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Ate Jane TV

Welcome to Ate Jane TV! This channel is dedicated to giving you one-shot short stories and this channel will only bring you the best true to life stories to brighten your day. Also, this channel is related to Ate Jane (From Mga Kwento Ni Ate Jane). Discover one-of-a-kind Filipino short stories that can change your life by teaching you valuable life lessons and providing a moral to the story. Get inspired and make the most of your relaxing time in just a few minutes. It is now possible because Ate Jane TV will provide you with inspirational stories based on the theme "Maikling Kwento na May Aral". Subscribe and hit that notification bell to enjoy Pinoy inspiring stories every day.
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에이트 ATE

👇 추천템 모음👇 안사면 0원 사면 영원~ 유용한 꿀팁, 궁금했던 제품, 신박한 물건, 핫한 기기 리뷰의 모든 것! (비즈니스) E-mail : (일상/소통)인스타 :
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Ate Melvie is all about Politics, Showbiz , Travel and charity vlogs. We cover what's new and what's trending in Philippines, etc.
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Ate Edna Vlogs

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Canal Ler Até Amanhecer por Joici Rodrigues. O canal é voltado para conteúdos de Terror em sua muitas camadas e variações, tendo como foco abordar, comparar e resenhar livros, antigos e novos. Sendo para livro x filme, livro x séries ou apenas para compartilhar curiosidades do terror com livros ou conteúdo próprio. Todos os inscritos tem abertura para pedir conteúdos dentro de tema e toda a ajuda será bem vinda! Obrigada Corujitos! ... E nos veremos sempre.
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Unnatural Vegan

I’ve been vegan for about 15 years (in 2024). My husband has been vegan even longer, & our 3 young children since birth. I’m really not a fan of family vlogging, so you won’t see any of them here. I make some fun, food-centric videos, like my “awesome & awful” product reviews & what I ate todays. Occasionally I’ll post a recipe or two, but what I’m most known for are my deep dives into vegan nutrition, environmentalism, & ethics, as well as my reactions to videos by fellow "influencers." And I love analyzing stupid supplements & other health scams! Like Athletic Greens. Don't buy Athletic Greens. My ultimate goal here is to spread veganism in an honest way, sans dogma or propaganda. I want to help people see why eating less animal products is so important for animals, for the environment, & for our health, & I want to help those who are already vegan, stay vegan. But I won’t do that by demonizing meat-eaters, cherry-picking studies, or exaggerating the benefits of a vegan diet.💚
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Hi guys! my name is Jona also known as JingJing Cuanan. I'm a Filipina who married to a Russian guy. I just would like to share our LDR story and to inspire some couples who has the same situation. Now, I'm already a mom, a mom vlogger, influencer with a passion for beauty, fashion, lifestyle and love sharing all of my mom tips and adventures with you guys. From cooking to day in the life vlogs. I upload videos of tutorial, tips and daily basis of my day to day life along with promotional videos. I just love documenting my experience being here in Russia, as wife of a Russian guy and a first time mom. You can also follow me in Instagram and Facebook. Please please please SUBSCRIBE! I'd love to have you be part of this supportive online community. ❤️ Follow me in Instagram : atejingldrcoach Facebook Page:
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Franco-Canadien, ancien pilote de chasse de l'Aéronavale, j'ai été formé par la Marine américaine. J'ai eu la chance de vivre de nombreuses experiences, mélange de combat, de démonstration aérienne à bord du Rafale Marine (200 appontages) et de participations à des championnats du mondes dans 3 disciplines sportives différentes. Avec une approche particulière du Leadership, Followership, de la gestion du stress et de la communication, je suis maintenant auteur (D.BRIEF Amazon bestselling) conférencier, pilote de ligne a Toronto et un des plus jeune consultant aéronautique dans les médias au monde. Fly safe, stay safe et contactez nous! Former fighter pilot turned keynote speaker I adapt aviation proven methods beyond the cockpit.. Let's get in touch ! LinkedIn : Pour me booker pour des questions, de la simulation de vol ou du coaching:
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Ate Red

