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Taste of Trini

Hey, I am Reshmi! Welcome to Taste of Trini! I started this channel when I got married and moved to New York. I started recreating recipes that I was taught by my mother as a way of keeping in touch with my West Indian roots. I was lucky to know my maternal grandparents (Ma and Nana) & great-grandparents (Ajee, Aja and Great-Grandma) and my paternal grandmother (Ajee) and I developed my love of cooking from them. Each dish tells a story or brings back a memory for me, and I love sharing it with you all. I also showcase vlogs in New York and in Trinidad and Tobago when I visit- which is twice per year. My sister, Anandi, also does restaurant features and “Dreevay With We” vlogs. The aim of this channel is to share the food and culture of Trinidad and Tobago with the rest of the world, as well as to preserve the traditions that were passed on in my family. I am so happy you’re here! Thanks for being on this journey with me! Love, Reshmi.
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JulianspromosTV | Soca Music

Brand- Julianspromos LLC | Label- Julianspromos Worldwide LLC | Team: Julian ,Vivaa, and Chandy | Official source for Soca Music on YouTube with over 1,000,000 subscribers and 1 billion total views worldwide. Top outlet for marketing your Soca Music across the world. Mission | To showcase the cultural musical elements of Caribbean entertainment in the most professional way possible. We motivate and encourage the artist to provide us their best material for us to demonstrate what the culture has to offer. Digital Distribution to streaming platforms available on a limited basis.
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Trini Cooking with Natasha

Karibbean Flavours Brand Ambassador.\nTrini Cooking with Natasha is a brand that is dedicated to providing\nan online source via YouTube \u0026 Facebook for authentic Trinbagonian\ndishes, desserts ,Multicultural Cuisine and Lifestyle videos.\n\nThe main focus is to provide condensed and easy cooking tutorials\nwhile maintaining the authenticity of our local foods for a global\naudience.\n\nThe aim is to promote and educate about Trinidad and Tobago's food \u0026\nculture so it’s not lost for our future generations.\n\nNew Recipes are published weekly on YouTube and Facebook.\n\n-------------------\nPR -\nFor Partnerships or Business Inquiries please email -
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Lexo TV

Funny puppet shows mirroring the lighter side of Caribbean life.\n\nLEXO TV is a Caribbean film production company that primarily creates innovative puppet film shorts including the Santana series of shorts that reflect the diversity of the Caribbean Diaspora, designed to highlight West Indian comedy/Drama and narrative short films. LEXO TV is available on you tube On November 15th 2014, LEXO TV surpassed 66000 subscribers and 18.5 million you tube views in162 countries according to you tube analytics. In 2010 LEXO TV released its first full -length movie titled I'm Santana the movie. The movie broke box office records in Trinidad, up the Caribbean, North America and London within the diaspora market. LEXO TV is owned and run by Roger Alexis.
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LaToya Forever

Welcome to the Official Youtube Page of LaToya Forever. LaToyaForever™ is an online personality with a whole lot of fun! A full-time video creator. Mother of 2. Check out my daughter's channel: Author of "LaToya's Life" - Read 1st chapter for Free: Stick around by subscribing, I promise to do my very best to make you laugh, cry, and be inspired! :) Business Inquiries only: Please SUBSCRIBE/COMMENT/LIKE/SHARE :) #LaToyaForever #youtube #toronto #vlogs #vlogger #vlogging #video #youtuber #cute #subscribe #comment #vlogs #myfavoritevlog #ForeverLove #vlog #LaToyasLife
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Trini Bess

Follow Us on Instagram : @Trinibess_Official\nTrinibess Merch :\nNeed to cover your event ?\nInterested in Modeling ? (Promotional, Runway, Print Modeling)\nWell send Us a Message/Call today \n#Whatsapp - (868) 343-1533\n\nVisit Us today on facebook:
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Trini Jungle Juice

Trini Jungle Juice is the 1st Caribbean entertainment website to take "YOU" Global, reaching Caribbean and International communities across the world. Catch the latest episodes of our "Destination Carnival" coverage, latest Caribbean Music Videos, Travel Vlogs and the hottest Caribbean events happening internationally. To view past shows On Demand, visit
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WhaToCook Trini Recipes And More

