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Football Republic

قناة لمتابعة المواهب الكتلونية والمدريديه بشكل حصري وكل ما يخص انتقالات نادي برشلونة وريال مدريد سعيد بمتابعتكم للقناة. اللهم صلي على سيدنا محمد . ملاحظة مهمة جدا:- تصاميمي تحتوي على موسيقى وانا غير مسؤل عن ذنب اي واحد منكم
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Akelicious Media

We gives you the recent entertainment news in Nigeria today from latest celebrity news, gossips, photos, latest video released, scandals & many more. We are delivering online blog for breaking gossips, rumor and bulletin daily in Nigeria'
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Nikola Stanojevic

This is a football/soccer channel by Niko, Zander and Aleks. We produce different types of football/soccer videos,such as freekicks montage, we testing boots and also make freestyle videos. Join the team now just subscribe! Contact: mrnikosta@gmail.com
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Check out my Facebook page www.facebook.com/Ussoccerfan95 YOUTUBE STORY: I started my Youtube channel as a place to post videos of new freestyle tricks when I was able to do them. I soon began to upload freekick videos because I was fascinated by how Cristiano Ronaldo shot the ball. Time passed, and I started doing less with freestyle and more with freekicks. I became the first soccer Youtube Partner on July 7, 2010. Summer of 2010 I entered a soccer talent contest, which I eventually won. The prize was a trip to Italy to watch Inter Milan play. I went to Italy in May and then visited Spain. I went to Madrid and watched Real Madrid play Getafe and win 4-0 (Ronaldo scored a hat-trick). The trip amazed me, because making soccer videos has let me to travel the globe. I'm grateful to all my fans on Youtube. Without you none of this would've happened. I try to answer any questions that you have, send me a personal message to ask.
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TruePassion is a Worldwide creative agency with teams in London, Rome and Madrid. Our network of friends and collaborators allows us to showcase content from some of the music industry's best emerging talent alongside established greats. Subscribing really helps bring these projects to life! For info and merchandise visit www.truepassion.co For contact use Info.contact@truepassion.co
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My Name is Joud (GreyWolf) I Have All Sort Of Videos :D Check Them Out!!~!~! 1. Gaming PS3 2. Tutoriols. 3. Relegious 4. Sports 5. App reviews 6. Music 7. Annoying Orange 8. Funny Videos And Pictures.. 9. Visits To Countries 10. Much More!!!!! So Please Subscribe :) Fell Free To Add Me!!! Subscribing Goals :- 50 ✓ 100 ✓ 150 ✓ 200 ✓ 300 ✓ 400 ✓ 500✓ 600✓ 700 ✓ 750 ✓ 800 ✓ 1000 ✓ 1200 X 1500 X 2000 X Views : 1,000 ✓ 5,000 ✓ 10,000 ✓ 15,000 ✓ 20,000 ✓ 30,000 ✓ 40,000 ✓ 50,000 ✓ 60,000 ✓ 70,000 ✓ 80,000 ✓ 90,000 ✓ 100,000✓ 150,000 X 200,000 X Thanks To All My Fans! And If i Didn't Get All these views And Subs I Wouldn't Of Continued !! My PSN : I-I___J0uD___I-I Wanna Chat? grey.wolf.oo@hotmail.com
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Christian Kerschdorfer

Kerschdorfer Christian is a professionell football freestyler, well known from the austrian talent show "die grosse Chance" Enjoy his offical youtube channel with some extremly crazy videos about freestyle football!
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Rule14 Videos

Student of Sports Kinesiology. Come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. A passionate fan of Valencia CF. Contact: halilovic_rusmir@yahoo.com or here twitter.com/Rule14
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Navid Molaaghaei

My name is Navid and I make videos of the brightest young talents at FC Barcelona's academy, La Masia. Subscribe to watch the future of Barça unfold themselves in what is known as the best talent factory in the world! Twitter: www.twitter.com/navidjaan I hope you enjoy the videos!
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