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Kyra Waits

Kyra Waits is a Chainsaw Artist, Nutrition Coach, and Yoga Teacher. She loves art of all kinds, healthy food, plants, gardening and nature. She shares videos of her chainsaw art, makeup art, healthy recipes and food tips. Subscribe if you would like to see more of her videos!
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Maral My Most Beautiful Story

“Sometimes a miracle happens to you. But maybe what you need is not a miracle worker. ” The drama tells the story of an extraordinary girl who goes after her dreams, and a crazy young man who follows her past. Maral, a girl who makes everything beautiful, full of joy of life, like a deep breath, starts working as a waiter in the bakery of the multi-storey store, where she dreams of becoming a manager one day in the future, and falls in love with Sarp, the rogue chocolate chef of the patisserie on the first day.
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🥰Jaldi (38.5k) subscriber complete kardo 🤭 __MR.INDIAN FARM WORKER__ Welcome to my channel....MR.INDIAN FARM WORKER Hello friends my name is 'Rahul'and everyone is very welcome in my YouTube channel ..... Important Notice.... 1. Alight motion XML preset link. 2. Bhojpuri gana trending video. 3. Hot girl transformation. 4. Slow and reverb 5. Trending shorts 6. Mc stan shorts video in bigg boss. 7. Comedy shorts video. 8. Instagram trending remix 9. Slow motion 10. Alight motion HDR effect. 🥵🔥🥰🎵🥰🔥🥵 .....Tags..... #shorts#treanding#hot girl#viralshorts#alightmotion#explor#bts#mr.indianfarmworkor#xml_file#habibi#song#youtubeshort# _______________________________ .....Thanks for watching..... 4/6/2023 1k Subscribe Complete 🙏 26/7/2023 10k Subscribe Complete 🙏
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Narvini Dery

Hey Everyone Welcome to my channel ! I am Narvini Dery from Denmark , born In Chennai - native Sri Lankan tamil. I am an Actor ,Director, Writer, Singer, Model (Miss universe Denmark top finalist and charity ambassador 2019), & Social Worker (MSC of social science in social work). Thank you so much, for all your constant love and support on Facebook & Instagram and Tik Tok, following up with this support I’m here on YouTube for a new adventure. This channel is primarily a way to collect all of my work in one place and a place where I can create new and exciting original content such as, lifestyle videos, covers, music videos, short-film, different kinds of series, and much more, because I don’t fit it to one box, so I kind of like to explore so my YouTube is a reflection of me. Let's not limit ourself , because after all life has no limitations except the ones we make :) I hope you will support me and stay here with me and subscribe too :) LOTS OF LOVE NARVINI DERY
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Welcome to "lignum" channel. Here I'll be uploading videos of cool projects I do over the time. I come from Croatia, I have bachelors degree in civil engineering and wood is my specialty. I'll be making woodwork videos ranging from small daily to larger weekly or even monthly projects some of which you can already see on this channel. In my production I use many kinds of hand tools, power tools and other woodworking and metal working machines. Two KUKA industrial robots help me get my ideas from paper to reality. If you like my videos, subscribe to see more in the future!!
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Punjab Euro TV

In this channel we want to tell you about : Interview of Special People Political Debate General Discussion with Public Immigrants live in Europe and many more... AGER AAP APNI KOI STORY SHARE KERNA CHAHTE HAIN TO HUMARE WHAT'S UP NUMBER PE RABTA KER SAKTE HAIN. 00923104241702 If you want to share your story with us, then contact us on this what's up number. 00923104241702. AND 00306944711921
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Nellie Marie

On this channel the content will be mostly be clothing hauls, GRWM, Make up Tutorials, Hair styling, Unboxing, girl maintenance, BTS of Instagram pictures. Inspiring everyone to live free and be who they want to be ! This channel is all about positivity and uplifting woman to feel good expressing themselves through clothes, make up, hair, and body ☺️ I enjoy making clothing haul content and beauty content.. Stay Tuned 😘 Little Things About Me: Darkskin Love Mental Health worker Make up lover Clothing Obsession Dog Mom Pure Soul Woman Private person https://www.instagram.com/nelliemarie143/ ********Instagram: Nelliemarie143 ********Twitter: NellieMarie143 ********Tik Tok: NellieMarie143 ********Snapchat: Nellie.143 I don't useFacebook! Regarding all buisness inquiries email Booknelliemarie@gmail.com
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Поддержать канал: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/holydiver20
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Lakshmi Teju

Hi there. I am so happy you are here. My goal is to spread awareness and share my knowledge about skincare, makeup, DIY. I enjoy making my videos, I hope they help you and entertain you. You can see me try, test and, review all things beauty. Feel free to subscribe and tune in every Sunday and/or Wednesday to watch my new video uploads. Love you guys. My Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/lakshmi.vu/ ***Who am I? I am an Indian, currently residing in The United States. Healthcare worker (future Physician Assistant) Married to my loving American Husband
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andhbhakt A.3

Hello friends, my YouTube channel is related to politics. In today's times, whatever less work should be done by the media, the general public has to do it. We do not do less for any party or any worker. We only show the truth to the people of the country and we Fulfill your tasks with complete truth and honesty We do not have any personal enmity with any party, we just do what is right in the interest of the country and it is never our intention to hurt any religion or speak ill of any religion, yet does anyone ever feel troubled by our videos? If this has happened, we sincerely apologize. Younger brother, please understand and forgive
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Jamie Lyn

