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Downward Thrust

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Space is the place
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Schmoyoho is made by The Gregory Brothers: Michael, Andrew, Sarah, and Evan. This channel is where we Songify® the universe in an attempt to create a cosmic dance party that brings world peace to all. Videos / series here include Songify the News (previously Auto-Tune the News), Songify This, the Takeo Cinematic Universe, and other strange offerings, that hopefully can help you thrust your pelvis in rhythm. Send us suggestions here or on other socials for our next video—then we can all sing and dance along together, our true destiny. business inquiries:
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Thrust Flight

Thrust Flight is a flight school with locations in Addison and Denison, Texas. Here on YouTube we share advice for pilots in training. Whether you're simply thinking about becoming a pilot or working as an experienced flight instructor, you're bound to find helpful videos here. In our videos we cover a variety of topics including choosing a flight school, how to pay for flight school, advice for overcoming common flying mistakes new pilots make, and many other aviation subjects. If you're a more experienced pilot you'll also enjoy lessons from our CFIs where they go into more detail. This channel was created for everyone who wants to become a better pilot. Spend some time with us and you'll soon be a smarter, more capable pilot (and be entertained along the way). Be sure to subscribe to see our latest videos!
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Robert Maddox

Robert Maddox. designs and builds the largest pulsejet engines in the world, engines from 14 pounds of thrust to engines with over 1000 lbs.Engine running on gasoline. Robert is the worlds top pulsejet engine designer and builder of pulsejet engines and pulsejet powered machines, his pulsejet bikes have sold for over 25,000.00.
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Bret Contreras Glute Guy

Bret Contreras, PhD, CSCS,*D. I am the Glute Guy. I've been obsessed with the glutes for over 2 decades. As a matter of fact, I created this whole "Glute Niche." Most of my videos pertain to maximizing glute size and strength. However, I'm also very interested in strength training biomechanics and most topics in sports science. I'm an avid lifter (still setting PRs in my mid-40's and recently pulled 635 lbs beltless), personal trainer (I train the Glute Squad), author (3 books: Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy, Strong Curves, and Glute Lab), published researcher (over 50 studies), and international speaker (over 70 conferences). I invented the barbell hip thrust in 2006 and have worked very hard to popularize it and it's numerous variants over the past 15 years. I'm the founder of Booty by Bret, BC Strength, Glute Lab, and Stronglifting.
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Scott Manley

Scott Manley is someone who fell into youtube because he felt a deep compelling need to teach people orbital mechanics and rocket science so they could play Kerbal Space Program, now, years later the gaming videos are less important and the pure science is the main thrust. My degrees are all in Physics and Astronomy, so much of the rocket science and engineering I've learned is self taught, always learning, always teaching. I'm not a professional youtuber, I have a day job in software development which means I won't take lame sponsored content, or tell you to sign up for affiliate services to make a quick buck. However lots of generous people have asked to support my hobby via Patreon and I'm grateful to those individuals. Also occasionally shares cute videos of his kids.
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Arknights Official - Yostar

Welcome to the official Youtube of Arknights EN. Arknights is a strategic RPG mobile game with a fantasy theme. Take on the role of a key member of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company that fights both a deadly infection and the unrest it leaves in its wake. Together with your leader Amiya, you’ll recruit Operators, train them, then assign them to various operations to protect the innocent and resist those who would thrust the world into turmoil. Your tactics will determine the future of Rhodes Island. Fight for the Dawn!
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Singer-songwriter and electronic music producer. To many that might sound like two very different aspects of modern sound culture - which in turn makes Monolink a fascinating character, because he's both rolled into one. His style seamlessly connects the narrative structure of a song with the compelling forward thrust of electronic rhythms. Guitar chords merge into synthetic pad sounds, hypnotic bass vibrations meet emotional vocal parts, passionate physicality meets sublime stimulation for the mind. BOOKING World: GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Austria):
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Traditional BD

this channel ( traditionalbd )represent traditional fishing way of Bangladesh . Fishing Gear any form of equipment, implement, tool or mechanical device used to catch, collect or harvest fish. Fishermen in many parts of Bangladesh catch fish with their hands. In rural areas, in seasonal waters or beels, during winter, people can be usually seen fishing with different traditional gears while some even do so without any gear. The principal categories of fishing gears that are traditionally used in bd can be enumerated as the following: Wounding gears Such gears are spears that are thrust, thrown or discharged. The following are the traditional wounding gears: Ek Kata; Tekata I; Tekata II; Anchda; and Koch. traditionalbd , traditional fishing , fishing , bangladeshi fish , village , AmazingFishing , FishTrap , KHDaily , CrabTrap , FrogTrap , AnimalTrap , Food , Cook , Cooking , Cambodiafood , Lifestyle , Animals Recipe , Cambodiarecipe , KhmerCastNetFishing , Netfishing , Cambodiafish
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Dr Gabriele Benedetti

