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Cubhead Gaming

Take nothing I say seriously, we're just here for jokes and to have a good time, so just enjoy yourselves and have a laugh! If you cannot take criticism then don't watch my videos, if you get offended easily then I really don't give a sh#t! SNOWFLAKE!
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paul campbell

"Can we just talk? Talk! Talk to each other. Talk. Because we don't," passionately said pre-eminent actor Paul Campbell during a telephone conversation from his Miami residence. "I don't know what it is that has changed us in such a drastic way to make us think that," he said, pausing to conjure up the right words to paint the picture. "I mean, I hear people say, 'Oh, Jamaicans think they are all that! They think they are all this!' Then, 'Trinidadians think they are all that...Barbadians, they're all this.' And in the meantime, we from the Caribbean region are separated while the rest of the world goes on." Campbell, by far the most popular star of the screen in the Caribbean Diaspora, sees film as a conduit to bring the region together. As such, he is on a mission, which "is to help make something happen for Caribbean folks in whatever way we can, to make movies and tell our stories."
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