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An entity of musical experimentation. Making goth, vocaloid, synthwave, drum and bass, coldwave and brazilian funk.
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Event Horizon

John Michael Godier's Event Horizon is a Science and space focused narrative driven show featuring special guests. Event Horizon covers science, astronomy, space science, futurism, technology, astrophysics, history, news and more.
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SimplySpace - on the trail of the mysteries of the universe Planets with hot ice? Celestial bodies larger than their own sun? What is relic radiation and what is dark matter exactly? Astronomers do an exciting job. Like adventurers, they are on the trail of the secrets of the universe and discover the strangest phenomena. Many phenomena in the universe can be explained, but most of them cannot. Researchers agree that there was a Big Bang around 13.8 billion years ago. But what was before? Nobody knows. Are you curious about the universe and want to accompany the astrophysicists of this world on their exciting knowledge tours? SimplySpace's videos explain the latest research from NASA and others in an informative and entertaining way. Be there, subscribe to SimplySpace and join in the discussion!
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Cool Worlds

Space, astronomy, exoplanets, astroengineering and the search for extraterrestrial life & intelligence. The Cool Worlds Lab (http://coolworldslab.com), based at the Department of Astronomy, Columbia University, is a team of astronomers seeking to discover and understand alien worlds, particularly those where temperatures are cool enough for life, led by Professor David Kipping.
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LAB 360

Welcome to Lab 360! The ultimate destination for the latest space news and space documentaries from the world of astronomy and astrophysics. Stay updated with all the current discoveries from NASA, James Webb Space Telescope, along with easily explained videos on black holes, asteroids, galaxies, planets, and more. You will also find a collection of easy-to-perform experiments that will feed the science enthusiast in you! Are you ready?
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The Science Asylum

At the Science Asylum, Nick Lucid is absurdly excited about science and math. We hope that you feel safe to be excited about it too. Crazy = Very enthusiastic, passionate, fanatical, excited, and/or obsessed. Asylum = Haven, refuge, sanctuary, shelter, and/or safe house.
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Seekers of the Cosmos

Obsessed with all things space? Me too! From planets and galaxies to the downright crazy stuff out there... this is where we get seriously nerdy about the cosmos. Expect mind-blowing facts, the latest space news, and explorations into the unknown. Let's geek out together about the universe! 🚀🌌
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NASA Goddard

Your friendly neighborhood space flight center. 👩‍🔬🚀 NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is home to the nation's largest organization of combined scientists, engineers and technologists that build spacecraft, instruments and new technology to study Earth, the sun, our solar system and the universe. Named for American rocketry pioneer Dr. Robert H. Goddard, the center was established in 1959 as NASA's first space flight complex. Goddard and its several facilities are critical in carrying out NASA's missions of space exploration and scientific discovery. Watch for the latest in NASA's research into planetary science, astrophysics, Earth observing, and solar science.
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Outlining the world🌎
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Science meets pop culture on StarTalk! Astrophysicist & Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities & scientists discuss astronomy, physics, and everything else about life in the universe. Keep Looking Up!
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American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the world's preeminent scientific and cultural institutions. Since its founding in 1869, the Museum has advanced its global mission to discover, interpret and disseminate information about human cultures, the natural world and the universe through a wide-ranging program of scientific research, education and exhibition. The Museum is renowned for its exhibitions and scientific collections, which serve as a field guide to the entire planet and present a panorama of the world's cultures.
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Cosmoknowledge is a digital platform dedicated to igniting curiosity and spreading knowledge about astronomy and space exploration. Through our immersive and engaging video content, we aim to inspire and educate a global community of stargazers, students, educators, and space enthusiasts alike. At Cosmoknowledge, we believe that the universe is not just a vast, unexplored space; it's a compelling story waiting to be told. Our videos delve into the complex beauty of celestial bodies, the exciting advancements in space technology, and the captivating possibilities of extraterrestrial life.
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PBS Space Time

