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Blue's Clues & You!

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Blue's Clues & You! YouTube Channel! Join your favorite preschool pup, Blue, in NEW and EXCITING adventures seen only on YouTube! Play games of Blue's Clues, skidoo to a new adventures, sing nursery rhyme sing-along songs, read mail and so much! New videos include story time adventures, music playlists, how to draw, counting games, nursery rhyme songs, dance alongs and vlogs! Subscribe for new videos with Blue every week! You can also find more Blue’s Clues and You! weekday mornings on Nickelodeon and everywhere you find Nick Jr.
  • 1.2M subscribers,
  • 815 videos
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You Tech

We make 3D animated concept videos & smartphone trailers ❤️ Technology Mashup !! Hear the beats of the Technology / Subscribe for more: For business inquiries : or
  • 695K subscribers,
  • 112 videos
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EDM For You

Welcome to the music channel "EDM For You" which offers good EDM music and Combined with animation videos, A division of EDM For You Group, Specializes in music production and publishing. ✔️ Stream/Download: • Spotify: • AppleMusic: • Thumbnails & Photo: ✪ Follow Me : • Youtube: • Tiktok: • Facebook: • Instagram: • Website:
  • 2.8M subscribers,
  • 174 videos
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Unlimited You

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. My name is Emily, and I am the creator and voice behind Unlimited You. I just want to share some positive light out into the world. Here you will find affirmation videos on all kinds of topics including: money, abundance, love, relationships, health, wealth, happiness, motivation and lots more. I believe that affirmations are a powerful way to change our thoughts, and therefore our reality. I love spending as much time as possible in nature, because it is the fastest way to raise my vibration, so I use nature footage as the backdrop to my affirmation videos, along with soothing and relaxing music. If you enjoy this channel please subscribe so that you never miss out on any new videos. ❤️ Emily *All nature footage on Unlimited You is filmed by my team exclusively for my channels, and is copyrighted.
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  • 933 videos
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Remedies For You

Hello and welcome to our channel. We love to talk about health and how to make it better through a natural and healthy lifestyle. **Medical Legal Disclaimer**: Remedies For You does not provide medical advice and the information available on this channel does not offer a diagnosis or advice regarding treatment. Information presented in these lessons is for educational purposes only and information presented here is not to be used as an alternative to a healthcare professional’s diagnosis and treatment. Please seek the advice of your physician or other licensed healthcare provider if you have any questions regarding a medical condition. Copyright Disclaimer: The content used in this channel are used in accordance with Fair Use laws and are intended for educational purposes only.
  • 204K subscribers,
  • 420 videos
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Now You Know Now You Know is a educational technology YouTube channel creating unique videos on everything from Tesla and other electric cars, to vermicomposting and banana ice cream. We use everything from drones and GoPros to our Tesla Model X to show you the world from a different perspective Zac & Jesse, along with their trusty side-kicks Bobby, Brent, & Ethan, are trying to leave the planet just a wee bit better than how they found it by making videos packed full of information, motivation and mirth.
  • 319K subscribers,
  • 1.2K videos
Super Chat₩4,039,110
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Whaddo You Meme??

We exist to help you understand how Christianity makes sense of life by breaking down culture's leading voices and events, with the intent to help you grow spiritually, grow in your understanding of others, and grow in your understanding of the Gospel’s meaning for your life. Check out one of our playlists on our home page to get started! Advertisement Placement Requests: Please contact Logan at All others: Please contact If you would like to support this channel to help us put out more regular content, visit us on Patreon:
  • 256K subscribers,
  • 423 videos
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Hi, I'm Markiplier. I make videos. From quality content to meme-able garbage, from scary games to full-on interactive movies you'll find it all. You will, actually. I have over 5000 videos so I'm sure there's something you'd like. Maybe you like horror games, or funny games, or comedy sketches, or animations, or compilations, or reactions, or reviews, or challenges, or cryptic lore, or mind-crippling ennui, or stuff-that-is-guaranteed-to-probably-make-you-cry? Whatever you're into I'm sure there's something for you down in the briny deep of my video page. So why not dive in? Or don't. Life is yours to choose after all.
  • 33.3M subscribers,
  • 1.3K videos
Super Chat₩237,896,385
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Hello, and welcome to my Overwatch channel! My name is BRO YOU WACK, or I also go by Zack! This channel is about having fun, playing games, and to relax. If you want to see anything specific let me know in the comments of my video. Have a great day :). My Gamertag: BRO YOU WACK
  • 357K subscribers,
  • 2.5K videos
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Did You Know ?

