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Video Game Remixes

Hey I'm VGR! I'm an electronic music producer who remixes video game music! (NOT a promotion channel, I make all the music you hear on this channel myself!) Feel free to use my music in your videos/content as long as you give me proper credit by providing links to my music in your description! Crediting me within the video is also VERY appreciated! :) FAIR USE: 1. Background music for videos 2. Video intro's and outro's 3. Featuring my music in projects such as podcasts, as long as you don't sell the podcast (uploading a podcast that uses my music to YouTube is perfectly fine! Submitting a podcast that uses my music to iTunes or some other commercial music platform is NOT okay) NOT FAIR USE: 1. Looping my song (1/10 hour versions of my music) 2. Reuploading my song/video (with or without different visuals) 3. Uploading Nightcore versions of my music 4. Selling my music or using my music in your product (i.e. cover songs, podcasts, etc.)
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Welcome to Trap Music Now. Best trap remixes of your favorite songs. Video game remixes, Minecraft remixes, Cartoon remixes, Theme Song remixes, Christmas Remixes, Halloween Remixes, all the trap remixes! 🤟 We upload songs daily and collaborate with artists who have a passion for creating a new wave of sound. Click play and discover something fresh. Submit your tracks to trapstepnetwork@gmail.com
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Top 10's, original songs, let's plays, remixes and all kinds of video game stuff with an odd girl! Join the Trickery! Such Sweet Trickery Twitter- @Trickywii Instagram- trickywii
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Video Game, Anime, and dumb meme metal covers and remixes every week-ish Yes you can use my covers in your videos and stuff, just credit me pls.
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Video game musician, streamer, snok, etc. Welcome to my channel! Here you will find lots of remixes, livestreams, and other junk. I hope you enjoy! Icon/Banner by: https://twitter.com/sifyro
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My name is Carlos, and I make video game jazz arrangements! Q: Is your music safe to use in my stream / video? A: No. My arrangements are of music composed by other people. While I do have copyright ownership of the sound recordings that I make, the original composer still holds copyright ownership of the composition, meaning that I do not own my cover songs in entirety. Because of this, I don't have the legal right to give you full clearance to use any of my cover songs in your own stream / creation, regardless of whether or not you are making money. I personally have no issue with you using the sound recording, and none of my work is currently in Content ID or any similar system. However, since I don't own the compositional copyright of my cover songs, this decision is not entirely mine to make. If you do choose to use my music in your stream or video, you are at risk of being claimed by the copyright holder of the original composition. You can use any of my original songs!
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Attic Stein

My name is Attic Stein i'm a Producer that has been making content for more then 7 years. Here on my channel I make type beats as well as remixes from many things such as theme songs from t.v shows, cartoons, video game soundtracks, memes, anime, and whatever else the internet has in store for me. I hope you find something on my channel you like and considered subscribing ✌️
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•Music usage for content and other streaming platforms: I cannot guarantee you 100% protection that my video game covers are safe for streaming. I personally have no problem with you using it for streaming or uploading w/credit, but this doesn't stop big corporations/original composers for potentially striking you. Any originals are good to go on my end. •Do NOT directly re-upload without prior permission, this includes "Nightcore". •For other inquiries, please email or DM me on Twitter.
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SharaX Official

🌺 She/Her Music Producer ❚ 22 Years Old ❚ Eight years of FL Studio experience ❚ I really love Undertale & AU's ❚ Commissions currently closed ❚ 🌺 ~Impersonators exist, always remember to only trust my verified accounts (those linked from my Youtube/Soundcloud). [Quick FAQ:] ▶"Do you still like undertale?"◀ A: Yaya! ▶"Do you plan to stop remixing undertale & AU's soon?"◀ A: Nop. Curiously, I love it just as much as I did in 2015. I am very active in exploring the AU fandoms and read way too much fanfiction. It's a lot of fun! ▶"What's your favorite AU's?"◀ A: Underfell & Dusttale are my top favs, followed by Underswap, Fellswap, etc. There's a lot I like and I hope to do a few remixes for each of them! ▶"When will you open commissions?"◀ A: I don't have a specified date decided yet, but I will be sure to make an announcement when I do! [UT Amino] Profile: http://aminoapps.com/p/n2ksv [UT AU Amino] Profile: http://aminoapps.com/p/ypk1ix7
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Here on my channel you'll find various amounts of different remixes from your favorite Anime, Song, Video Game, TV Show, Cartoon or Movie! Expect some originals along the way to! MUSIC CHANNELS: Notify me before you upload, provide my DL link. To buy beats head over to my website! Production Creds: Shizzy VI, Khantrast, NoneLikeJoshua, VideoGameRapBattles, Rustage, GameBoyJones, Chi-Chi, Shwabadi, FavbL and more. Featured on: RDCWorld1, Ceeday, Ambition, EDMBot, JodieStarlings, Jimmy Zhang TrapMusicNow, BassBoostedEverything, Cilvanis, DropTheBassline and more.
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The Musical Ghost

