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Hey guys, What's up its me Pagey! Welcome to my channel where I cover anything that's comic book show or movie related. I also review shows that interest me and that I wish to share my views and opinions on. Current Video Schedule Includes: The Flash Season 7 Reviews and Breakdowns Stargirl Season 2 Reviews and Breakdowns Superman & Lois Reviews and Breakdowns Batwoman Season 2 Reviews and Breakdowns Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Review and Breakdowns Supergirl Season 6 Review and Breakdowns DC Movie News Trailer Breakdowns Easter Eggs as well as General Theory videos Make sure to follow me on twitter @Pagmyst for up to date details on future videos.
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"It's a F**KHOUSE" -- David Caruso, Jade (1995)
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Thorias Unlimited

Welcome to the youtube channel of Thorias. Me. I'm a critic of TV, movies, trailers, comic books and entertainment news. I do several different types of videos including long-form episodic reviews in which I analyze and roast television episodes angry review-style, as well as more traditional movie reviews, trailer reactions, rant videos and more. I'm a tough but fair critic... I only hate things that deserve it. Be Unlimited. Subscribe today. Also, like, share and subscribe... that stuff is important too.
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My name is Ben Rolph, welcome to my channel! On my channel, I cover The Flash, Supergirl and the DCTV shows! Subscribe and turn on notifications to not miss any videos! Video uploads and schedule: The Flash Season 7 Reviews, Theories and Breakdowns Supergirl Season 6 Reviews, Theories and Breakdowns Superman and Lois Season 1 Batwoman Season 2 Stargirl Season 2 The Batman 2022 News Any other DC/DCTV news ----------------------------------------------------------- For business inquiries please contact me via email - For sponsorships - For Press ▼ Contact ▼ Twitter: @thedctvshow Instagram: @thedctvshow Email: thenamesradical@gmail.com or bennruk@gmail.com ----------------------------------------------------------- ▼ Targets ▼ ►1,000 Subs - ✔ ►5,000 Subs - ✔ ►10,000 Subs - ✔ (March 2017) ►20,000 Subs - ✔ (May 2017) ►50,000 Subs - ✔ (Jan 2018) ►60,000 Subs - ✔ ►70,000 Subs - ✔ ►80,000 Subs - ✔ (July 2018) ►90,000 Subs - ✔ ►100,000 Subs - ✔ ►110,000 Subs - ✘ ►120,000 Subs - ✘
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A new chapter is here everyone. Basically, I am excited to watch and react to amazing shows, create exciting videos, collaborate with other reactors, and so much more! I have a lot planned and cannot wait to share my adventures and shenanigans with you all! Much love! -Brittany
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I nitpick the content I love the most! Weekly videos & team member EXCLUSIVE content! Weekly livestreams! Weds 6pm EST - The Afterparty (A deep dive into DCTV) Suns 5pm EST - The Weekly Geekly Roundup Podcast (Marvel content & more) Follow me on social media @djairrick at almost all places! email below for any business inquiries!
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New videos on all your favorite TV shows and Movies! The latest reviews on shows, news and speculation in the nerd world! Video uploads and schedule: Titans Season 3 News Reviews and Breakdowns The Batman 2022 News and Breakdowns The Flash Season 7 Reviews and Breakdowns Stargirl Season 2 Reviews and Breakdowns Westworld Season 4 Breakdowns Umbrella Academy News, Updates and Breakdowns Lucifer Season 5 News and Updates Trailer breakdowns for movies/shows Marvel News The Mandalorian Season 2 Reviews DCTV/DC Movie News As well as theory videos on all shows!
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I am one of those historian types but I pretty much talk about whatever I find interesting. I also have an interest in technology, both new and vintage. In addition, I'm a compulsive dvd collector (when I have the money, which isn't often these days).
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I am a reaction/Halo channel (yeahhhh I know weird combo BUT you gotta do what you are passionate about on YouTube)! I react to all things Arrowverse, Star Wars, video games, Marvel, and whatever else YOU recommend! So kick back, grab a snack, a pop funko, and let’s have some nerdgasms together! Yikes that came out weird. Ongoing reactions: The Snyder Cut The Flash Season 7 Superman & Lois The Boys Season 2 The Clone Wars Parks and Recreation Season 7 Batwoman Season 2 AND WEEKLY HALO VIDEOS! Upcoming reactions: The Office SERIES finale Wonder Woman 1984 Shazam LOtR Trilogy Plus whatever else is recommended! Halo videos will be coming soon as well! ————————MILESTONES——————— 100-Sep 2019 200-Dec 2019 300-Jan 2020 400-April 2020 500-May 2020 600-June 2020 700-Aug 2020 800-Nov 2020 900-Dec 2020 1000-Dec 2020 2000-Feb 2021 3000-Mar 2021
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SUBSCRIBE for more TV/MOVIE REACTIONS, fanvids, and all-around commentary.vids. Currently reacting to: TV: 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Lovecraft Country The Haunting of Bly Manor The L Word Generation Q Motherland: Fort Salem Married at First Sight Australia season 7 "First Lesbian Couple" Find me on Twitter fanning out https://twitter.com/podfemslashgurl Channel graphic:Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
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Upcoming Trailers

I Like to upload Marvel, DC and much more. If you would like to see them. Subscribe to my channel. Schedule : Monday - Batwoman Tuesday - Ducktales Wednesday - The Flash / Legends of Tomorrow / Superman And Lois Friday - Harley Quinn / WandaVision Sunday - Doctor Who I do this as a hobby and i only upload the stuff that I like and upload the stuff that I think you would like as well. These schedule times may vary depending on whether or not the show has finished the season.... Do subscribe to get more content! I update my schedule regularly to show you what I upload when the shows come out.... Thank you for subscribing and hopefully you will like and comment on my videos as it really helps me out!
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My channel mainly covers DCTV / Arrowverse shows, DC Films, MCU videos, I do things like Reviews for the epsidoes or movies, I explain & breakdown the endings as well, I also do trailer breakdowns and give my own theories as well. Be sure to subscribe to see more upcoming content coming your way!! The Flash, The Flash Season 7, The Flash 7x01 Promo, Arrowverse, The Flash Crossover, The Flash Trailer, The Flash Season 7 Trailer, The Flash Promo, Supergirl, Supergirl Season 6, Supergirl Season 6 Trailer, Supergirl 6x01, Supergirl 6x01 Trailer, Supergirl 6x01 Promo, Superman, Superman and Lois, Superman and Lois Trailer, DCTV News, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl CW, Wonder Woman CW Spin Off, Supergirl Final Season, Yara Flor CW, The Flash 7x01 Trailer, The Flash 7x01 Teaser.
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Arrowverse Heroes

The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow in my channel !
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Covering Supergirl Season 6, Stargirl Season 2, Batwoman Season 2, Black Widow, Avengers, Titans Season 2, Tangled Season 3, The Flash Season 7, Star Wars and other Marvel and DC Movies / TV Shows / Comic Books News and Discussions We also cover animated shows like Scooby Doo and Guess Who, Infinity Train, Tangled The Series and much more
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