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Want to know more about the toys I review? Follow me on Twitter! Please visit and patronize my channel sponsors! They offer great deals, super service, and are part of what keep these videos coming to you! Visit Curt and Crew at TFsource! You can also follow them on:
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Twitter: Facebook: Transformers,Optimus Prime,Bumblebee,Megatron,Robot toys,Combiners,Toys Videos,Toy Train,Kids Videos,Cartoon Train,Transformers Cartoon,Toys review,educational videos,Stop motion animation,manga motion transformers,mangmotion combiners,tank toys,Super Sentai,Power Rangers
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That Toy Guy

Yo! I'm That Toy Guy and I do reviews of nerd stuffs, mostly Transformers and sometimes Bionicle. Also this channel is not made for kids
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Long's Toys

Toy review channel for Adult Collectors and Parents reviewing Transformers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman and more
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PLEASE NOTE Although this channel is Family Friendly the content being reviewed is aimed at ages 13+ The products are adult collectables Knock off figures at their best. I am Ben, self-proclaimed king of KO’s. Welcome to my channel! This Channel concentrates on Original Chinese toys, Bootlegs and some 3rd party items that float in that grey area between. BensKOllectables is an off branch of Benscollectables where I specialise in product showcasing and photography. Benscollectables is a central hub for all things toys, linking social media platforms for maximum product exposure. Thanks for visiting my YouTube channel Feel free to contact me with questions or business enquiries
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TransMissions Podcast

We do a weekly podcast about all things Transformers! Give us a listen and let us know what you think! We've started doing regular video segments to accompany our podcast's "Trips To The Store" segment where we show you all the Transformers stuff we got that week. If you like these videos, be sure to check out our podcast where we've had the chance to interview lots of official and unofficial creators in the Transformers fandom!
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The Joe Show

Oh hey! Let us know if your find anything interesting! Enjoy your stay...
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If you guys like my reviews, SUB ME PLEASE!! EDIT 1/25/13 As of now, all reviews are on hiatus. Personal things have come up.
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Recensioni di action figures, gunpla e chi più ne ha più ne metta :)
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Transformers Reviews and more!
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Hey everyone! My name is Dave aka 84Ironhide! Subscribe if you like Transformers Reviews and Customs! Like my Facebook Page below for the latest updates from me!
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Inspired by some of the guys I watch on YouTube (Optibotimus, Peaugh, and Baltmatrix). I started a YouTube channel to help show off and inform viewer on new and exciting Transformers. Just recently was inspired by another YouTuber Adam the Woo for his 5 years of daily vlogs. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to up-load a new video everyday for the next year. I had a week set back on starting my new brand "The Daily Review" due to illness and uploaded by first daily video on January 7th 2018. I promised myself that if I made it to day 100 then I would create a Patreon page and sale Tee-shirts via Spreadshirt. As of from the start doing the daily videos i have created 4 new category of videos Tambeyoda's Archives, Masterpiece Theater, Let's Build and How-To with a range of new content spanning from Voltron to Power Rangers, DVD Packages to Toy Hunt Vlogs, Gundam to of course as always Transformers. Soon Ill be adding Starwars, Ghostbuster and even some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
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This channel is NOT for kids! Minimum targeted age is 13 and older. Video reviews of vintage toys from the 1980's through 1990's, adult collectibles, video games, electronics and books. If you're at least 13 years of age and also into collectibles, both vintage and modern, please feel free to enjoy watching my videos and reviews. These videos are meant to be entertaining and informative for both teens and adults.
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