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High Quality Bass Boosted Songs. For cooperation, please contact:
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Bass Boosted

Welcome to Bass Boosted! I provide the highest quality bass boosted music. All of the music I bass boost on this channel is clean enough for anyone's sound system, whether it be your car or home audio system. I hope you enjoy the tunes I promote, if you have any questions regarding the music I promote and edit, please feel free to e-mail: Kind Regards, Brandon
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HQ - Bass Music

Welcome to HQ - Bass Music! On this channel you will find many different music Music for Cars 2019. I try to find the best, high quality and the most pleasant music for you. Please enjoy and make sure that it shares with your friends and family :) ▽ Keep track of HQ - Bass Music: ✓ ✓ Subscribe to more videos ◢ Youtube ➞ Thank you for reading and a great day! HQ - Bass Music
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Bass Nation

Welcome to Bass Nation family 💙! The only music channel on YouTube that promotes diverse and qualified bass music. We are a rock solid community deeply rooted in the underground trap scene, and are always looking for new talent and inspiration. Any questions/concerns please feel free to contact me through the business inquiries below, thank you. Hope to see you on the channel! - Brandon
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Bass fishing Productions

Welcome to the BFP NATION! My name is Bobby and I specialize in catching the coolest and rarest fish possible here in south Florida. Most of the fish I catch I bring back to put in my backyard ponds and fish tanks as my new pets! Make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss any videos 2-3 times a week. Instagram: Business email:
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DG Music - Bass Music

If you enjoy trap music,dubstep music,EDM music,deep house,club music or new music then you’re in the right place.. Introducing the Smile Music.We are packed full of energetic club music and new music which we update daily for you. © SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC HERE: © BUSINESS inquiries: ____________________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: We do not own all the material we're posting on our channel. If you are a copyright owner and want your work to be removed from our channel PLEASE contact us at or leave us a personal message here and we will remove your material right away. PLEASE do not opt for a youtube strike. NOTE that we do not benefit from posting this material and we're only helping new and emerging artist to be heard by supporting and promoting their work on various
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Bass Effect

Welcome to the Official Channel of Bass Effect. Here you'll find the Cleanest and the Most Powerful Bass Boosted Songs!
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Norwegian Bass

Label & Promoter Our goal is to create the best quality bass boost for your audio equipment and to promote and grow the fanbase for talented artists. We are not strict on genres we upload. We love whatever has a good beat with decent bass to work with Our main and most popular genres at the moment are Ghouse / Slap house, Phonk, Trap & Hardstyle Anyone is allowed to request songs they like to us via our song request form in our description Any artist is allowed to request their song to us via Our submission forms, email, discord or Instagram But we prefer you send it to us via our submission forms or email We try to answer them all but sometimes it might take a while to answer due to alot of request and spam.
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Bass Empire

"Bass Empire" - Music Blog. Established on Mar 30, 2016. Deep House Music, Trap Music, Trap Empire, House Music, Electronic Mix. Custom Music Videos & Bass Boosted Songs for Car. Car Music, Bass Boosted Car Music. Music submissions/General Inquiries Below.
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UKF Drum & Bass

Welcome to UKF Drum & Bass! Bringing you the best in D&B. Check out some of our playlists to discover new artists! For news and interviews, check out - the home of bass music. UKF - The home of bass music. Founded & Curated by Luke Hood in April 2009
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Welcome to Bass Trap Music. If you are interested in the Car Music, Trap, EDM and more then you are in the right place. If you enjoy the content, please drop a like and subscribe to the channel! Join us in the comment sections :)
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Trap Nation

Welcome to Trap Nation. We share music to millions of fans all over the world and feature our favourite tracks from a variety of genres. Pushing over 150 million streams per months from over 30 million subscribers, The Nation is one of the largest music sharing communities online
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Center Stage Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele Academy

Center Stage Guitar Academy offers a method of learning guitar, bass, and ukulele through comprehensive online lessons which aim to inspire and educate at the most economical price. Since its 2012 inception, Center Stage Guitar Academy has served over 50,000 aspiring guitar players with high quality video lessons. Always keeping the students’ needs in mind, lessons are produced with multiple angles giving the student maximum exposure to the instructor, as he teaches you the essentials of guitar. Once you have completed the beginner program or join as an intermediate player, you can focus on developing specific skills or styles that you enjoy. Study rock, blues, jazz, classical, flamenco, bluegrass, country, fingerstyle and more. Develop skills such as improvisation, lead playing, and music theory. Learn from the over 150 song lessons provided, complete with accurate tabs. Dive into one of the artist study volumes and learn the style of guitar heroes such as BB King and Jimmy Page
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Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum Deluxe Edition available now! Shaun Morgan – Vocals/Guitar Dale Stewart – Bass/Vocals John Humphrey – Drums Corey Lowery - Guitar
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Видеоблог о жизни автозвукера: рассказываю о моей машине, валю по городу басс и громкий фронт, рассказываю об интересных автомобилях. Предложить автомобиль на обзор: Коммерческие предложения: BASSVLOG.PROMO@GMAIL.COM
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Bounce & Bass

Bounce & Bass is an Indie Record Label and a curational audiovisual music channel that provides the newest and the best edm / dance music with the likes of Bass House, Melbourne Bounce, Minimal/Psytrance bounce and any other bounce sounds around! Supporting underground undiscovered talented Artists and discovering the newest and freshest underground sounds. 👾 Join our Discord, join the Family: Bounce & Bass
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Hard Bass School

Hard Bass School Pavel Zhukov, Val Toletov, Management: (Show/Cooperation/and other offers) Merch: Fan link: Hard Bass School became the embodiment of Russian underground music. Now, when people say “Hardbass”, they mean tracks of these fellows! #hardbassschool #narkotikkal #hardbass
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Bass Slayer

Bass Slayer is your home for amazing Trap and House music. We want to enchant people and bring near new artists which may become your favourites. Whether beautiful Car Videos or powerful Bass Boosts, you'll find it all here! Enjoy your stay guys! Music submissions: submit[at] Contact: mouad[at] Business enquiries: george[at]
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