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Bourbon Junkies

Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch (Sometimes), and Nonsense (All the time)
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The Whiskey Dictionary

The Whiskey Scene is huge and with the rise of craft beers came the rise of craft whiskies and enthusiasts who are looking to learn more about aqua vitae (The water of life!) I'm Bill, and The Whiskey Dictionary is a channel of passion and education. I want to teach you about the wide world of whiskey, the history of brands, how to nose (smell), taste, and thoroughly enjoy Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, Irish Whiskey, Japanese Whiskey, Canadian whiskey and everything else those fine distillers can throw at us! Every whiskey review comes with my personal rating of "Stock it", "Buy It", "Taste It", or "Ignore it". I post a new video every week and sprinkle in the occasional live stream (Typically on Friday) Thanks for watching and if you learned something, remember to subscribe!
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The Mash and Drum

The Mash and Drum is my whiskey review channel with a focus on bourbon and the history behind it. I don't just explore the flavors of the whiskey but the incredible stories and people that create it. If you want to learn more about what's in your glass and hear honest reviews then you have found the right channel. My name is Jason C. and I am a drummer and whiskey enthusiast from my tasting room in Columbus, Ohio. Hope you enjoy the channel. LIVE Wednesday nights at 9 PM EDT!
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Fred Minnick

Do you like whiskey? Like to laugh? Want to learn more? Pull out your flask and join Fred Minnick, as we taste, explore life and occasionally get fill chiltered.
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Whiskey Tornado

Bourbon and whiskey review channel for positive people who love good bourbon and great company! I only review bourbons and whiskeys that I find on the shelf at MSRP. Our yearly Bourbon of the year is based on a blind tasting done by our Patreon members of my 5 highest rated bourbons from the current year. Enjoy bourbon tastings, blind bourbon battles, and our yearly whiskey advent calendar videos! Hopefully this channel and it’s bourbon reviews help you decide what bourbons to hunt and help you find amazing whiskeys!. Cheers to good health, great friends, and delicious whiskey!
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Whisky Central

Whisky Central explores the history and characteristics of whisky and distilleries.
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The Bourbon Judge

Detailed insight into all things Bourbon. Each week I will take you through Bourbons that are hot on the shelf and give you a simple answer, Buy or Don't Buy. Please subscribe to watch the videos and to learn something along the way.
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I Whiskey She Wines

We are a husband and wife whiskey review team. When we started our channel, Sam had never tried whiskey before. She hated everything Bobby made her drink. Now, she is enjoying a lot of what she tries and has a better nose and palate than Bobby. We focus more on Bourbon, but we also do Rye, Scotch, Irish Whiskey, Japanese Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, or any other whiskey we can get our hands on.
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Thank you for joining The MY BOURBON JOURNEY Whiskey Review Channel where I do reviews of Different Whiskies such as Bourbon, Rye, American style Whiskey etc... Also, check out my Patreon Page where you can support the content being produced for this channel. Thank you very much for your watching the content and your support. Also note, if you're a distillery/company and would like for me to review your products, please email me at
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