Space Time explores the outer reaches of space, the craziness of astrophysics, the possibilities of sci-fi, and anything else you can think of beyond Planet Earth with our astrophysicist host: Matthew O’Dowd. Check for New Episodes on Wednesday afternoons! Matt O'Dowd spends his time studying the universe, especially really far-away things like quasars, super-massive black holes, and evolving galaxies. He uses telescopes in space to do it. Matt completed his Ph.D. at NASA's Space Telescope Science Institute, followed by work at the University of Melbourne and Columbia University. He's now a professor at the City University of New York's Lehman College and an Associate at the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium. Previous host Gabe Perez-Giz is an astrophysicist who studies black hole physics. He received his Ph.D. from Columbia University and also hosted PBS Infinite Series.
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The Secrets of the Universe

A perfect channel for exploring the wonders of the Universe. For collaboration and promotional inquiries, contact: TheSecretsoftheUniverse@lighthouseagents.com
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James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

The James Webb Space Telescope is the successor to Hubble. It is an infrared telescope with a 6.5m mirror and a sunshade the size of a tennis court! Webb launched on December 25, 2021, and its first images and data were released on July 12, 2022.
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Launch Pad Astronomy

Welcome to Launch Pad Astronomy! I'm Christian Ready, your friendly neighborhood astronomer, and this channel is the place to geek out on the universe and understand how it works, all in plain english. When I was 13 years old, I started working at the Sproul Observatory at Swarthmore College. I helped with observing, analysis, and monthly open houses. I was instantly hooked on sharing the universe with others. Other highlights include working on the Hubble Space Telescope and teaching astronomy at Towson University (I’m probably skipping a couple of decades here and there, but you get the idea). I upload once per week, though my exact schedule varies with my teaching schedule every semester. But if you subscribe and hit the notification icon, you’ll always know when my latest videos are uploaded. Otherwise, you can find us at http://www.launchpadworkshop.org/ and https://www.christianready.com/.
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Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.

This channel contains the complete 8.01x (Physics I: Classical Mechanics), 8.02x (Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism) and 8.03 (Physics III: Vibrations and Waves) lectures as presented by Walter Lewin in the fall of 1999, spring of 2002 and fall of 2004. The 8.01x and 8.02x edX lectures are high resolution (480p) versions of the more commonly seen OCW versions. Some edits were also made by Lewin. 8.03 is the OCW version, also in a 480p resolution. Links to lecture notes, assignments/solutions and exams/solutions are added. Playlists with Help Sessions for 8.01x, 8.02x and 8.03 are also available. They are "mini lectures". The problems discussed in these videos should be apparent after watching the first few minutes. Other playlists show Lewin in various appearances and his Bi-Weekly Physics problems/solutions and several excellent lectures by Feynman and others. Published under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) License. The material is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by MIT.
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අභ්‍යවකාශ විද්‍යාව සිංහල මාධ්‍යයෙන් ඉගෙන ගැනීමට හැකි ලංකාවේ ඇති ප්‍රමුඛතම නාලිකාවට සාදරයෙන් පිළිගන්නවා. අප මෙහිදි අධ්‍යයනය කරන මාතෘකාවන් වන්නේ අභ්‍යවකාශ විද්‍යාව (Astronomy and Astrophysics), අංශු භෞතික විද්‍යාව (Particle Physics), ක්වොන්ටම් භෞතික විද්‍යාව (Quantum physics) සහ අන්තරීක්ෂ විද්‍යාව (Cosmology) ය. මීට අමතරව අවශ්‍යතාවය මත විද්‍යාව සම්බන්ධ අනිකුත් මාතෘකා ගැන අධ්‍යයනය කෙරේ. මෙම චැනල් එක කරන මම ගිහාන් වීරසේකර. මම මොරටුව විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයේ ඉලෙක්ට්‍රොනික ඉංජිනේරු උපාධිධාරියෙක් වගේම මේ වන විට මම ඉංජිනේරු කථිකාචාර්යවරයෙක්. ඒ වාගේම මම අභ්‍යවකාශ විද්‍යාව පිළිබඳව ආචාර්ය උපාධියක් කොළඹ විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයේ හදාරමිනුයි සිටින්නේ. For Business Inquiries contact - astroinfo101@gmail.com
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What a universe! 🌌
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Student actuary and Cambridge graduate. All views expressed are my own and are not those of my employers or their clients. Currently working full time in Insurance Consulting, and studying for IFoA professional exams to become a qualified actuary. I studied Physical Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge 2017-2020, and specialised in Astrophysics. Instagram/TikTok: @_paige_y
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