Hi, there. I am Red and I am from the City of Smiles--Bacolod. I love cycling, coffee, and many other things. :) Thanks. XOXO
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Little Miss Sofia

Привет, друзья! Меня зовут София. Мне 4 года, Я очень люблю киндер-сюрпризы и маленьких пони. Обожаю родителей ,братика Максимку и свою собаку хаски Фрэнка. Очень хочу делится этой радостью с Вами . На моем канале Вы сможете увидеть много познавательных и интересных видео.Моя мама художник и поэтому у нас будут видео ,посвящённые творчеству(лепке,рисованию и т.д) , а также увидите новинки игрушек и киндер-сюрпризов. Подписывайтесь на мой канал, оставляйте комментарии и оценивайте видео!!! Мы будем стараться выкладывать новые видео каждый день. Hi, friends! My name is Sofia. Me 4 years, I love kinder surprises and the little ponies. I love parents ,brother Maxim and his dog husky Frank. Really want to share this joy with You . On my channel You will find many informative and interesting video.My mom is an artist and so we will have a video dedicated to creativity(sculpting,drawing, etc) and also will see new toys and kinder surprise. Subscribe to my channel, leave comments and esti
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Papa Jun & Ate Nikki

Hello! We are “JuNikki” the father and daughter tandem who wants to give love and provide good vibes to y’all! 🤗❤️
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Mga Kwento Ni Ate Jane

Hello my dear, Welcome to my channel where my motto is "Storya mo Ikwento Ko"! Here you will find some of the best Pinoy teleserye Love stories, Filipino teleserye, Tagalog romance drama on the web. I believe everyone deserves to be in Love and if you're new here consider subscribing to my channel so you don't miss an episode as we all discover some of the best Love stories that I can find for our community. From Korean drama with Tagalog version, to full Filipino romance movies to Filipino teleserye in other countries... If it's a Love story that moves my mind, body and soul... Then, I consider it my duty to share that experience with you! Thank you for stopping by. You could've been doing anything else in the world but you're here with me. I appreciate that! To make sure that you won't miss an episode, make sure to SUBSCRIBE here and turn on the notification bell
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Ang pagiging isang OFW ay mahirap lalo na homesick ang kalaban mo, but wait mga bayet huwag natin gawing rason na ma homesick tayo kasi theres so many reason to be happy, just think positive and always bare in mind kung anong rason natin bakit tinanggap natin ang hamon bilang isang OFW,,,kaya laban lang tayo mga bayett
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Cruzeiro Até Morrer

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Sarah Betts

Hey y'all, i'm Sarah! Welcome to my little spot on the internet where I post about my life. You can expect to see everything from morning & night routine videos, to fashion styling tips, tricks and life hacks. We don't take things too seriously over here on my youtube channel so subscribe, join the family, and let's hang out. This is a place for everyone! BUSINESS INQUIRIES: PO BOX 371 MIAMI QLD 4220
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Ate Kat Ibang Istorya

Iba't ibang kwentong magbibigay Kilig, Inspirasyon at Aral ❤️ For Copyright matters and Business Inquiries, please contact us directly Please do not plagiarize our story. Ang mga stories na inuupload ay orihinal at may permiso mula sa mga partner naming manunulat. We do not tolerate plagiarism. However in case na may katulad ang aming story please email us immediately para matanggal namin ang video and makausap namin ang aming mga writer, kung sila man ay nagkamali.
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Danielle Ate the Sandwich

I am Danielle Ate the Sandwich, a full time singer/songwriter and YouTuber! I have 7 albums of original music, teach songwriting, and perform shows across the US. Check my website songs, merch and more info about me! My albums are available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Bandcamp, Spotify, Pandora and my website! Google me! Please enjoy the originals, covers and extras!
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ATE Mitch Cajayon - Uy

Ang inyong Pambansang Ate!
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