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DJ SkyWalker

Stanton German DJ Champion | Hip Hop R&B DJ aus Frankfurt/Hanau
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Star Wars

Welcome to the official Star Wars YouTube channel -- home to a galaxy of Star Wars videos including trailers, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and original series. Enjoy breaking news, in-depth looks into your favorite Star Wars movies, and insights into legendary Star Wars characters including Yoda, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Rey, Princess Leia Organa, Anakin Skywalker, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Ahsoka Tano, and Ezra Bridger. From the mind of visionary writer/director George Lucas, Star Wars introduced the mystical Force into the cultural vocabulary and it continues to grow, its lush universe ever-expanding through film, television, publishing, video games, and more. Subscribe to watch the latest videos on Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars Resistance, and the Skywalker saga, and check out the latest episodes of The Star Wars Show, Star Wars Forces of Destiny, and much more.
  • 3.5M subscribers,
  • 1.4K videos
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Thor Skywalker

Dedicated to bringing you all the Star Wars that you can handle....and then a little more!
  • 168K subscribers,
  • 785 videos
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Nuk Skywalker

Support : ออม สุชาร์ Aom Sushar , มิว นิษฐา Mew Nitttha , เก้า สุภัสสรา Kao Supassra , ไอยู IU 아이유 , ซานะ Sana 사나 (紗夏) , ทไวซ์ TWICE 트와이스 , ไอรีน Irene 배주현 , นาอึน Na Eun 손나은 , เอพิ้งค์ Apink 에이핑크 , แบล็กพิงก์ BLACKPINK 블랙핑크 , เจนซู JENSOO , มูนแชวอน Moon Chae Won 문채원 , ซงจีฮโย Song Ji Hyo 송지효 , รันนิ่งแมน Running Man 런닝맨 , K-POP , etc. เยอะ Aom Sushar Official : Love Aom Sushar : Aom Sushar Official's Dailymotion : Nukky Aom :
  • 175K subscribers,
  • 3.2K videos
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Rocket Skywalker

  • 105K subscribers,
  • 44 videos
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Official Gaming Channel. This channel features helpful and instructional video game guides, walkthroughs, speedruns and compilations with time stamps to serve as quick access points to key collectibles & events in the videos. I focus on having very high level, skilled and transformative gameplay so the viewers time is not wasted. Walkthoughs and guides take lots of practice and many playthroughs so the videos are straight to the point and serve as instructional guides. All gameplay is my own and is recorded and edited solely by me. Permission to upload each game was provided by the game publisher. I will continue to create and upload videos of my favorite games, both new and old. Upcoming Games I'll be covering - LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Switch)
  • 4.2M subscribers,
  • 3.3K videos
Last Updated2 days ago


CBR takes a mainstream approach to the Geek culture. Here you will find the most entertaining videos about TV, Movies, Anime, Gaming, Comics and all things 'Geek'. Stayed tuned for awesome videos on Marvel, Avengers, Dragon Ball, Fortnite and more. For copyright matters relating to our channel please contact us directly at : For business related matters relating to our channel (including media & advertising) please contact
  • 3.5M subscribers,
  • 2.2K videos
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Star Wars Kids

Welcome to Star Wars Kids, the official YouTube channel for fans to share in the stories of Star Wars. Subscribe to watch Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures shorts and fun facts videos celebrating a galaxy far, far away! Visit for more information. TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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  • 311 videos
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Nerd Soup

Nerd Soup is the number 2 source for all things NERD!
  • 252K subscribers,
  • 466 videos
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I SIMP for Star Wars and video games...
  • 210K subscribers,
  • 266 videos
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La Sombra del Imperio

La sombra del imperio habla sobre el apasionante universo de STAR WARS, abordamos historias y teorias, tanto de lo que es canon como lo que es catalogado como legends. Todo con el fin de compartir esta maravillosa saga con los fans de las Guerras de las Galaxias.
  • 802K subscribers,
  • 1.3K videos
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Mike Zeroh Is The Right destination for Star Wars Content For Films, Lore and more!
  • 267K subscribers,
  • 5.2K videos
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Geeks + Gamers

Welcome to GeeksandGamers.Com's YouTube channel. You'll find honesty, common sense, and sarcasm here. ►WEBSITE:
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  • 2.9K videos
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Heroes Fan Productions

Hey everyone! My name is Matheus and I love making videos. I also love a good story. This can be about anyone from an iconic hero to the most insignificant individual. These stories are what I like my videos to focus on because they inspire me as a storyteller. I don't make videos to get attention, I make videos because they are a way to help me express my passion, and I'll keep doing it for as long as I can. I hope you enjoy my content, and if you feel like joining me for the ride, you are all very welcome to do so. :)
  • 131K subscribers,
  • 42 videos
Last Updated2 months ago


¡Bienvenidos a mi canal! Aquí estaré hablando sobre teorías y temas principalmente de Star Wars. Si te apasiona este tema tanto como a mi estas en el lugar indicado.
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  • 687 videos
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Vive Star Wars !
  • 199K subscribers,
  • 302 videos
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Film Connoisseur, Video Game Critical Analyst, Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes TM, Video Essay Analyticalyst and Co-Founder of the Intellecutal Gaming Community. Protege of Tonald Loke.
  • 340K subscribers,
  • 83 videos
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The Stupendous Wave

Jedi in Training, Daily Star Wars Videos! NEWS, THEORIES, SPECULATION and REVIEWS!
  • 1.3M subscribers,
  • 2.7K videos
Last Updated15 hours ago

PSA Sitch

I make funny videos about politics and stuff.
  • 114K subscribers,
  • 95 videos
Last Updated3 months ago

The Scoundrel's Cantina

Hello, we are The Scoundrel's Cantina and welcome to our channel. Our names are Luke & Todd and we are two best friends. We are huge fans of the following franchises: Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit, Pirates Of The Caribbean, MARVEL, DC, Warcraft, The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, Supernatural etc. On this channel we mostly do LEGO and Star Wars based videos, although if you scroll down you can find a lot of cool different videos. With us you can find a lot of Star Wars Lore videos and LEGO set, MOC & minifigure Reviews. If you love the other franchises that we mentioned we have a second channel called The Crossroads Inn, where you can find Lore videos on most of that other awesome stuff. We both believe in God (aka our Awesome God), and we think the best way to show you how awesome He is, is by doing the things we love the most because after all He created us to love what we love! SUBSCRIBE to us & Remember guys: God is awesome & may the force be with you, you REBEL SCUM!!! ;)
  • 238K subscribers,
  • 392 videos
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