Welcome to Dr Gabriele Benedetti's channel! If you like Chiropractic and Osteopathic ASMR Adjustments, this is the channel for you! We will upload videos every week showing various kinds of enjoyable adjustments! About Dr. Gabriele Benedetti: - Osteopath DO with 3 medical degrees - 4 spoken languages - Specialist of Spinal Pathologies - Founder of the European Osteopathic Academy - Course provider of Thrust Osteopathic Techniques - TV speaker - Writer and scientific publisher Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe 🙂 thanks! ✌️
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GAMOCO हिंदी

Guys this is your host and founder of this channel "Pankaj Sagar", If you like Top 10s, Top 5s and Explanation videos and much more regarding Gaming, Movies, and Comics and you're kind of a person who wants all these in pure SUDDH HINDI then it's your destination to fulfill your hunger and thrust of Entertainment therefore GAMOCO IS THE ONLY THING YOU SHOULD KNOW. And we promise that we will try our best to give you MORE THAN YOUR EXPECTATIONS !! THAT'S A PROMISE...
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In first changing media world social media plays vital role. Everyone wants to object his or her information thrust on fingertip. Social media all over world are catering to this need. NNS ODIA is committed to update them as they need. For more details contact us:
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Chiara Pugliesi

I am a qualified personal trainer and online coach who loves helping people learn about training and nutrition. Most valuable content you will found out there! I specialise in helping women all around the world become stronger & more confident with their body 🧡
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Welcome to my channel, where we explore and enjoy as many aspects of jet engines as we are allowed access to. My name is AgentJayZ, I live in Jet City, and I am equal parts Noise, Heat and Speed. I was born on the Island of Misfit Toys, and in an earlier time, I discovered the heatilon. If you feel especially at home here ... Of course you are slightly strange, because you understand and have an affection for inanimate machinery. But the socialites and politicians of the world mock what they know they can never understand. ...That the creations of technology... human technology... have a beauty, an art... a life of their own. You, being one of those people who understand and appreciate this, are forever tasked with swimming upstream against the blindness of the mainstream. ... Welcome to the Machine... ...from Orenda 14 pt.3 The shop address is: 8923 91St. Fort St. John, BC Canada V1J 4T4
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Nines first shot to notoriety with 2012 mixtape Church Road To Hollywood, a fiery, compelling body of work that spawned a string of street anthems, seeing Nines play out his role as North West London’s Robin Hood. The release was later followed by the 2013 mixtape Gone Till November which earnt him the People’s Choice Award at the 2013 BBC 1Xtra Mixtape Awards. Sequentially came the 2014 release Loyal To The Soil and One Foot In the following year, which saw him nominated for Best Hip Hop Act at the 2015 MOBO Awards. In 2017, Nines released his debut album One Foot Out which thrust him into the limelight, this was followed by his 2018 sophomore offering Crop Circle which debuted at number 4 in the UK album chart and went on to be the biggest selling UK rap album of 2018. In 2020 he released his most recent album Crabs In A Bucket (which is now certified Gold) securing his first number 1 album and 3rd consecutive album in the UK Top 5.
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Just looking for your support... VINES | PRANKS | INTERVIEWS | SHORT FILMS | SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS Enjoy my every videos.. Subscribe for unlimited FUN Lucknow | Delhi NCR Instagram: @gogo.films
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Bella Rahbek

My name is Bella, I live in NYC, Manhattan but I'm born and raised in Denmark. In a very early age of 15 I got into fitness, I used to live in the country, and I was bored so hey why not join the gym and lift some weights right? I went through a little calisthenic phase but now I balanced it out with the gym. Constantly learning new and better ways to train the human body and I drive to teach and help you to do the same. I believe in a functional, symmetric, and balanced physique. And I have huge interest in constantly improving that. I enjoy posting anything that has to do with self improvement, health & fitness stuff, teaching, and of-course clothing & keeping yourself looking top notch. :D Please subscribe to keep it up with all above ^
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