Hey! I'm that ghost who makes music, mostly Electro Swing remixes (covers) of video game soundtracks. I'm no professional producer or anything, I'm just some 21-year-old college student who likes to make remixes, play video games, and other stuff. If you want to use my audio, you may do so, just don't forget to give credit. It is not necessary to contact me in my e-mail to ask for permission. Although if you would use it in an animation, game, etc., tell me, because I might be interested to check it out :D All of my songs are downloadable for free! Also, feel free to request songs in the comment section. _______________________________________________________ Programs that I use: Audio - FL Studio 20.7 Video Effects - Adobe After Effects Cover art by: KozmoS Profile art by: Burfabutt
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Pokemon Remixes | Original Compositions | Live Streams
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I’m Qumu and I make video game covers, and I also make original music from time to time ^^ If you have any questions or want to use the music for anything, make sure to check out the FAQ first: https://qumumusic.com/faq I allow creators/streamers to use my music in their videos and streams as long as I'm credited and linked back to. However, with covers/remixes you will need permission from both the owner of the original song and the owner of the cover in order to be 100% safe. So I can't guarantee that my covers/remixes are safe to use, or that they will stay safe forever. A bit more info in the FAQ above :o I do not allow people to straight up re-upload my content on their channel or somewhere else. That also includes, extended versions, dual mixes, bass boosts or other minor edits. Most of the music I’ve made is available at digital distributors like iTunes, Google Play and Spotify, but then again you may also just listen to the tracks here if that’s more convenient! :D
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Video game remixes, Yuzo Koshiro(古代 祐三) music and Michael Jackson Sonic remixes! Add me on Twitter: yuzoboy Leave me your requests!
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Hi, I'm Cutman and this is my music channel! I post video game music remixes in the form of LoFi Hip Hop beats, east coast rap instrumentals (I'm from New York, currently living in Philly), and other forms of Lo-Fi Music like chiptune, 8-bit, 16-bit etc. I like to listen to this kind of music when I'm working, studying, or gaming. I have a number of synths and instruments, but my main tool is Ableton Live with plug-ins by FabFilter, Waves, and iZotope. Radio Cutman is a 24/7 Live Stream that features a curated playlist of lofi hip hop created with or inspired by classic video game music. For more live streams ~ http://GCRadio.net
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Hi everyone! My name is Laura Shigihara and I'm a video game developer and composer ^_^ I created the game Rakuen, and I've done music/sound/voice work and other audio for over 30 published video games (Plants vs. Zombies, To the Moon, DELTARUNE, World of Warcraft, High School Story, Finding Paradise, Super Meat Boy for PS4/Vita, Aether, Theme Park, Cosmic Star Heroine, etc.). I've worked both in-house (as an Audio Director at EA) as well as independently. I also arranged/wrote lyrics/sang 3 songs on Yasunori Mitsuda's 20th Anniversary Chrono Arrange Album, and I wrote lyrics/sang the ending theme song for the Minecraft documentary^^ My youtube channel contains a lot of original material in addition to video game music remixes, vlogs, and the occasional MTG rap video lol Banner art by the talented Emmy Toyonaga!
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Welcome to the official Nitroglitch Youtube channel! VTUBIE PAGE: https://vtubie.com/glitchy-suckoyami/
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Welcome to my channel, where I upload all of my musical creations, remixes, covers, originals, and more spanning over a variety of genres from Happy Hardcore to ambient R&B. If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe for more!
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GFXLab stands for Graphics Lab. When I started my youtube channel, I planned on making design tutorials. I made a few, but they didn't go anywhere. Then one day, I made some remixes of gaming commentator's I enjoyed watching. I uploaded those remixes and my channel exploded with life. I gained subscribers and I kept posting remixes, then songs and eventually commentaries. I started posting videos about Call of Duty. That video game only lasted a few years before it got stale. Now, I post videos about Minecraft. What comes next? Well, you'll just have to subscribe to find out! 3HS7WM
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Epic Game Music

Epic Game Music is a show that takes all your favorite video game music and remixes the songs into original masterpieces of sonic goodness. Featuring music videos shot in exciting locations to accompany the tones and riffs we all love. From the retro game era to the current console generation Epic Game Music’s guitar covers breathe new life into all corners of gaming music. Join James Ronald as battles his way across the history of game music with his trusty electric battle guitar of justice! Grab the Epic Game Music album at https://epicgamemusic.bandcamp.com/album/255-battles-with-the-cursed-shield
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