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Piercingstudio Wien

Marc von Piercingstudio Wien & Piercing Mega Store - Trend Agent GmbH - gibt auf diesem Kanal Tipps und Ticks zum Thema Piercen und Piercings. Alle wichtigen Themen über das Thema Piercings sollen hier behandelt und erklärt werden, mit dem Ziel Kunden und Piercing Interessierte besser aufzuklären auf was Sie bei der Studiowahl beachten müssen und wie man ein Piercing richtig pflegt und auch wechselt. Anbieter: Trend Agent GmbH - Mariahilferstr. 100 - 1070 Wien - Austria Alle Unternehmensdaten findet ihr unter: www.piercingstudio-wien.at Unseren Webshop findet ihr unter: www.piercing-mega-store.de
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web show by, about, and for professional piercers. As often as possible, we bring you a new episode of piercing tutorials, the reality of the professional piercer's lifestyle, piercing related news, and other information we think you should know. LONG LIVE THE MASTAFISH.
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Alyssa Nicole

Welcome to my channel!
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Die Ritzkes

Die Ritzkes - VLOGS & Lifestyle! business: dieritzkes@gmx.de IMPRESSUM: Cornelia Ritzke, inhaltlich verantwortlich nach § 55 Abs. 2 RStV C/O Athletia Sports GmbH Susanne Ulhaas Richard-Byrd-Straße 31 50829 Köln Deutschland E-Mail: hello@athletia.net Telefon: +49 221 35 554 -0 Aufsichtsbehörde nach § 5 TMG Abs. 1 Nr. 8: Landesanstalt für Medien NRW
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Body Piercing & Tattooing

Educational and informative videos about Body Piercing and Tattooing by Body Piercer and owner of the Axiom Body Piercing Studio DaVo and Tattoo Artists Jack Lowe and Westley Dickerson of Skin Kitchen Tattoo in Des Moines, Iowa. The goal of this channel is not only to entertain and showcase our artist works but to help educate those new to body piercing and tattoos. Thursday - Body Piercing basics - DaVo explores one basic piercing topic at length for someone new to piercing. Friday - Studio Update - a Weekly Update featuring Tattoos of the Week from the Skin Kitchen Tattoo artist Jack Lowe and Westley Dickerson. Each picks a tattoo they recently did to feature and talk about. Also DaVo with piercing, content updates. Saturday - Pros & Cons by a Piercer - DaVo takes one piercing, method, jewelry type, metal, aftercare product, etc... Sundays - Q&A In the Kitchen - Pannel discussion on common questions relating to tattooing or piercing Tattoo stories - A Tattoo from start to finish
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Tommy T's Body Piercing Huntington Beach

Tommy T has 28 years of body piercing experience. Tommy opened Orange County California's first body piercing studio in October 1991. At that time he was one of three studios in southern California: Red Devil, The Gauntlet, and Tommy T's. He is a bloodborne pathogen specialist and an OSHA Outreach Instructor. Tommy T has a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health; he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Columbia Southern University and 240 hours of OSHA training from UCSD. . Tommy facilitates Bloodborne Pathogen classes for the Orange County, San Diego County, and Alameda County Health Departments. If you have any questions for Tommy please email him at tommyt@tommytbodypiercing.com
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Heily Zee

COORDONNÉES: BUSINESS ➔➔➔➔➔➔ info@heilyzee.com Instagram : @heily_zee TikTok : @heilyzee Email : info@heilyzee.com Pinterest : heily zee Vinted : heily_zee Dessin de ma photo de profil réalisé par @mee.draws LA BIIIIIIIIZE
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Piercing Indonesia TV

Indonesian Piercer Owner Piercing Indonesia "Body Piercings & Tattoos"
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Yeliz Günay

Hello everyone, I have been sharing my work with you regularly for about 2 years. We share my work with you by posting it twice a week. I mostly do traditional - neotraditional - oldschool tattoos. You can write all your questions in the comment section, I'll do my best to answer them by reading one by one. As long as I'm with you guys and get support from you, I will continue to share my work with you here. Please don't forget to subscribe, turn on notifications and comment to support my channel 🙏🏻 Thank you very much for watching me Yeliz Günay... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact address for advertising and cooperation; y.gunaywork@gmail.com --------------------------------------------------------------------
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Underground Tattoos Body Piercing

For style conscious designs and unique flare, Underground Tattoos has a team of highly acclaimed in-house tattoo artists. Designing tattoos specifically to the customer's requirement ensures an individual design that will not be seen on any other person. Our Piercers here at Underground have more than 20 years of experience between them. We offer all types of Body Piercing at competitive prices. Established in 2006, Underground Tattoos has fast become one of London's premier tattoo and body piercing shops, offering high quality tattooing and excellent customer service. We have portfolios and on-line galleries showing our latest designs. We are now introducing the latest technology in the laser tattoo removal. This latest technology allows us to remove tattoos virtually pain free.
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DEVILS-ARTS Body Modification

