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We are filmmakers. On this channel we will release skits, short films and music reviews.
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Just an ordinary couple with a camera who wants simply to entertain you and have fun. If these ugly faces made you smile, Subscribe to our channel! Pranks | Reactions | Challenges | Science Experiments
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Spited is a project through which I would like to "educate" as many fans of hip-hop around the world as possible mainly about the skill of rhyming and other abilities..."who can really spit" Fans hardly know how skilled certain artists actually are or used to be. Some artists have the skill of making each syllable and/or word count and I want to shed some light on this skill. Took me many uploads till I learned how to only focus on the rhyme scheme, I'm still learning. One video, one verse at a time. 📈 Channel fully active since May 20th 2019.
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Dapper Mr Tom

Hello Good Sir's! Welcome to the Dapper Mr Tom YouTube Channel, the home of "Let's Talk Theory", as well as Media based Vlogs, and the odd song here and there. Please have a look around and enjoy some British Banter! Keep it classy, good day to you all!
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