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Comic Pastor

Zimbabwean MC,Comedian, Presenter
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About Studio 7 for Zimbabwe: Studio 7 has been providing Zimbabwe with objective and balanced radio news since 2003. It broadcasts up-to-the-minute reports on Zimbabwean politics, the economy, health, society, sports and the best Zimbabwean music. Studio 7 in Shona, English and Ndebele can be heard each Monday through Friday evening in Zimbabwe and other parts of the Southern African region from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 7 to 8 p.m. Studio 7 broadcasts at 909 on the AM or medium wave band, and on short wave at 4930, 7210 and 12130 kiloHertz. Listeners in the Harare region in particular may experience jamming on 909 AM.
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After School TV

If you believe opportunities to create wealth are scarce, you will be right. if you believe opportunities to create wealth are abundant, you will be equally right. I choose to believe that there is an abundance of opportunities out there to become a person of value, impact your environment, and create a wealthy life. On this channel, we use personal experiences spanning over decades, research, psychology, and success stories to draw your attention to opportunities that are readily available today.
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Kelvin - Birioti

Creativity into Play
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Stacker Noob UK

Im a silver stacker from the UK! Join me on my journey to wealth preservation and looking at shiny things! silver, gold, silver stack, silver stacking, silver stacking uk, review,stack, stacker, british, UK, crypto, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum, platinum, invest, buy, how to, financial, finances, finance, money, cash, saving, economic, economy, stocks, collapse, crisis, dollar, fiat, central bank, venezuela, zimbabwe, SHTF, prepping, preppers, precious metals, metal, precious, expensive, save money
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