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Theo and Harris

Theo & Harris is a curator at its core,  even before taking to YouTube to serve the community of watch-lovers with news, reviews and commentary. Fueled by our own appetite for history, design and complicated mechanical technology, we scour the world, from Oklahoma to Tokyo, for interesting wristwatches to share with passionate people.
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Teddy Baldassarre

My name is Teddy Baldassarre and I make videos about watches. On this channel you'll learn what watches to buy, what watches not to buy, the history & current news on watches, trending topics, and interviews with extraordinary leaders in the watch industry. Our team is also an authorized dealer of 30 leading watch brands, as well as watch straps which you can browse and buy at www.teddybaldassarre.com. Sign-up for our weekly newsletter, join our facebook group, and let's continue to grow this awesome hobby. -- OUR PROMISE: To always produce honest, educational content about watches, and to earn our community's trust organically by refraining from paid sponsorships and reviews. In doing so we remain unbiased, independent, and focused on equipping our community to make the most informed buying decisions possible.
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Jenni Elle

Hi everyone :) I'm Jenni, a german watch lover that enjoys talking about everything watch related. My husband and I already run a german channel called WATCHVICE where we talk about watches. I am responsible for the complete content creation on that channel BUT a few weeks ago, we uploaded our first video having me as the narrator. I really enjoyed it so I decided to start my own channel, and because of my studies in Scotland I decided to do so in English :-) On this channel I really want to focus on creating a platform for EVERYONE who likes watches - no matter for what reason! I feel the watch community can sometimes be very competitive in terms of "who knows more" and trying to define, what a 'true' watch lover really is. I want everyone to feel welcome and not judged - talk about watches and have fun!
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John P Watches

Watch talk from John Pietrasz - owner of Delray Watch Supply, DelrayWatch.com . https://www.instagram.com/therealjohnp/
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Hey! Ich möchte diesen Kanal simpel und unkompliziert halten. Es geht hier nicht um technische Daten oder Zahlen… Es geht um das Tragegefühl, die Benutzererfahrung. Für Fragen und Anregungen kannst du mir gerne eine Mail schicken oder direkt in die Kommentare schreiben! Viel Spaß!
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Paul Pluta

From the creators of the infamous "ArchieLuxury" Channel comes something very special! The Paul Pluta Prestige Channel. Luxury Goods presented by the world authority on Luxury - Paul Pluta. DO YOU WANT TO HELP PAUL ? You can help via the following ways:- 1) DONATE IMMEDIATELY VIA PAYPAL! PayPal.Me/archieluxury 2) Sponsor Paul on Patreon You can set up a monthly conrtibution to help Archie stay full time https://www.patreon.com/archieluxury 3) Organise a Paid Review (Any Topic- Watches, Men's issues or anything!) My charge for a collection review is US$50- (with YouTube video made!) PayPal to archieluxury72@gmail.com Then send details of your collection/query to archieluxury72@gmail.com Express reviews and or long reviews are US$100- 4) Seek Personal Advice from Archie Advice via email - US$20- Advice with a video follow up - US$65- Speak to Paul for Advice and Opinions - US$50- per hour PayPal to archieluxury72@gmail.com
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Britt Pearce

aka Watch Gringa. Here to give y'all a FUN, LIGHT HEARTED watch channel! Our mission statement here at Gringa Analytics is to pretty much the opposite of Hodinkee. In a male dominated hobby, I'm here to give a woman's perspective on all things watches, time pieces & watch collecting. Let's talk about WATCHES Y'ALL. And have a spot o fun! this is mostly just me, chatting watches, getting drunk, having fun; LIFE IS SHORT! don't take it too seriously!
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DeeTimeLove Show

This is a lifestyle channel, inspired by life in London, traveling, and love for watches, cars, tropical and marine fish, and the real business world! Please like and Subscribe Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deetimelove Join my Facebook group Watch Addiction Club below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/187615861710114/ Join us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deetimelove/ For more requests and reviews, please contact Dee at deetimelove.dtlc@gmail.com
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Hey, this is my Youtube channel which I started after I moved from Germany to the United Arab Emirates Dubai. With this channel I want to show you everything I discover on my travels, in Dubai and about watches. I hope you like the content and follow me on my journey. If you want to support the channel you can do this via paypal.me/TheDubaiExpat The money will be spend for better camera equipment and accessories :)! Best regards Niko
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Watch Collectors UK