Wenn ihr euch für Tattoos, Piercings und andere Bodymods interessiert, dann seid ihr hier genau richtig! Hier gibt es wissenswertes und unterhaltsames rund um unser Fachgebiet Zum Beipsiel wertvolle Tipps und Anleitungen zu häufig gestellten Fragen. Es gibt sehr viel weitverbreitetes, falsches Wissen und dadurch auch Probleme in diesem Bereich. Mit unseren Tutorials möchten wir Euch da weiterhelfen :) Außerdem machen wir unterhaltsame Making-of Videos im "Musikvideostil" mit selbst produzierter Hintergrundmusik in denen alle Arbeiten authentisch ohne Verbesserung von Farbe,, Kontrast ect. gezeigt werden.
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the gangsters tattoo jakarta

Studio the gangsters tattoo jakarta jakarta utara ruko tanah merah (lokasi akurat cek di google) Tawaran yang menggiurkan , boleh chat dibawah email : thegangstersstudiojakarta@gmail.com contact person : 0813-8986-2571 (whatsapp)
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We provide the world's largest selection of retail and wholesale body jewelry, tattoo and piercing supplies, studio management software, and more. Visit us at www.painfulpleasures.com!
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Boris Kuryakin Master Tattoo Artist Rockville MD

Boris Kuryakin is a world re-known tattoo artist with more than 23 years of experience in the USA and many other countries around the world. Boris Kuryakin has set up shop in Rockville, Maryland, where he has a studio and see clients. Please feel free to schedule an appointment texting to 202 725 2747. or email to boris.kuryakin@gmail.com Thank you. Boris Kuryakin es un artista del tatuaje con mas de 23 anos de experiencia a nivel nacional e internacional. Nuestro estudio de tatuajes esta localizado en Rockville, Maryland, USA. Para hacer una cita para tatuarse por favor textee al 202 725 2747 . Gracias
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Karınca Tattoo

Reklam ve işbirliği için: karincatattoo@gmail.com Advertising and Collaboration: karincatattoo@gmail.com More Than a Studio | Tattoo, Piercing, Life, Love and BCB! Burası, dövme ve piercing konularında istediğiniz her doğru bilgiyi bulabileceğiniz bir köşe. Burası sizin! Mevzu sohbet, mevzu güzel vakit geçirmek, mevzu sevgi... Karınca Ailesi'ne hoş geldiniz... :)
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Studio Índia Piercing

Podologia Assistida
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Applelover53 ScanNCut enthusiast, Youtuber, Blogger and UK Independent Stampin Up Demonstrator. I also make home decor sewing projects using my Brother V5LE and my Juki MO1000 serger/overlocker. Buy Stampin Up products from my online shop 24/7 - https://bit.ly/2yIrcOX Join My Stampin Up Team - http://bit.ly/2VXdL44 Donate here to support my channel - http://bit.ly/2Q556MB Get a free ScanNCut cutting file every month on Patreon - https://bit.ly/2yeXC3b I hope you like my free tutorials and ideas, don't forget to subscribe. Thank you.
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Jee Marollano

Hebrew 11:40 "God has a better planned for us" Hi guys! 😊 I'm Jee, a Filipina youtuber. I create videos to entertain viewers. 😊 I'm still in process so please dont judge me. I'll try to do my best just to make you happy and satisfied with the videos I will make. 😊 ------------- Lets be friends! 😊 Ig, fb, twitter: Jeemarollano Jeemarollano@gmail.com Mail time 📩 33 Caggay Highway Tuguegarao City Cagayan Valley 3500 ------------- " If you are SAD, ADD more lipstick and ATTACK" If you are still reading this, dont forget to subscribe to OUR channel. 😊😊 SHALOM! SHALOM! SHALOM! 😊
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I'm edvir, I'm glad you're watching my channel. If you're done, be sure to subscribe to my channel. You are going to watch the whole crazy video of me 😈 My specialty is directing photography, photography, editing and designing The pixel handles the camera 😌
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Exotic Piercing bd

Exotic Piercing was established in 2016 as one of the few studios dedicated solely to body piercing and the sale of body jewellery. Since then, Exotic Piercing has maintained a high level of professionalism, cleanliness, aftercare support, expertise and customer service, resulting in our well-earned reputation as one of the forerunners in the industry. Our piercers: Nym Dorshon handle all the needlework. As well as the whole spectrum of body piercings, we also offer dermal anchors, skin divers and genital piercings, all performed by experienced, knowledgeable piercer. Call us for more 01616102394 . Thank you 💕💕
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