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B-Team Jiu Jitsu

Official content from the second-best Jiu-Jitsu academy in the world, based out of Austin, TX. We are the home of Mexican Ground Karate.
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Goldtown MMA

MMA Media
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Less Impressed More Involved BJJ

Lets get better at no gi jiu jitsu Instagram: @shorthairedjake
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  • 79 videos
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Joshua Settlage - 'The BJJ Strength Coach'

Helping grappling athletes WIN MORE MATCHES & GET INJURED LESS! Home channel of Coach Joshua Settlage, CSCS.
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Giancarlo Bodoni

Official YouTube Channel of ADCC World Champion, Giancarlo Bodoni. This channel is intended to be a resource for the BJJ community to gain knowledge and improve upon their skillset. I am excited to connect with everyone and share my experiences as well as the techniques and strategies I used on my journey to the top. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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CountFilms TV

MMA Media. Combat Sports Website. Subscribe. CountFilms.com
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The Grapple Club

Exploring Grappling Culture
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Enigma TV

Official YouTube channel of Enigma TV
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El Segundo Podcast Clips

Clips from the El Segundo Podcast with Craig Jones. Visit the B-Team main channel for full conversations and other videos.
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Just an international Social Studies teacher who loves history, grappling, and No-Gi Jiu Jitsu! This channel started as a hobby to analyze my rolls and has transformed into a Jiu Jitsu Vlog. What I'm going for with StellaTinaBJJ is "accidental learning". What do I mean by this? I'm not aiming to teach anything specific or create instructional videos or reels but I hope that through my creative problem solving and learning you learn something too! I'm a teacher and I have a passion for education and learning so please feel free to ask me any Jiu Jitsu related questions in the comments of my videos and I'd be happy to answer them! I'd also love to hear your feedback in the comments if you've found any of my content useful or have suggestions! :) Happy rolling! Oos!
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Flow State Jiu Jitsu

Chad the Dad blesses us with his Jiu Jitsu Philosophy, Theory, Concepts, and Humor! (Members get access to my techniques) I do not teach "Move Based" Jiu Jitsu. I embody conceptual Jiu Jitsu. Concept based Jiu Jitsu will launch your game levels beyond where you are now, because your overall understanding of Jiu Jitsu will finally flourish. Memorizing a million techniques is nearly impossible and often times will have no application. However, if you master the concepts, then you will create your own Jiu Jitsu. I want to teach you the alphabet and how to spell, but it's up to you to write your own book how you see fit. Martial Arts is something to be felt and experienced, not something to be done to someone else. "Be like Water" is our Slogan. "Flow State" is our name. You will understand exactly how to adapt based on what the situation presents with no attachment. Just as water takes the form of whatever container it fills.
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Tudo sobre a ARTE SUAVE MILENAR de uma forma real, simples e sem dúvida muito interessante. Treine "JIU JITSU PARA VIDA TODA" e supere todos os obstáculos que seu dia te proporcionar. OSS!!!
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Bem Vindo ao Canal do YouTube da ABMT TEAM, chamado TV ABMT. Aqui você irá encontrar a rotina da nossa equipe, a rotina dos Atletas, muito entretenimento com o Quadro CANELLADA com Emerson Hansen, Fred B. Weber, Bob Pai e Gastão Oliveira Jr. entrevistando convidados do mundo das lutas e demais esportes e com o Quadro LUTAS & GLÓRIAS apresentando os bastidores do Camp (treinamento pré luta) até o momento da entrada no cage, no ringue ou nos tatames. Transmissões e acesso aos Eventos de Lutas promovidos pela Equipe, seja o Terral Fight, o Seletiva Grappling Federation, a Copa ABMT ou o ABMT Origens - Sparring. Além de diversos vídeos, para você navegar e ficar por dentro da nossa equipe e das artes marciais. http://americanbeach.com.br/
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Try of 30 days Free Trial& 60 Day $$$ Back Guarantee Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Fitness Kids & Adults Kai Next Level Mixed Martial Arts Mission is to provide the best programs and services to the community it serves. By doing so, Master Kai and his employees enforce discipline to their clients (children, youth and adults) as well as teach them self defense and build their confidence. Mixed martial arts is a sport but most importantly it teaches self discipline, self respect, builds self confidence and it's an active safe and fun exercise/sport. They strive to help make a positive difference in their Students lives!
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Nick Ortiz Jiu Jitsu

Nick Ortiz Jiu Jitsu is a channel dedicated to the journey of my competitive goals and to share explicit knowledge of the art of jiu jitsu as a whole. #bjj #jiujitsu
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BadBoy Fábio Nazario

Canal de Videos da NEOFIGHT TV - BADY TEAM Switzerland, Jiu-Jitsu Catanduva SP - NFJJT(NEOFIGHT JIU JITSU TEAM), Conexão Brasil/Suíça fabiodejesusnazario.wix.com/badboyfabiojn http://www.MMASWISS.wordpress.com NEOFITNESS TRAINING Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Jiu-Jitsu, Fight to Live, Live to Fight! Participe da Comunidade Jiu-Jitsu Catanduva no Orkut copiando e colando o link abaixo www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=26184903 Veja o grupo da NEOFIGHT aqui no YouTube copiando e colando o link abaixo http://br.youtube.com/group/neofightteam www.neofitness.com.br www.neofight.hpg.com.br www.yogaka.com www.tvcombatetotal.com.br www.tvcombatetotal.com www.tatame.com.br www.tatametv.com.br www.tatame.com Tudo sem DEUS é nada, e nada com DEUS é tudo! APOIO www.neofitness.com.br Fábio B. J. Nazario Nick Name: BadyBoy NEOFIGHT TEAM
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TEAM 404

Kênh Hoàng Mai Lê Chuyên về nội dung: Giúp Những bạn bị khuyết tật trở về cuộc sống bình thường và tái hòa nhập lại với cộng đồng. Giúp các bạn có được sức khỏe và tự tin. Chia sẻ những kỹ thuật Đẩy Gậy - Kéo Co Chia sẻ giao lưu kỹ thuật của BJJ hay Jiu-Jitsu và các bài tập thể lực dành cho các VĐV và mọi người
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Tyler The Uke

Brown Belt under Craig Jones at B Team Jiu Jitsu Head Nogi Jiu Jitsu Coach at Bangkok Fight Lab Based in Thailand
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