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PSG - Paris Saint-Germain

Welcome to the official Paris Saint-Germain channel on Youtube! 🎥 Highlights, challenges, interviews, vlogs, live shows and much more 🔔 Turn your notifications on and never a miss a video ICI C'EST PARIS ! 🔴🔵 Subscribe to the Paris Saint-Germain channel. 👉
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This Channel is Made For Lionel Messi Fans ! MY MOTTO "Never Give up !" Badr©2020
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Last Updated4 days ago


I'm a guy that loves fixing up old technology! Come along and join me as I excessively use Eucalyptus Oil for no good reason ;) ► Social Twitter 🐦 Instagram 📸 ► P.O Box Nathan Sivewright Parcel Collect 10045 46100 Shop 3, 50 O.G Road KLEMZIG SA 5087
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I'm here to spread some good information about e-cigs and vaping, Nicotine and Tobacco Harm Reduction. Vaping really does save lives. After smoking for 13 years, and many many quit attempts, In 2009 I picked up and ecig and accidentally quit smoking cigarettes. I've personally been using many low mg nicotine vapes for the last 11 years and It has been nothing but amazing for me . #GrimmArmy Monday Build Stream - 1:30pm PST Tuesday Bro NewsDay ( with Danielle Jones ) - News and Advocacy show 3:30pm PST Wednesday Usually a review or two. Banana sticker ratings are back. Thursday VLOG Program. Beer, Vaps, Advocacy, liquid, #GrimmArmy chill time, all are welcome 4:30pm PST Should the need arise, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT message me here on Youtube. Sending an e-mail to is the absolute best way to get a hold of me. Keep on vaping friends PS: If you are not over 21 then you have no business being here
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Super ChatSGD 79,881
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#Psychoqueen #Psycho #NoBoyz #LwladKhatar Moroccan Female Rapper/Singer 🇲🇦
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  • 14 videos
Last Updated16 days ago

g Element

Guilherme Element - Football Channel. The best videos about Brazilian Football
  • 1.2M subscribers,
  • 142 videos
Last Updated14 days ago


Hi This is Zaveer. If You Are Interested in Magical Skills, Dribblings, And Comedy Football Highlights You came to the right Channel. This channel is my way of sharing my love of Football with the world. So for all the Football game highlights with crazy Skills will be showcased on my YouTube channel for your enjoyment. There will be new video up every week. This channel means everything to me, so I aim to keep it clean and correct. If you have any questions, or requests be sure to hit me up on the DM or post a comment. Welcome to my channel! Thank you so much for your support!
  • 470K subscribers,
  • 690 videos
Last Updated7 days ago

Oliang and nomyen TV

Oliang and nomyen, the Pit Bulls born in late NOV 2013 and be adopted by me when they both were ~6 months. Oliang is a big bro and nomyen is a baby sissy. Oliang means iced black coffee and nomyen means iced salak milk in Thai style drink recipes. They were named by the former owner, i just keep the originality as they sounds fit to them :) Naturally, enjoy eating Species Appropriate Diet and holistic life style POV hand feeding show. Trust me, i'm raw food nutrition specialist🤓 "In Raw We Trust." Thank you for subscribed us: ) 30k+ subs: 2019-08-14 100k+ subs: 2020-05-18 contact: #rawfeeding #DogseatRAW #pitbulls #oliangandnomyenTV #犬は生を食べる #狗吃生吃 #psijedísyrový #leschiensmangentcrus #Hundeessenroh #개는 날것을 먹는다 #köpeklerçiğyemek #anjingmakanmentah #hondenetenrauw #собакиедятсырые #mukbang #hundojmanĝaskruda #icanimangianocrudo #สุนัขกินอาหารดิบ #動物の咀嚼音 #BARF
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Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal

Soccer Stories is sure to surprise you with little-known stories that will make you even more of a true football expert. Oh My Goal lets you follow the best from the football world directly on YouTube. Oh My Goal is for a new generation of fans, connected on their phones and social media, for who football is more than a passion. --------------------------------------- For any requests about Youtube partnerships, contact us at this email address:
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Los Psicoticos

Este Es Un Canal De Mucho Entretenimiento Para Todo Publico Metas: █ 1k Suscriptores ✔ ██ 5k Suscriptores ✔ ███ 10k Suscriptores ✔ ████ 50K Suscriptores ✔ █████ 100K Suscriptores ✔ ██████ 200K Suscriptores ✔ ███████ 300K Suscriptores ✔ ████████ 500K Suscriptores █████████ 1,000,000 M Suscriptores Nada Es Imposible En Esta Vida Algún Día Con Dios Mediante Nosotros Llegaremos A El 1,000,000 Millón De Suscriptores
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TED-Ed’s commitment to creating lessons worth sharing is an extension of TED’s mission of spreading great ideas. Within TED-Ed’s growing library of TED-Ed animations, you will find carefully curated educational videos, many of which represent collaborations between talented educators and animators nominated through the TED-Ed website ( Want to suggest an idea for a TED-Ed animation or get involved with TED-Ed? Visit our website at: Also, consider donating to us on Patreon! By doing so, you directly support our nonprofit mission and automatically receive some pretty awesome rewards: For more information on using TED-Ed content for commercial purposes (e.g. employee learning, in a film, or in an online course), please submit a Media Request using this link:
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Rudolph Blaze Ingram / FTF Kool / Wrong Way Channel

Instagram: father @ftf_kool fastest kid in the world @blaze_813 living our best life and balling while doing it much love
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  • 396 videos
Last Updated9 days ago

G. C .A Tutoriais

G.C.A Tutoriais 2013-2022 © Tutoriais Diversificados em HD Além de dicas para Android. Contato profissional: ╔► Mobile ╔► PC
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Last Updateda month ago

Game Sack

I'm Joe. Here I talk about video games I find interesting and a few that may not be so great. Long new episode every other Sunday (at minimum) released at 12:00am mountain time (US). Thanks for checking out Game Sack! Game Sack PO Box 150366 Denver, CO 80215
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ASSALOMU ALEYKUM !!! UZFOYDA O'Z USTIDA ISHLASH KANALI ❗️ Muvaffaqiyat, Biznes , maqsad, ishonch, psixologiya, motivatsiya va OMAD 🏆 sirlari hammasi bizning kanalda 🙂🙂🙂 BIZ BILAN ALOQA 👇👇👇
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Last Updated8 days ago

Matt Steffanina

Hey guys, thanks for checking out my channel. I moved to LA 10 years ago to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional dancer and DJ. Thanks to you guys so many of those dreams have come true from dancing on shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, Step Up, Ellen, and worked with artists like Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo and Meghan Trainor. I also have an Online Dance Academy called DNCR ( where me and my dancers teach people how to dance. We have courses for brand new beginners all the way up through professional level, so if you've ever wanted to try dancing make sure you check out the website! ps - you can find me on social media @MattSteffanina
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Welcome to Dinho - The best source for quality Football videos! Every sub is a motivation for me. Thank you!
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Hi this is the Official channel of funchannel! on the channel comes every day a video about football. From top 10 lists up to individual performances. I wish you much fun on the channel! :D Was geht, Dies ist der Offiziele Kanal von FunChannel. Hier erwarten dich jeden Tag Fussball-Videos. Von Top 10 Listen bis zu Einzelleistungen. Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß auf dem Kanal! :D
  • 1.9M subscribers,
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Last Updated14 days ago


Lev1sa is a Football YouTube channel with coverage of everything about Football. Your #1 source about football since 2014. We respect licenses and do not violate any copyright. All rights reserved © - If there's anything else you need to know? Contact us through the Email down bellow
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Last Updated3 days ago