Hi and welcome to my channel!! I am Jamie a 39 year old ultrasound studio owner, sonographer and YouTuber. I love making videos about the mom life, my Sonographer career, business, fitness, makeup and fashion.. Basically anything that interests me. I am a small town Texas girl, wife, a mother of 2 (teenager and grade schooler) and two fur babies! I love hearing from you all and will try my very best to talk to everyone so leave me a comment and subscribe if you like my videos! Thanks for watching my videos and I hope you stick around for more! Xoxo Jamie
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Shay Budgets

Hey friends! I’m Shay (also known as Shay Budgets, clearly LOL). I’m a wife, dog mom, full-time school based counselor, financial social worker, business owner, social media content creator, Etsy shop owner, planner, organizer, money enthusiast and so much more. I am very determined to create and lead a life that I absolutely love and enjoy. It has always been my mission to craft my perfect life. The notion started when I was a little girl and followed me as I completed graduate school and obtained a Master’s Degree. I currently work in the helping profession and thoroughly enjoy what I do at work. However, I feel like I have a duty to do more – to help more - to inspire more - to motivate more. And honestly that’s why I’m here. I uploaded my first YouTube video in August of 2017, and I’m so glad I did. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Consider subscribing & staying a while 🖤
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let me be your new best friend. Email » taylor@housewifeswag.net PO Box » housewifeswag PO Box 91 Middleburg, FL 32050
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Free Life

Hi I'm Lieu, 24 years old. I was born in a family in a rural area, From a young age, I followed my father as a hired worker in many places, doing many different jobs, but my family life did not change. Every time I return to my hometown, I find everything so peaceful and romantic, seeing a simple life that motivates me to have the will and determination, I decide to leave the noisy-life in the city returning home to start a business. I built a farm in the mountains, Start everything with empty hands, inexperienced but I will try, to date, I have grown several vegetables and plants. I raise a lot of chickens, ducks and will raise more wild boar, in the near future I will expand the farm on a larger scale. I will try to turn what I can raise and grow into a commercial product, helping my family and my parents economically! What does your passion do? like me? Do you want to live life like me? Will you support an ambitious girl like me? I will always smile when I read your comments Thanks
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Pozz Heng KH

Welcome to Channal👉 John Hg✅ Facebookpage:Pozz Heng ✅ Facebook:Pozz Heng Reall✅ Telegram:+82105939251 ABA:069842425 Tell:+821059392511 EMAIL:Chornsokheng168@gmail.com All videos for you ❤️️ Subscribe like comments sher Thank you🙏
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Xóc Đĩa Online

#xocdia #xocdiaonline Xóc đĩa online chính là giải pháp hay để thay thế cho hình thức chơi truyền thống. Anh em có thể tham gia chơi ở bất cứ đâu và trên mọi thiết bị. Các bàn chơi cũng không bị giới hạn người chơi do đó một bàn chơi nếu đông có thể lên đến hàng trăm người cùng trải nghiệm. Phương pháp chơi xóc đĩa đổi thưởng hiện đại này không hề khó và rất dễ thao tác, luật chơi cũng tương tự như xóc đĩa thông thường nhưng có biến tấu một chút. Các nhà cái online đã mô phỏng bàn chơi ngoài đời để tạo nên những sòng bài thực thụ bằng cách sử dụng các phần mềm thuật toán thông minh. Do đó các bạn chỉ cần chọn các nhà cái uy tín để tránh khỏi tình trạng lừa đảo và không lo lắng về vấn đề pháp lý. Những nhà cái xóc đĩa online thường cung cấp cho người chơi nhiều phương thức nạp rút khác nhau, hỗ trợ người chơi tốt và có thêm nhiều ưu đãi hấp dẫn, quan trọng nhất là tỷ lệ trả thưởng cho khách hàng khá cao.
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стрим онлайн

Hi, I'm Kwinto stream, animal adaptation support worker in Nakai National Park - Nam Theun - Laos. My youtube channel provides pictures and information about animals. With the desire that people understand more about the animals around us. From there, there is a right view
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Trying to find my own unique path in life via sharing & documenting my life on YouTube 😊Hi :) I'm Pearly and I'm Taiwanese! I've spent the majority of my adulthood (6 years)📚studying in law + working in the legal industry only to realize that both life as a lawyer and as a corporate worker are not for me. 😥While my future is full of uncertainty (and deeply i'm scared to death), I decided to take the path less traveled by - to start my own business as a content creator on youtube. 👩‍💻This channel will be the story about a 27 year-old girl who try to navigate her pathless path in this bustling world - embarking on a journey full of self-discovery & growth to (hopefully) figure out her own unique path that she genuinely love & content. 💚Thanks for stopping by, I would be extremely happy if my story could offer some courage, inspiration and motivation to you (or just simply bringing you a joyful moment)
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Hello guys kaise ho main is channel per aapko Gulf country ke bare mein aapko batata rahunga aur Gulf country mein labour ke liye kaun si company acchi hai yah channel per aapko video dekhne ko milega jaise Dubai company Oman company Qatar company Saudi Arabia company Bahrain company Kuwait company And labour ke liye ya 6:00 country mein Jo bhi news update aaega vah main aapko is channel per batate rahunga aur 6 country Jo girl ka high level life ke bare mein aur dube label life ke bare mein aur Oman label life ke bare mein Qatar level life ke bare mein pura explain karunga is channel per aapko bahar se lete news aur companies related kaun se company acchi hai pura explain karne wala hun channel per
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삐로그 [BBI V-LOG]

직장내 괴롭힘, 그 후
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