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I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows. My twitter: avatar by banner by
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I'm SwaggerSouls and welcome to my channel! I play all sorts of games and try to share the unique interactions I have with other players all the time. I try to approach any situation from a comedic angle. I hit fat yeets and rip fat doinks. I wear a knight helmet at all times for my personal safety.
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🐧 We are the penguin army 🐧 On this channel, expect to see Minecraft documentaries! My video style overall is inspired by other YouTubers I watch, especially EmpLemon and Summoning Salt. I also occasionally do odd, one-off videos. When it comes to my videos, the possibilities are limitless. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, don't hesitate to post a comment on one of my videos; I look at every comment on my videos. ~Zy Banner created by Hightlink Penguin art by Tnknwrks
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I'm SalC1, that guy who makes videos about 2b2t and other crazy things in the Minecraft world. Enjoy my videos? Consider subscribing. Channel Discord: SalC1 Resource Pack: Email: US Mail Address: Salvatore Cracchiolo 18640 Mack Ave PO Box 36845 Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236 USA Computer Hardware: CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 (Air coolers are better. Change my mind.) Memory: HyperX FURY Black 64GB 3600MHz Motherboard: ASUS Prime X570-P Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition Storage: SanDisk Ultra II SATA SSD 960GB Power Supply: Seasonic Focus GM-750 750w Case: It's really old. **Twitch IGN "RealSalC1" is a real account.** The text below has never been changed since I started my channel. This is history people! 2009 Videosinreverse1
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most epic minecraft videos on earth
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Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans

Fan-run and not official in any way week-to-week Recap of the events and mishaps that occur on the Hermitcraft SMP!
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cheez is so tasty
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Original Content

The home of the youtuber Original Content. Where we make Original Content 100% confirmed. Original Content Minecraft Original Content Minecraft Top 5 Discord :
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CCTV Trans7

Menyuguhkan CCTV trans7 yang Tayang di Trans7 Tiap Hari pukul 10.45-11.30 WIB Juga Jejak Petualang dan Jejak Si Gundul Yang tayang Di Trans7 tiap hari pukul 15.15-15.45 WIB
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Rus Just That

Hola. Mi nombre es Rus. Te invito a que veas mis vídeos. No son la gran cosa del mundo, pero por lo menos espero que te entretengan. Si te gusta lo que hago, me puedes apoyar compartiendo mis vídeos, suscribiendote a mi canal, activar la campanita, y dejarme tu like y tu comentario en cada vídeo. Dicho esto, te mando un saludo y nos vemos en los vídeos.
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Wuna's VODs

VODs and such. Icon by:
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Deanius The Genius Family Gaming

Deanius The Genius Family Gaming is a relatively new-comer to the Minecraft content creation world of YouTube. Starting our channel in January 2020 we have met and enjoyed a lot of fun along the way. Our team is made up of 3 Minecrafters, a Dad (TheTroj) and his two kids (Deanius The Genius and CassBass12) Our channel will feature family-friendly and wholesome gaming content, safe and enjoyable for kids and the whole family. We currently have 3 ongoing series on the channel. One Block Sky Block Huntcraft : Can He Craft An Item From Scratch Before They Catch him? Inter Realms SMP - our "Let's Play" Series straight from the Inter Realms Minecraft server. We have also recently begun live streams on Saturdays 10pm AEST / 7am EST / 12pm GMT . Usually these streams are from the Inter Realms server but will at times feature other series and/or other games. Our servers proudly powered by G-Portal. Click the link below to find out more!
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Pembelajar Matematika &FISIKA SMA, SMP dan Umum
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Build The Earth

Our mission is to fully recreate the entire Earth in Minecraft at a 1:1 scale. One block in Minecraft equates to roughly one meter in the real world, meaning that this project will fully recreate the size of our planet. Anyone is able to join us and contribute to the largest and most expansive build project to ever have been attempted in Minecraft. Every language, nationality, and regional difference is accepted and regarded as our greatest attribute as we continue our journey to unite all of Humanity's greatest achievements into a single Minecraft world. We are Build The Earth.
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ASK 1-I-8 Jong Celebes

Halo, iyaku miana Buton Wolio asli (halo, saya orang Buton Wolio asli) tapi tidak tahu berbahasa Buton Wolio karena lahir dan besar di Kendari. 1992-98 SD 7 Kendari. 1998-01 SMP 2 Kendari. 2001-04 SMA 1 Kendari. 2004-05 Makassar. 2005 Bantaeng. 2006-12 Bulukumba. 2012-20xx Makassar. Saya hanyalah seorang yang mencintai seni dan sepakbola serta berpaham flath earth, tertarik pada teori konspirasi dan Bercita-cita menjadi ketua umum PSSI. Terima kasih atas dukungannya di channel ini. Hasil dari Youtube akan saya tabung untuk mengumrohkan orang tua saya, bantu dan doakan agar saya bisa mewujudkkannya ya.
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Hello! Welcome to the Gav1n YouTube channel! I'm Gavin, I am 13 years old, and I've been doing YouTube for 5 years! I upload content such as Minecraft, Among Us, and Highlights! I create documentaries on YouTubers and Streamers, but I also outline some stuff on the Hypixel Network! I stream live on Twitch every single day (mostly)! I love my community, friends, family, and YOU! If you guys wanna stay updated for when I upload, leave a like, subscribe, and turn on the notifications on my channel!
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Hi my name is Frankie (she/her) and I go under the alias Frankie Exe/FrankieExe (stylized as Frankie.exe) online! Subscribe with notifications on to see my Minecraft Shorts and Minecraft Memes! In my Minecraft comedy shorts I play Minecraft version 1.7 The comedy is relevant to both Minecraft Java Edition, Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Education Edition or even Minecraft Bedrock Edition! This is Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin, dream smp, speedrun, Minecraft manhunt or Minecraft speedrun The music and sounds used on my channel are from the game "Minecraft" and is all credited to the game's creators and owners. The song itself, titled "Minecraft," is credited to C418 who wrote the soundtrack for the game. Minecraft sound effects also credited to the game’s owners and developers.
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Small Playz

Welcome to my channel! I like making Roblox and Minecraft videos! If you have a suggestion please comment it on any video as I check all comments daily Stay Tuned
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Minecraft history and gameplay content! Sort of family friendly
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