me. Recording process: - Idea - Build/modify/add features to the map - Testing - Creating mods for Beamng.drive Record short lengths of video structuring,application of visuals for a song,fixing material,render (9 - 12 hours). The creation time can be unlimited,depending on the idea and possibilities.
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Welcome to My Channel. On this channel, I'm making videos from different games including BeamNG.Drive. So I recording videos, edit them and sharing with you. The last couple of months I start making mods for this game, many of them are unique so you cannot find them anywhere. For a simple mod to make it takes maybe a day. For a bigger mod like a train, it can take up to a month. Have fun. My PC specs: Core I7-8700k 32Gb Ram Geforce GTX1070 :) 6Tb storage + 128Gb ssd +1TB SSD+128NVme samsung 970Evo
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Hello! I'm Dmitry! My main mission is to entertain people with creative videos! All videos on this channel recorded and edited by me! I spend about 20 hours recording a quality video, sometimes it takes up to 3 days! New video every monday wednesday friday!!! Subscribe for free and stay tuned!!! :) Channel Milestones: ✅ 100'000 Subscribers (13.01.2019) ✅ 150'000 Subscribers (19.11.2019) ✅ 200'000 Subscribers (15.01.2020) ⬜️ 300'000 Subscribers ⬜️ 400'000 Subscribers ⬜️ 500'000 Subscribers ⬜️ 1000'000 Subscribers Join to my DISCORD Server https://discord.gg/8rE7jtJ My contact for advertising and cooperation: borntocreatefun@gmail.com Telegram channel: t.me/crashtherapy
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Greetings! My channel "SkyMicStudio". And on this channel I’m shooting game videos for the game "Beamng drive" - A dynamic soft-body physics vehicle simulator capable of doing just about anything. Here I come up with original and different ideas. My video creation process is as follows: 1) I come up with an idea for a video, maybe from my imagination or get saturated with ideas from different sources and create my own unique 2) I record video games using the program "Nvidia Geforce Expirience" - Nvidia ShadowPlay. . The video recording process takes at least 12-15 hours. I use different camera angles, different camera speeds, as well as different types of cameras, smooth, sharp, and so on. 3) The process of editing and editing video. Removing unnecessary fragments, adding subtitles, music and explanations. Program Adobe Premier Pro. 4) Create thumbnails for videos - Photoshop. 5) Video rendering My computer specifications: Intel core i5-4690, Nvidia GTX 960, 16 GB RAM
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GipsoCartoon - genius, BeamNG filmmaker, video creator, good mood generator and just good guy! All content created in the game BeamNG.drive for entertainment purposes.. I’m like a real culinary specialist taking a pinch of cinematography, sprinkling with amazing music, finely chopping pieces of sound effects, adding a few animation effects, baking all this in an oven called Adobe Premiere Pro and serving it as an appetizing dish on this channel! BeamNG Drive is a computer game in the autosimulator genre that uses a unique physics of soft bodies, thanks to which you can get realistic damage to a car in various collisions. What programs do I use to create my videos? - NVIDIA ShadowPlay - for video recording - Adobe Premiere Pro - for video editing, adding music and sound effects, and recording voice - Adobe After Effects - needs no introduction :) - Blender - for 3D objects and animations - Adobe Photoshop - for creating thumbnails and graphic effects Enjoy watching :)
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Hello. Here I'm crashing cars in different games. Mostly its BeamNG drive game. But sometimes I can use another game. My PC Specs: I9-9900K 64Gb Ram GeForce 2080Ti Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB Samsung SSD 970 EVO 250GB NVMe
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This channel is about BeamNG Drive Crashes. I'm uploading daily a new video so feel free to subscribe!
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ProGamingStudioHD ヅ

Offical Channel of ProGamingStudioHD - YouTube. We make GTA 5 Gameplay, GTA 5 Fails, GTA 5 Funny Moments ! Beamng Drive Crashes, Satisfying Car Crashes, High Speed Jumps, Destroying the Cars GTA 5 Funny Moments Compilation, GTA 5 Fails Compilation & More Clips. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►SUBCRIBE ►YouTube http://goo.gl/jljMlD ►INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/progamingsthd ►FACEBOOK : http://goo.gl/F9Nk4U ►TWITTER: http://goo.gl/JzS3t0
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GTA 5 Ragdolls Test

The Best Videos on YouTube! Please don't forget to subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPMD7pmxOQtjx7fBHxWSykA All the content on my channel is recorded and edited by myself (NO REUSED CONTENT)
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