Welcome to the official YouTube Channel of Did You Know! We're posting new videos every day so be sure to check back to find out new facts that'll make you smarter and more well informed. Satisfying your curiosity by subscribing to our channel, you won't regret it. Enjoy :)
  • 2.2M subscribers,
  • 3.1K videos
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are you happy?

  • 215K subscribers,
  • 158 videos
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Pets For You

Pets For You is a channel introduce and keep great moments around your pets. It is funny and cute moments of your pet. Our goal is to bring laughter and want you to see the pets are so cute! If you have cute moments about your pets and want to share with everyone about that wonderful moment. Send us links or clips of your to:
  • 783K subscribers,
  • 261 videos
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You Should Know ?

  • 718K subscribers,
  • 1.7K videos
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Think Before You Sleep

If you are a sponsor, please contact my agency at If you would like to make a topic request, then send an email to Topic requests should include an article, TV show, Movie, or Twitch Streamer, YouTube video/channel. Please be as specific as possible as to where the source material is. For example, if it's a TV show, I need to know what season and what episode. If you are requesting a video that is longer than 10 minutes, please include relevant time stamps to interesting things that were said during the video. Thank you for your help. If you have business dealings with me please use the business e-mail provided in the "Details" section below. Do not use the request e-mail because your message might not be seen. Any e-mails sent to the business e-mail that have nothing to do with business will be ignored.
  • 599K subscribers,
  • 172 videos
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EDM For You Music

GMV is a high-quality edited video based on excerpts from free-to-use game trailers and footage, thanks to game developers for that. Channel "EDM For You Music" centers upon quality edited contents. We take into consideration the footages used, the relevance they have to match the songs and the whole pacing of the story for each music videos, creating original entertainments for the best fans! ✪ Follow Me : • Youtube: • Facebook: • Instagram: • Spotify: • Apple Music:
  • 511K subscribers,
  • 62 videos
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Q - Did You Know?

Q-did you know? 👉 This is a channel for entertainment, Knowledge 👉 I am Quisha! YouTubers my viewers also like to watch are Hyperloop, Hooked, Pokey, Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer,Matthias, Team Edge, Battle Universe, Guava Juice, Papa Jake, Matt and Rebecca, MarMar, Lucas and Marcus, Morgz, FGTeeV,The Richest, BE AMAZED, Trend Nation, Cubehub01,Top Extract, Trend Wave, BRIGHT SIDE, #Mind Warehouse, Trend Central, Azzyland, David Dobrik, Top 5 Best, Collins Key. Here are some topics that will be included in our videos: 👉 Funniest Moments, Strange And Unique Things,Unusual People,Amazing People For those of you interested how I make all my videos, I primarily use Priemere to edit my videos, create engaging content! I made the script with the help of Internet and voiced in my own style! Please subscribe Thank you so much! For copyright matters please contact us at: #Funnymoments #Vitralstory #amazingpeople #qdidyouknow #TVFails Did You Know | General Knowledge
  • 2.5M subscribers,
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You Suck at Producing

Hi, I'm Underbelly and You Suck at Producing.
  • 301K subscribers,
  • 314 videos
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Volpe Where Are You

Backpacking around the world, drinking , eating, and meeting people.
  • 725K subscribers,
  • 633 videos
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Whether you’re into recent discoveries, space exploration, true stories, fitness, fun tests, and riddles, or useful tips for self-improvement, psychology, gadgets, or just your day-to-day routine, there’s something for everyone! You can expect all that and more coming at you in 3 top-quality videos every single day. If you’ve got a thirst for knowledge that never quits, then join a community of tens of millions and growing! We have a good time, so take your shoes off, kick back, and make yourself at home here on the Bright Side of life! Good news! We launched a new app for you 👉 Join the world's largest community of good people! 😉 For brand partnership enquires:
  • 43.9M subscribers,
  • 5.1K videos
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Now You See It

Now You See It is a media analysis channel that searches for meaning in unexpected places.
  • 948K subscribers,
  • 91 videos
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