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Rose Anvil

Cutting boots and shoes in half to review the leather quality and construction. Occasionally I do some leather craft videos, leather working tutorials, leather wallet reviews, and boot resole videos.
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  • 647 videos
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Black Bear Forge

Sharing my passion for the art of Blacksmithing. Mailing address: Black Bear Forge PO. Box 4 Beulah, CO 81023
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  • 961 videos
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Essential Craftsman

Informational videos related to blacksmithing, general construction, safety & productivity, and various other trades. The videos feature Scott Wadsworth, and cover a wide array of topics, tools, history, opinions, and lessons. The purpose of the channel is to showcase the knowledge that is gained through experience, and encourage respect for the craftsmen, their tools, and history.
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  • 695 videos
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Alec Steele

My name's Alec Steele and here you'll find weekly videos documenting the process of building some awesome projects here in the shop. As a blacksmith, most of the projects start as lumps of steel, or stacks of different alloys for making damascus, that I forge out into blades, sculpture, art or tools before taking the project to the machining equipment or into the grinding room for finishing. Each project teaches me a lot and stretches the bounds of my knowledge. I make a lot of mistakes but they serve as an excellent teacher. There's always something important for me to learn in the shop! I want my work to be the spark that ignites the desire for you to get into your shop (or kitchen/basement/garage) and make something too! Whether it's stitching a leather wallet or forging a giant sword, you'll love the creative process. Be sure to follow me on instagram @alecsteele for behind the scenes and grab some awesome products at Thanks! Alec
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  • 1.1K videos
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How Ridiculous

3 Australians having fun.
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  • 478 videos
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Make Everything

My name is Chris, and I Make Everything. I love to make things and show you exactly how I do it. My 3,000 sq. ft. workshop in Sea Cliff, NY is where all the magic happens. My goal here is to show you how I Make Everything. For business inquiries: For product and merchandise: To help support the shop and the making of these videos: *Everything you see in these videos is performed by a trained professional- DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME*
  • 301K subscribers,
  • 297 videos
Last Updated14 days ago

Walter Sorrells

Walter Sorrells is a bladesmith specializing in blades inspired by the Japanese tradition. He also produces a series of instructional videos outlining the major crafts involved in forging Japanese swords.
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  • 582 videos
Last Updated7 days ago

ANVIL Channel

Salam Motor Tua.
  • 60K subscribers,
  • 275 videos
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Torbjörn Åhman

Hi, I'm Torbjörn Åhman. I make videos to share my creations and inspire other people to create. If you like what I do you can support me on Patreon -
  • 729K subscribers,
  • 184 videos
Last Updated12 days ago

Amazing KK Daily

Hello everyone! This is a YouTube channel about blacksmithS who specialize in making essential materials for the villagers as well as the people in the country. They can make many kinds of things using only a few modern tools and traditional techniques. They can produce agricultural materials, fishing materials, construction materials, gardening materials and many other materials that are useful to the people. They also share the techniques of making those materials in those videos. FACEBOOK PAGE: AMAZING KK DAILY If you like their work, please watch and subscribe ! Thank you for your support. Love from Amazing KK Daily
  • 660K subscribers,
  • 1.9K videos
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Evil Anvil

I like playing Minecraft and making music! And occasionally, turning Minecraft into music. Thanks for listening! :D ~Anvil (she/her)
  • 23K subscribers,
  • 29 videos
Last Updated8 days ago

Kyle Royer

Being from a family of creatives whose motto was to produce not to consume was etched into Kyle from a very early age and being educated at home gave him many opportunities to work hard at his own creative pursuits. In the early years, information was hard to find, there was no online content and only a few books and videos, so it was a lot of trial and error in the knife shop. Kyle is passionate to teach makers his more than fourteen years of experience. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” We hope we can inspire you on your maker’s journey.
  • 430K subscribers,
  • 349 videos
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Salvage Workshop

Rescuing & Reviving OLD Machines of ALL Kinds... Anything from Heavy Equipment Rescues & Repairs, to Saving Old Cars & Trucks, you NEVER know WHAT Projects you'll see on the channel! I enjoy bringing NEW Life to just about ANYTHING I find Cool! WELCOME to Salvage Workshop! I TRULY enjoy OLD Equipment, Machinery, & ANYTHING with a motor!! Join me on my AWESOME Adventures as I solve the problems I run into along the way, & I'll share my Passions, my CRAZY Projects, & my PACK of Weimaraners with you today! Every dent, ding, & scratch in an old machine tells part of it's history, & I truly want to HONOR that history here at Salvage Workshop! I ALWAYS think about WHAT was built with my machines, WHO may have used them, & WHAT caused the inventor to CREATE it & why! I Love SAVING my part of the History that truly helped BUILD the World we have today! I'm no expert, I only know enough to be DANGEROUS! (but MAN am I DANGEROUS!) You should definitely SUBSCRIBE, I WON'T let you regret it!
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Urvil Shah

Hello! Welcome to our channel For Business & Collabration Email -
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  • 112 videos
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World Anvil Worldbuilding

World Anvil's official channel for tutorials, worldbuilding advice, announcements and updates. Are you a writer, GM, Game Developer, Artist or other worldbuilder? World Anvil is THE worldbuilding Tool Set and Community for all kinds of worldbuilders, serving the worldbuilding community. Whether you're writing novel settings or campaign settings, subscribe for World Anvil site tutorials, development updates, worldbuilding content and how-tos, and Worldbuilding Challenges to up your worldbuilding game. Have requests for World Anvil tutorials? Want to see other stuff here? Just shoot us a message!
  • 38K subscribers,
  • 140 videos
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Randy Richard In The Shop

I enjoy showing shop projects involving; Machining, Woodworking, Welding, Metalworking. I am a retired Marine Engineer with 30 years of seagoing experience. I am also a Airframe and Powerplant FAA Certified Mechanic and Private Pilot. I also enjoy Fly Tying and Flyfishing. I will be posting How To, DIY and Educational videos in all of these area's. Please visit my shop and Subscribe.
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  • 610 videos
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Mark Novak

We are attempting to document skills and knowledge from the trade that will be gone soon if we don't. Don't posses the skills to perform at this level? Do NOT attempt. Support us:
  • 133K subscribers,
  • 237 videos
Last Updated6 days ago

The Coal Dragon Forge

I am Ben Swapp I'm a self taught bladesmith I won't say I am a Master but I'm not a noob at it either. I was on the History Channel's Forged In Fire season 5 episode 10 and well known in my home town. I would like to help others learn and get better at Bladesmithing and Forging with Tutorial Videos. You can find me on tiktok Coaldragonforge. check out RockRooster Footwear Code Coal Dragon for 12% off
  • 174K subscribers,
  • 299 videos
Last Updateda month ago

Christ Centered Ironworks

I’ve been a blacksmith since 2008. I’ve been running my own company Christ Centered Ironworks since 2012. I’m an artist blacksmith that forges and sells a wide variety of items for the home. I run several online stores on Etsy and my own website. I am a 2017 recipient of the Ohio Heritage Fellowship Award. If you enjoy my videos and you’d like to support what I do, swing by my website to get some blanks and kits; alternatively, visit and purchase one of my PDF downloads. I’ve got my power hammer plans for sale there, along with pdfs for several other blacksmith tools. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I’d love to hear more from you- just drop me a comment in one of my videos!
  • 637K subscribers,
  • 2K videos
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