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قناة MR NEWS قناة تتناول كل ماهو إجابي في مملكتنا من إنجازات في كل المجالات، ومشاريع والأوراش الكبرى... و أحيانا نهتم أيضا بمواضيع الساعة.
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Kevin Deleon

Thank you guys for all the support!❤️ *ROAD TO 300k*
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Daily Dose of Gaming

This is the official Gaming Livestream channel of Daily Dose of Internet
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بەخێربێن بۆ ناو كەناڵەكەمان welcome to my channe! Creator code:(kaka-sher) in fortnite item shop 🔵FACEBOOK:Hozan faesal ✅INSTAGRAM:hozan_b1297 🔴SNAP:Hozan.b12 بۆ سپۆنسەر و ریكلامی بازرگانی07517739101 Fastpay 07517739101 خۆمانە
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A 18 year old from jersey who loves to travel and make all types of videos. You probably saw me in one of tanner fox's videos flipping for a kiss! I hope you guys enjoy my videos and i love all of you that supports me. Instagram: @damnitschunky Snapchat: damnitschunk Twitter: @damnitschunk
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Follow my official Twitter - ward_galaxy 💯 I will keep you guys updated on there 😎 Join my discord server - 🌈 My Snapchat - galaxyward2 🔥 I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC THAT IS PLAYED ON THIS CHANNEL.
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IPhone Keypad Songs

I’m Carter Starkey and IPhone keypad songs is my YouTube channel! I’ve been growing my channel lately and would appreciate if you could help me reach my goal of 200k Subscribers! If you have any recommendations for songs I should do please comment on one of my videos
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Hip Hop Avenue,LLC |Marketing|Promotion & Distribution| Located In Fresno, California
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Accalia Life

Yea I'm just here to build my family up mfkers~ My Socials~ Discord User: Accalia Life#0615 Instagram User: accalia_life TikTok User : Accalia Life Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, SCHOLARSHIP, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. All rights to the created owner. My videos are just for fun.
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What’s going on YouTube fanatics?!? It’s ya boy Moodster & Moodster’s little bro’s coming back at you, once again. Uploads and shenanigans are the prime stuff you’ll catch. Hit that subscriber button and ring that bell
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Is gaming a sport, a hobby, a career--an addiction? There’s a lot of talk in the gaming industry about which community is the most toxic. But what about how gaming can make a better world? When gaming gets real, we see how it’s beneficial, how it can affect your mental health, how it helps the brain. We learn what is gaming for good, for beginners and for life. Foxicopter’s been gaming like a loon since the 90s on consoles and PC--from 3d platformers and action-adventure games, to RPGs walking sims and indie titles. While I prefer singleplayer games with story-based narrative focus, I play a variety of genres including competitive MMOs. And I keep asking questions: why do we play, why is gaming fun, what meaning can we find here? Tips and tricks are great, but I’m interested in a gaming guide to pretty much everything. I hope by exploring why gaming is important to me, I can show why gaming can be good for you.
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Antes hacia video-reviews the risas ahora soy de quien se rien. Me gusta jugar Apex Legends en PS4 con mis amigos y decidi subir algunas partidasy hacer gamplays the apex en español. Tambien juego Call of Duty Modern Warfare entre otros juegos. Normalmente estoy en vivo ya sea aqui o en otras plataformas. Descripcion antigua: Ronnygtx te trae videos de risas y caidas ,los videos mas graciosos,chistosos y divertidos que andan en el internet ya sea de gatos, bebes y claro como siempre uno que otros videos de borrachos Video nuevo cada semana (a no ser que mi gato no me deje) si te gusta lo que ves unete a mi canal . Subscribete Este es mi hobby y actualmente no tengo ningun interes en ofertas de television, gracias :)
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19 year old tryna make it out the jam. Twitch: ExLIVE Twitter: ExSZN Snapchat: supreme_jay2 Instagram: ExSteezz
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Overly Sarcastic Productions

Sarcastic, yet informative, summaries of classic and not-so-classic literature and mythology, as well as major historical events! This channel is intended for use by high school students and up. Our videos frequently cover subjects of violence, assault, murder, and the books your english teachers make you read for high school. Also we cuss sometimes. Treat us as a TV-14 show and don't show us to your kids. For information on sponsorships, art commissions, fanmail, topic suggestions, and more, please refer to our FAQ, where you can also find our EMAIL, for business enquiries. Want to hear more from us? Check out at,, and Wanna buy our merch? Here are our shops! REDBUBBLE: T-SHIRTS: MUGS/CASES/ETC:
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Hello and welcome to the channel! Mostly will be posting live streams, game tutorials, trophy guides and videos just hanging with friends and short videos. ENJOY!
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Lil Donald

Official Youtube channel of East Atlanta rapper and songwriter Lil Donald. 'Do Better' Certified Gold! Thank you for your support!!!
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Glitch argent sur gta 5 online 1.57 🥇1er Glitcher sur gta 5 Online en Europe 🇪🇺 Salut a tous la Team c'est VoDkaRoz77 ; Je reviens sur YouTube le 07/08/2021 après 7 mois d’inactivité, VoDkaRoZ is Back ! Maintenant que du Glitch d’argent sur gta 5 Online ou sur un autres jeux 😎👨🏼‍💻 Alors Abonne toi à ma chaîne car je vais te rendre service 😉✅❤️ 🔵🔔🔴➖💢POUR RESTER CONNECTÉ!💬 💢➖🔴🔔🔵 ✅ S'ABONNER 📸 INSTAGRAM (17k) : vodkaroz_glitch_gta 🌐 TWITTER (14k) : Vodkaroz-Gta 📩Contact pro : 50.000 abonnés le 24 Novembre 2018 100.000 abonnés le 1 Mars 2019 (video 1M vues) 200.000 abonnés le 18 Juillet 2019 (en live 🔴) 300.000 abonnés (j’etait plus sur YouTube quand j’ai atteint 300k donc j’ai pas la date :/) ★★★ ! Merci pour tout ! ★★★
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Support a creator: Vonic #Ad / Pixel Worlds & Fortnite & AmongUs Youtuber Make sure to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! ▶To Join As A Member And Get Special Emoji's & Badge Click Here: ▶ Use Code "Vonic" In The Itemshop For 0% Off Any Item! Play with me: ▶ Fortnite: TotulOnYoutube ▶ Minecraft: name is TotulYT My socials & about me: ▶ Instagram - ▶ Tiktok - ▶ Twitter - ▶ Twitch - ▶ Syracuse NY
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