I am watch dealer currently managing WatchCollectors.co.uk which is a high end watches and jewellery shop in Central London. On my channel I like to talk about upcoming watch news, review watches, answer your questions and give tips and advice on buying/selling/maintaining your watch. Main motive of this channel is to educate and answer people horological questions. Please subscribe to my channel and don't forget to thumbs up the videos, its free :)
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Paul Thorpe

Paul Thorpe was one of the UK's leading and most established independent watch dealers. Now retired, he is a full time Watch Journalist, Vlogger and is available to the media for any watch or jewellery related interviews. He is also available to clients across the world on a consultancy basis. Paul owned one of the most beautiful and unique watch shops in the UK. The shop specialised in pre owned Rolex, pre owned watches, luxury watches, fine jewellery, objet d'art and other rarities. These days, Paul updates his subscribers on all the latest watch news. Previously a key figure in the watch industry Paul still has many contacts who are still active in the watch industry and is often expised to updates and news before common knowledge. This hugely insightful channel with keep you up to date with all watch news and offers watch reviews, watch industry updates, collaborations with other watch influencers and general opinions about all things watch related.
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Got Another Watch Time

Got Another Watch Time is your channel for watch Reviews. Your host, Mr A, provides genuine insights and takes on various timepieces –watches ranging from Rolex to Omega to Seiko and more. Subscribe to the channel for hands-on look at a diverse range of watches, detailed video reviews plus the latest news on releases from around the world.
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TheWrist and Guy

Hey guys, it's me - Thewristguy! Maybe you already know me from my german channel called "TheWristGuy". Since I can remember, I have always loved watches. Not for the price or the status, but for the history and the feeling behind it. This channel is not about objective and technical reviews of different watches. It focuses on my personal and subjective opinion on certain timepieces and what I would suggest you as either a newcomer in watches or an enthusiast! Welcome!
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Perpetual-Time Ltd

Perpetual-Time ltd. provide the highest quality watch repair, watch servicing and watch restoration services. I am fully qualified WOSTEP ‘Watchmaker of Switzerland Training Education Program’ and have studied with MBHI ‘British Horological Institute’. I also sit on the board for the British Watch And Clock-makers Guild. I can also confirm that Perpetual-Time also has a fellowship from the British Horological Institute I am very passionate about watches and this is shown in the quality and precision of my work. This channel is aimed at watch enthusiasts, collectors, dealers and those interested in watch making, repairs, restoration, customisation and servicing. I will be uploading a wide range of watch related videos, showcasing my work as well as giving viewers the opportunity to ask questions, learn and experience first hand the life of a watchmaker. Contact details- www.perpetual-time.com Info@perpetual-time.com 0151 205 0776 www.perpetual-time.com Instagram- perpetual_time_ltd
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Max Rothfuss

Wenn Du Uhren von Rolex, Audemars Piguet und Patek Philippe liebst, dann bist Du hier richtig. Ich zeige euch in meinen Videos die schönsten Uhren, Einblicke hinter die Kulissen des Uhrenhandels und gebe Dir die wichtigsten Tipps und Empfehlungen rund um den Kauf hochwertiger Luxusuhren. Ich heiße Max Rothfuss und ich führe einen kleinen Laden für neue und gebrauchte Luxusuhren in der Calwer Straße 19 in Stuttgart (Das ist der Laden den Du siehst wenn Du dort in der Stadtmitte aus der S-Bahn Station steigst.) Mein Vater Willi Rothfuss hat schon in den 70er Jahren angefangen mit Uhren zu handeln. Somit bin ich praktisch seit meiner Geburt an dabei. Meinen eigenen Laden in der Calwer Straße führe ich seit 2017. All diese Erfahrung teile ich mit Euch auf diesem Channel. Abonniere mich, um kein Video mehr zu verpassen und wenn Du eine Frage hast, dann schreib mir gern eine Mail an max@rothfuss.de
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Watch Andrew

Watch enthusiast who’s looking to share my journey & opinion on all the watches that cross my path,,, I have an ever changing collection from Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Tudor, Citizen, Seiko and many more.... Check out my Instagram - @WATCHANDREW_
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The English Watch

A amateur enthusiast with an eye for detail. Helping like minded individuals, like you, start your watch collecting journey. I’m no expert, but if you see something useful and like the content, please share and subscribe.
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Videos of my mini dachshunds Harry & Poppy, concert videos and other random goodies
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time in the uk

Time in the uk . honest reviews helpful and informative . Share the love for watches life stuff and other larks contact via email at tradingwatches@yahoo.com
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Pink G10

Welcome to my YT-channel! The main focus here is high quality knives and axes from makers all over the world. I try to alternate between simple overviews, reviews, in-detail/full reviews and comparisons of different kinds.
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