Welcome to WhaToCook! In this channel I demonstrate how to prepare food from my home country Trinidad and Tobago. I learnt how to make these Trini dishes by just watching my mom do her thing in the kitchen. She is an awesome cook and prepare finger licking Trini food. You will also find a few Caribbean recipes on this channel. I love to try and share new recipes that interest me and are easy to prepare. The essense of this channel is to inspire home cooked meals for family and friends. Incorporated in a few of my videos are some cooking/food tips that I am proud to share with my viewers. I invite you to subscribe to my channel to get my new uploads which are every week - Tuesdays and Saturdays and share with your friends as well. You can also opt in to my mailing list just to make sure that you receive all my new uploads 📌📌MAILING ADDRESS:📌📌 Martina Jackson P.O. Box 447 East End Tortola BVI VG1120
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Mr Not That Famous

Join this channel to get access to perks: Amazon Recommendations : Fork Knife Code : MrNotThatFamous Minecraft Server : Wanna message me? do it, i got the time. Dont forget to leave comments and stuff because its the only way i can tell you're not a robot. IF you were a robot you would tell me right? Come on, please tell me, i would not think of you any differently, we could have half robot , half human babies. (╯°□°)╯ I AM MR NOT THAT FAMOUS My Author name for Books/Comics is Nico Mckenzie My Artist name for Music is Sinc The Loser My mom calls me BJ Unless i state it isn't a joke, it's most definitely a joke/parody. If you see me in public say "Jane Elliot was right" so i know you know me from youtube. Any and everyone can react to or use my videos in a "transformative" manner. Reuploads of my livestreams are also permitted.
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Caribbean Recipes | Vlogs | Culinary Adventures | Music | Entertainment | Culture | Restaurant Reviews | Travel | Lifestyle | Kitchen Conundrums. Welcome to CaribbeanPot the video companion to The definitive guide to traditional and Caribbean inspired recipes from Gourmand Award winning cookbook author Chris De La Rosa. Based on this concept we now have "Tasty Tuesdays" where Chris shares tasty and exotic dishes from the Caribbean, every Tuesday morning at 10 am est.. with rich island flavors, bold spices & just the right amount of heat to excite your tastebuds. With his tutorial type method of cooking, you'll soon master 'island' cooking in your kitchen, no matter where in the world you call home.
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Iice Amber

Grow with me and Glow with me ✨ 19 year old model and influencer🧚🏽‍♀️. Subscribe and watch as I share my journey, my life, and all my favorite things with you. I'll also be sharing tips that I feel are important in order to live your best life. #SelfLove ❤️ INSTAGRAM: @iice.amber
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  • 151 videos
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Kelly Y Trini

Hola! me llamo Kelly y soy mamá de trini con 18 años, mi canal se trata de mis experiencias siendo mamá adolescente, mostrar mi día a día con trinidad, como le voy enseñando cosas y más. Espero que les guste el canal y que nos apoyen. besos!!! Email de negocios:
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Trini Arias

Subo videos por hobbie, si te gustan podes suscribirte para ver mas videos asi :D ▶Juegos mas baratos que en Steam! :D Mi twitter: Codigo Fortnite: 8F80WM ▪FAQ's ¿Con que programa editas? Actualmente edito con Adobe Premier, anteriormente con Pinaccles y Sony Vegas Pro 13. ¿De donde sacas los audios de tus vídeos? Por lo general busco "free audio" en youtube o tumblr, y pido permisos para usarlos. ¿Usas vídeos o gifs? ¿De donde son los vídeos? Mis primeros vídeos los hacia con gifs ya que el PC no soportaba el programa de edición, me compre uno mejor y edito con vídeos. Los vídeos los descargo desde el canal original de cada youtuber. ¿Puedo resubir tu video a mi canal? No, ya que cada vídeo lleva un tiempo de edición y creación a partir de una idea. Bajo ningún motivo autorizo a re-subir mis vídeos. Si te ha gustado mucho el vídeo, puedes compartir el link :)
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Divucsa Music

En Divucsa Music encontrarás las mejores baladas, música melódica de los 60, 70 y 80s, y grandes artistas y grupos de la música en español de todos los tiempos. Divucsa es una de las principales compañías independientes del mercado español, con más de 30 años de actividad. Además de multitud de producciones propias Divucsa es propietaria exclusiva, a nivel mundial, del catálogo de Discos Belter, uno de los repertorios más importantes del mundo de música española, flamenco, rumba y pop de los 60s, 70´s y 80´s. En el catálogo de Divucsa figuran artistas como Adamo, Manolo Escobar, Jeanette, Lorenzo Santamaría, Richard Anthony, Peret, Los Chichos, Parchís, Karina, Los Sírex, Los Mustangs, Parchís, Jimmy Fontana, Nicola di Bari, Rumba 3, Sergio Facheli, Mari Trini, Bertín Osborne y un larguísimo etcétera.
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